Written by Carol

14 Jan 2010

I see from the reaction to what I wrote before that some people would like to hear more of my liaison with John, the domestic appliance rep, so here goes.

Although I had enjoyed good sex with my late husband and had a fair number of lovers over the years the sex was very much the same with no real experimentation. One afternoon John came, he always rang first to make sure it was okay, and after he'd fucked me for the first time we got talking about our sexual experiences. He was surprised to hear that I had only ever had it in bed and in the missionary position, I told him that, when he'd come all over me, it was the first time I had ever seen a man cum. He fucked me as usual a second time and afterwards showered and left.

The next time he came he said, 'Was that the truth when you said that you'd only ever had sex in bed?' I replied, 'Yes, of course.' He laughed, 'In that case how about this?' I was standing and he put his hands up my skirt and pulled my knickers down, he then pulled my skirt up and lifted me onto the kitchen table. He dropped his trousers and underpants and displayed his lovely cock, stood in front of me, put my legs over his shoulders and entered his prick into my fanny. He fucked me as I always liked it at first, as hard as he could, he came up me as usual, quite quickly, and then said, 'How'd you like that then, Carol?' As I had cum comprehensively I told him that I had loved it and that cumming while I was being fucked had been a experience he had given me that no other man had. He said that he found that difficult to believe but I assured him that it was true, he then said, 'You'll love this then!', and, kneeling down, put his mouth to my fanny and licked and sucked, I had a huge orgasm that shook my whole body after which I realised that he was sucking the contents of my fanny into his mouth. He straightened up, leant over me, and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue forced my mouth open whereupon he emptied his mouth into mine. Of course it was all spunk and my juice and I swallowed it. 'I bet you haven't done that before either!' he said, I agreed that I hadn't but was surprised to find that I loved it. 'What a terrible man you are!' I told him, 'I've never known any man as sexy as you!' He said, 'I'll do anything to pleasure a woman except put my cock up her arse or inflict pain.' 'I can live with that,' I replied.

One day he rang me, 'I'm doing a mass demonstration at a women's club this evening, would you like to come with me, I'll settle you in a pub while I do the dem and afterwards I'll take you somewhere quiet and fuck you in the car. How about it?' 'Love to,' I replied. He picked me up just after seven and we drove to a nearby large village, we went into a pub, the 'White Hart', where he bought me a gin and tonic, gave me a fiver and said to the barman, 'Look after her till I get back,' and off he went. The pub was empty but I'd bought a book with me and sat reading, I bought another drink and after about two hours John returned. He asked if everything was alright, gave the balance of the fiver to the barman, and we went back to the car with the barman giving a knowing grin. John drove off, I had no idea where we went but we finished up off-road in an area of scrub. It was still just daylight, we got into the back of his car,a nice sports saloon, and John locked the doors. We then stripped, he'd told me to wear as little as possible and we were soon at it.

Soon I had one leg up on the back cushion with the other on the floor, John eased his lovely cock inside me, 'It'll just be once tonight, otherwise it will get too late.' I didn't mind, I knew that he would pleasure me as he always did and he began fucking me. He did it like that for quite a long time, I had been so ready for him after an evening thinking about what was to come, no pun intended! Then he slipped it out, knelt in front of me and began giving me oral again, I came instantly and several more times before we changed position. He sat on the seat and I lowered myself onto his cock by kneeling over him. I was in control for once, something again that I had never experienced before, and I positioned myself so that his cock rubbed my clit all the time so I was having little cums. Eventually my thighs went and I had to lift off him, he said, 'Have you ever sucked cock?' 'No,' I told him. 'Then now's the time to learn. Just kiss the knob to start with and, when you're ready, put your mouth over it. Move your head up and down the shaft, licking at the same time.' I did as he said, I was thoroughly aroused and could feel juice oozing out of my fanny as I knelt in front of him sucking his lovely cock.

John said, 'I'd love to cum in your mouth, are you happy with that?' Again it was something I hadn't done before, I thought 'nothing ventured nothing gained', I'd heard about women sucking their man's cock and swallowing his cum and I thought it couldn't be too bad, after all I did quite like his spunk, so I agreed. I liked being in control of his cock, I wanked him at the same time and after several minutes I heard his breath begin to shorten and knew he was about to cum. I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded when he grunted, arched his back, and came. I was somehow surprised at the force of his ejaculation as his first spurt went down my throat, subsequently there was so much spunk that I had difficulty in not gagging on it. I felt quite proud of myself as I conquered my feelings and swallowed his spunk, licking his cock clean when he'd finished.

I let his cock slip out and he pulled me up and kissed me, 'That was wonderful,' he told me, 'I never would have believed that you hadn't done that before, most women would have gagged on it and spilled it out!' 'I was determined not to,' I told him and kissed him back. We got dressed, I left my fanny all wet as I slipped my knickers on and enjoyed the feeling as he drove me home having had another new and delightful sexual experience.

I loved the sex that John gave me, I was more satisfied than I had ever been in my life. It gave me a new confidence too and I started going out with another widow like myself. This led to other sexual experiences, when I told John he said, 'Good for you, Carol, it won't stop me fucking you though!' I was glad, I didn't want him to stop! We had lots more fun which I can always write about if readers want.