Written by andypc

20 Feb 2008

I recently wrote about my first sexual experience with my wife\'s mother, Joan & thought I would fill you in on some more.

The day after we first had sex whilst she was staying with us, was a Saturday, so we were limited for the next couple of days whilst my wife was off work. However on the Monday morning as my wife went off to work I decided to stay in bed to se what transpired. Over the weekend, Joan had been very flirty & I was desperate to see if she would come to me. My wife had only been gone 5 minutes when the bedroom door opened & Joan came in wearing her dressing gown. She had brought me a present, the white panties she had been wearing the day before & all night. (Our first sex session had started when she found me wanking off in her panties). She sat on the side of the bed & rubbed her panties against my face. They smelt wonderful & I started to lick the gusset tasting the juices that had seeped from her pussy. She asked me if it was good & I just nodded, reaching down for my cock as I started to play with myself. Joan pulled the duvet away so she could watch. She told me that she loved watching me wank, so I just lie there licking her knickers & wanking slowly. After a few minutes I stopped as I knew I was about to explode & I moved my hand up & pulled off her dressing gown. She was completely naked underneath & for a while I just fondled her lovely ample tits. Joan lay back on the bed & I spent quite sometime just kissing & licking her wonderful body. Then an idea sprang up in my head & I went to my wife\'s underwear drawer & pulled out some sexy black lace panties. Joan smiled knowing I wanted her to wear them. So she pulled her own daughters panties on & lay back as I licked her pussy through my wife\'s panties. The orgasm she had a couple of minutes later literally flooded the bed. I told her that I wanted to watch her masturbate & I sat on the side of the bed whilst my mother in law went to town on herself. She licked her own tits, fingered herself wildly & then when I handed her Katherine\'s vibro she went beserk. She pushed it really deep inside her, fucking herself to another vibrant orgasm. Watching her was making me so excited, that I knew I was about to come, so as she filled her pussy with my wife\'s big black vibrator I thrust my cock in her mouth. Within a minute Joan was choking on my cum as I exploded into her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling as I released all that pent up sexual frustration from the weekend.

As we had on the Friday we then showered before having a rest for the remainder of the day.

Later on in the week I took my Mother in law shopping at a place in Diani Beach where she could buy nice underwear. She bought a couple of pairs of nice panties, which she wore during some of our next sessions.

Later in the trip we had booked a safari trip to Amboseli & we even managed to have sex there whilst my wife was with us.

My wife Katherine works for a travel company so she had booked a night game drive to get an insight into what was on offer for tourists coming out with her holiday firm. However both Joan & I cried off & as soon as Katherine had gone I went straight to Joan\'s room.

She lay on her bed with just a pair of small black panties on, rubbing her tits with 1 hand & her pussy with the other. Once again I just watched for a while before taking out my camera & getting a few shots. That Joan just loved & she started to move into different positions as I photographed her. She then went over to her veranda doors & opened them & went out onto the decking outside. I followed her & ended up fucking her outside with the sounds of Africa all around. It was a magical time & even now when we are having sex in her 1 bedroomed flat I think back to her lovely white flesh under the moonlight & the pounding it took that night.