Written by Chris

24 Feb 2007

I wrote to swingers stories recently about my wife Vickie and her going out with no knickers on and exposing herself to a guy in a park in Charing. Writing the story made me think that perhaps she would do it again and last week, after a bit of persuation, we went out, but this time she wore even less.

I asked her to wear just a coat, stockings and high heel shoes. We drove to a pub a in Selling in Kent. The coat that she wore was a black long mid calf one with buttons down to the knee and a fake fur collar which covered her up just enough at the neck. The stockings were black sheer hold-ups and her shoes black stilettos with ankle straps and with her long blond hair and face perfectly made up she looked really sexy. By the time we got to the pub her vagina, which I had played with on the way, was nicely wet and swollen. She has got a big vagina anyway but play with it and the outer lips swell and part and it feels like velvet.

In the pub she sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed and after a while I undone a couple of buttons of her coat to expose her legs a bit more and she uncrossed her legs and I could see the tops of her stockings. Vic had a couple of drinks and began to relax some more and although no-one else could see she undone two top buttons of her coat to reveal to me her breasts and erect nipples (she said she was cold and her nipples proved that). Since last summer Vickie shaves of most of her pubes and when she crossed her legs I had the most perfect view of her wet swollen cunt.

When we got home she said that being nearly naked under her coat in a public place was a real turn on for her and she would do it again. And when I fucked her that night with her still wearing the stockings and shoes she told me her greatest sexual fantasy was to be wearing an evening dress to be on her knees and elbows with her bum in the air and have someone flick her dress up over her back and her knickers to be pulled down and have her vagina and arse exposed. So thats our next dare.