Written by baron

29 Dec 2016

Have visited the spa again another men only day .arrived at 10.30 am wife was away shopping for the day just before Xmas.

it was quite busy i stripped off rinsed my self in shower paying attention to my semi erect cock .

I stepped into the sauna joining 6other guys in there .

we chatted to each other glancing at each others cocks on show .

I slowly stroked my cock till it was fully erect .the guy i was sitting near asked could he touch it i replied please do .he moved his hand to my erect cock feeling along its length i moaned i noticed the other guys watching so I leaned back to give them a better view.

the guy wanked my cock the guy the other side stood up placing his cock near my mouth i flicked my tongue out licking his length he held his cock as i slipped it into my mouth sucking him as far as i could .

the men in there were all older than me I'm 59 but i love mature guys .

the cock in my mouth was joined by another so I swapped between the two .

I felt a mouth envelope my erect cock I was soon close to cumming with all this attention .

The guys in my mouth started to cum I swallowed some other spunk hitting my body . I felt my cock cumming saying i was cumming i was wanked as i cum spraying cum onto my stomuch .

we sat there the guys watching my cock twitch .

I layed back on the bench as hands moved all over me .

more to come if interested