Written by pennylane

24 Feb 2007

I live it a small town, so there's not much in the way of good shopping when you're looking for sexy leather clothes. So first thing friday morning I set off for leeds to hit the shops.

By three in the afternoon I'd found just what I was looking for, a long black leather coat and a pair of black six inch heel stilettos. I made my way to the nearest coffee house to recover.

Then when I was on my way back to the car I noticed an adult shop near china town in it was just the usual suff underwear, dildos, and lot's of porn mags and dvd's very nice. As I stood watching the screen play some horny bitch getting a good fucking from three black guys I could see two young guys watching me.

I could feel my pussy starting to twitch. When one of the guys asked 'that your sort of thing then watching'.Cheeky sod! No I like the real thing if you must know.

At that point his mate joined in "she'd run a mile mate if you said she should come with us and we would show her a good time". Never one to back down and feeling very horny, I said "go on then ask".

Five minutes later I was in their flat with the two black guys I'd just met and I was down on my knees sucking the bigest cock I have ever seen. Nigel and wayne were all of twenty but both had very big cocks. Nigel whose cock I was sucking was around 9 inches long and slim but wayne my god! 11 inches long and very thick with the biggest bell end. Wayne was working his finger in to my pussy as nigel pushed his cock as far as it would go down my throat. "I'm going to fuck this white bitch like on the film" "that's what shes into, black cock" if only they knew just how much. "Lets get her stripped off and on the bed then we can fuck her".

Nigel pushed me on to the bed, lifted my legs in the air and just pushed his cock into me right up to his balls. "My god she's wet" he kept asking "do you like black cock then?". Yes, yes, yes was all I could say. I could only just get waynes cock in my mouth it was so large. "Come on mate change ends I want to do her". Wayne flipped me over onto my stomach and left my arse in the air. He started to push the bell end of his cock into me. I told him to stop but he just said "you can take it bitch" and kept pushing. The pain was unreal but then it was in more and more, he pushed it in then back out until I could feel his balls banging on my arse cheeks. "told you you could take it, now I'm going to fuck the life out of you".

My mouth was full of cock and my arse was being fucked in a way I had never been fucked before. I was fucked in every hole by both nigel and wayne they double penetrated me which I just love until I could take no more. Both my arse and pussy were full of thick cum and I'd taken at least two lots of cum in my mouth.

Young black guys sure do know how to fuck and they just keep going. They told me they had a few mates that live local that would love to fuck me but I told the guys I'd have to go but I'd be back for more next time I was in leeds and I was up for being gang banged so long as they could all fuck like them and they were all black. I gave them my number and Im sure I'll need to go shopping soon. So thanks guys if you read this .