Written by lostinswinging

31 Aug 2012

I had been going in to have my nails done in a particular salon for a while now, and always had the same girl, Hollie, do my nails. She had asked me before if I would want to go out for a drink with her because I lived so close to the salon. I’d always said that’d be fine, but never made an arrangement for sure.

This time the Olympics was playing on one of the screens in the salon, and she asked if I’d watched it and mentioned how some of the women there had been loving watching the male swimmers. I asked if she’d watched it, and she said “Oh God no. I’d have no interest in it, and the women are too muscley for me”. I’d never before thought she might be interested in women, but this was a clear indication. She again brought up the idea that we should go out, and said she was free that night. I said I’d have to check and let her know, and she took my number. I noticed that she was being more sensuous than she usually was when massaging my hands and arms, and was even blowing on my nails to dry them, which I was pretty sure wasn’t what she normally did.

I sat down to let my nails dry once Hollie had finished, but then decided that I was interested enough to want to see what would happen if I saw her that night. She had been pretty clear that she was interested, and I’d always been curious, so I decided to agree to see her and let whatever happened, happen. I let her know that I was available and she told me that she had always wanted to see inside the apartment complex I lived in and she’d come over with some wine once she finished work in an hour.

I went home, and waited and within the hour my phone rang and Hollie was there. She came in with a bottle of wine, and we talked briefly. She then asked if she could see in my bedroom, so I led her in. Suddenly her hands were on me and as I turned around she pushed her lips onto mine and forced her tongue into my mouth and massaged my tongue with her own. Her hands slipped down my back, onto my waist and then reached round and squeezed my arse. I had my hands in her hair and was pulling her closer to me. I could feel her hips grinding into mine and she was backing me closer towards the bed. I felt the bed hit my legs and I fell backwards onto it, with Hollie falling on top of me. She reached down and lifted my top off and over my head, and immediately started to caress my breasts. She rolled my nipples round her fingertips and reached down to run her tongue across them, and then sucked the nipple into her mouth. I was getting wetter and wetter and was grinding my pussy into her leg and pushing up into her.

She eventually reached down to my jeans, undid the button and slid her hand inside. She fingered my clit and gradually built up to a fast rhythm that was making my juices pour out of my aching pussy, and I was screaming in pleasure. She then slid my jeans down my thighs and lowered her head until it was just hovering above my pussy. I was writing on the bed, and desperately trying to get contact onto my needy pussy. After what seemed like an eternity, she lowered her head and I felt her tongue running lightly over my clit and sliding across my swollen pussy lips. She teased me for a while, until eventually she thrust her tongue deep into my pussy and pounded it in and out, twisting it round and making me cum again and again. She then pulled her tongue out and replaced it with her fingers, which she bent up to hit my g-spot and at the same time flicked her fingers against my clit. It finally made me explode and fall back exhausted. She fell next to me looking at me as she licked her fingers clean of my juices.