Written by sweater lady

17 Oct 2009

I could not believe what i had just done ,as i staggered down the high street i was shaking with both excitement and fear of having tasted another cock in over thirty years,and swallowed every drop,it must have been ten years since i sucked my husband in sheer lust and even longer since i swallowed it for him,. I went into the cafe and ordered myself a large espresso so i could gather my thoughts and straighten my skirt and top up.

Here i was buzzing like never before and i had invited this lad back to my home tonight ,would he come, i didnt know but what had i let myself in for and i didnt even buy the jumper.

As i walked home all i could think about was my husband and how happy i had been with his love making when he got home from golf , a quick fumble and in he put his 6 inches and five minutes later he would grunt and that was it and roll over and go to sleep .He was the only person to have made love to me ,having been a virgin on our wedding night,but this young lad in the menswear shop was just so much bigger ,harder and i never saw so much come in all my life.

I arrived home and did the domestic tasks got tea ready because ken my husband would be home soon and then off to rotary at seven ,he didnt even notice how flustered i was and disappeared out saying dont wait up, meaning he would be home about midnight as usual.

What was going to happen now, would i spend the evening on my own or what .I went into the bedroom and found some lovely matching silk and lace black bra, briefs and suspender belt that i had worn to various evening functions for ken but he just didnt know and put on some beautiful lace top stockings and a fairly flimsy silk dress ,i looked in the mirror and just felt so good ,as i slipped on a pair of black leather 3 inch evening shoes the door bell chimed .My stomach just sank and was full of butterflies .oh my god ,he has turned up.

I slowly went down the stairs holding on to the rail so excited but so terrified as well and opened the door , and there in a lovely navy suit, blue striped shirt open necked stood this young guy from the menswear shop, who i didnt even know his name,i stepped forward and slowly and gently gave him a kiss my tongue flicking against his lips ,i took him by the hand and led him into the house closing the door behind him .

to be continued if enough comments want to