Written by Horny

12 Jun 2011

I am a petite blond around 40. I was a slow starter initially but since my divorce have become incredibley slutty. I cant get enought basically and starting to think I have no boundaries. Anyways. Rob guy from the pub asked me out. We have been seeing each other a few weeks when he tells me his brother was coming to stay with his son. It ws a nice evening we all had a great dinner and as it was great weather I was wearing a short skirt and vest top. No bra, tiny knickers! Highest shoes ever. We were all sat in the converatory having few drinks and robs brother joe put his arm around me and before I realised had his hand inside my top tweaking my nipple whilst my head was on his shoulder. Ron was laughing and telling them what a naughty girl I was and what a great arse I had!. Soon they had me lifting up my skirt and bending over to show them my lovely arse! Joe spanked me and rubbed me between my legs whilst bent over and said yep shes very wet now lovely arse. Rob said come on take off yer knickers. So being the naughty girl I did and sat on the sofa legs open whilst rob dropped to his knees and started to finger me. It wasnt long before I was undressed and being licked out by his brother and was sucking off Rob. The son, you probably thought I had forgot him. Well he initially had left the room probably due to embarrassment. But once I had started to be fucked by the guys I was aware he was back in the room watching...........but thats another story