Written by nige

30 Sep 2015

This is what happened with my mother in law ,I was at the time going out with her daughter and I was at their house rita and her hubby were out so me and jane were in and we started kissing and feeling each other in the front room . jane said lets go upto my bedroom just in case they come back so we went up to her room when there we start kissing with tongues each way and I was feeling her tits through her blouse and she was rubbing my cock,i take her blouse off and bra and start sucking her 36dd tits she is trying to get my cock out but she has got my t shirt off . I stand up and take my jeans off ,jane has taken her jeans and knickers off ,she grabs at my boxer shorts and pulls them off ,she drops to her knees and starts to suck my cock head pulling the foreskin back which I love I grab her head and start to fuck her mouth making her gag with size . after a bit I have to stop her and lay her on the bed ,I start to kiss her then work my way done to then breasts , I start to suck and tease her nipples which are like bullets by know ,and she is saying I want your cock in me . I then get her legs on my shoulders and rub my hard cock over her wet pussy lips teasing her . I then push the head into her a bit and tease her more she is saying me fuck me I need your cock at which I plunge in and start to fuck her my balls slapping off her arse we are both fucking away me looking at her face has I pull out and plunge deep in she comes and screams to me to push in deep and fill me with your spunk , just has I am on the last bit and deep in her my balls unloading into her the bedroom door opens and her mother comes in shouting and screaming at me calling me a randy dirty bastard and get off her and get out . I grab my clothes and get dressed and go to go out of room rita is still calling me all sorts , she follows me d2down the stairs just before I go out of the front door she says you better come and see me and ron janes dad tomorrow to sort this out . well I text jane and she says her mother is going mad about it and not using condoms ect all night I am thinking what is ron going to say and do ,he thinks the world of jane and is a bit of a hard man . next day I get a text off rita saying to go round about 1pm , I try to ring jane but her phone is off has she is at work so I go round to her house has nervous has fuck . when I get their I notice rons car is not their . I knock on the door and rita opens it and says you better come in , I go in and she starts going on about me fucking jane , but then says I will do a deal with you , I will not tell ron if you fuck me with that cock of yours . all I could think was well if ron is not going to find out ok so I say ok . she leads me upto her room we undress each other well she is mid 40s but what a body I had looked at her before and thought I would love to fuck her has have thing about older women she is down sucking my cock saying you are a big boy lucky jane , I start to face fuck her calling her a dirty slut suck you bitch ect . I then have to stop her before I come and push her onto the bed . I start to suck her tits bigger than janes 40dd and work my way down to her wet pussy licking and sucking it then find her clit , I lick and suck that till she has orgasm . she then says now I want that cock like you give my daughter it , so I postion her on edge of bed lift her legs onto my shoulders and rub my cock along her wet pussy lips then enter her working my way in I start to thrust in and out getting deeper all the time till I am balls deep . I stop now and say you got all my cock now I am going to fuck you hard bitch she says boy you have filled me up my cock is 8 long and thick , I start to fuck her getting longer deeper strokes she is calling me a dirty bastard , but give me you cock and spunk I fuck her she is coming over and over again she is begging me to push in deep and come I keep this up saying you stopped me yesterday so you will have to have extra today , I cant hold back any more so shoot my load deep in her then rest on her she then says jane is a lucky bitch having cock on tap like that . she then says now lick me clean well I lick her pussy clean she then says you better go now ,I say to her what are you going to tell ron about me and jane she says if you fuck me when I want it he will not find out and jane has not got to find out about our arrangement . when I saw jane I made out no one had said anything , she said mum says you can come back to ours if you behave and stick to the rules she gave you other day . more to come if you like this