Written by AJ

18 Jul 2009

Hello just carrying on with previous story.

It was saturday morning and I went into the kitchen and my mother in law was doing breakfast how are you I asked fine she said ,I slapped her gently round the face to which she said fine master.Did you enjoy fucking your husband last night i asked yes master she said how did you feel knowing I had just had you ,cheap she said very good I replied.

Then my wife came in hello hunny I said giving her a kiss,looking forwards to the holiday yes she says Isnt it good of my mum and dad to come with us and help out with the kids.

Yes I said do you think your mum would mind if I gave her a kiss of thanks oh I dont think so she said smiling ,So I walked over to jane and kissed her lightly on the lips,My wife laughed oh mum your blussing how sweet.

Just as well she was not watching us last night then hon I laughed ,stop it Alan she doesent want to hear that she said pushing me out of kitchen,Honestly mum I do apologise for him I heard as I left.

Any way later that day as we stopped at the services I got Jane alone for a minute and told her she would have to take of her underwear and give it to me for rest of journey.So when she came out of toilets she asked if I could get a book off the top shelf of the shop ,as we stepped out of sight she slipped her knickers in my pocket there we go master she said I gave her a quick grope she was wet already good girl I said .

When we got baqck to car asked wife if MIL could sit in front as she felt bit travel sick ,of course said wife so there we were travelling up M6 checked mirror wife was asleep in middle seat and FIL was in back seat with the kids .I reached over and put my hand on her leg she froze and looked over her shoulder saw wife asleep and opened her legs a bit as I lightly fingered her for a minute or so ,You are a Bas"""she said.

We reached the hotel later that day and said to wife me and MIL would get the food in ,ok hun she said so I left the room with Jane ,we got into the lift and I kissed her on her lips and put my hand up her skirt and carried on fingering her till lift stopped .We walked to the car and as we got round corner saw a layby so pulled in and told her my cock needed a suck

More to come