Written by M

26 Feb 2008

I have posted a couple of times on here before, all all true events. We have never been into the swinging scene before but recently my wife has had a few new blokes. All were with my blessing. I on the other hand have not been with anyone else until recently. We bought a new house which needed a full restoration job, we didn\'t have the necessary free cash for renting. We had an offer from my wifes parents to stay with them whilst the work was done. All our stuff was put in storage and we moved in. I am 30 my wife is 28.

We moved in with the inlaws, it was a good solution, everyone seemed happy. Me especially. I have always found my wifes mother very attractive. S was 49 at the time of the event. 20 years my senior. To discribe her, she is very pretty for a women nearly 50, size 14 to 16 but has the curves in the right places. Nice shaped breasts, round firm looking bum, Nice looking legs but with a bit of size and shape on them. She looks after herself with manicures, hair appointments etc. Everyone notices how well we get on, we have been on various family holidays and never a cross word. I\'ve always fancied my Mother In Law and was sure she was attracted to me. Nothing ever happended until recently.

S had a works nightout arranged in Leeds, Her husband agreed to drop her in town and she was going to get a taxi home. As we had nothing planned I agreed to drive into the city to collect her. She said she would call when she needed picking up, but it wouldn\'t be late. My Father In Law came in around 11pm, he was a bit pissed as he had also been out to the local with his mates. He went straight to bed, I heard him crashing about getting into bed. Then silence. My wife had gone to bed around 10pm. I was sat up waiting for S to call. My phone rang around 12 so I set off to collect her.

When I got there see had obviously had a few. She wasn\'t drunk but was on the way.

We arrived home around 12.30. We went into the lounge. S asked me to make a drink. I thought she ment coffee. She wanted a wine so I poured us a drink. I sat on the sofa, S stood up and turned off the main light leaving just a lamp. She said the light was giving her headache. She then sat on the sofa with me, we chatted a while. She moaned about her feet hurting as she had been wearing high heeled sandles. I offered to massage them, I was actually joking. Before I could say anything she turned on he seat on put her feet on my thighs. I took off her shoes and started to massage her feet. She smiled and closed her eyes. After a while she seemed to slide down the sofa abit more towards me. I was rubbing her feet but now a bit higher up around the ankles. She became very relaxed and allowed her legs to flop apart as I was now rubbing the lower part of her legs. She was wearing trousers so I had my hands up the bottom part of the leg. Again she slid a little further down so I continued to rub her higher. I reached the point my hand could go no furthe due to the trousers so I took my hands out and started to rub outside. She just laid there allowing me to massage her with her legs open, she moved one leg so I was sat between them. I wasn\'t sure how far up she wanted me to go. I touched the inside of her thigh and she didn\'t object. She slowly took my hand and pulled it higher and pushed it on her crotch. She groaned, I slowly started to rub her fanny outside her trousers. She opened her eyes, put her arms around my neck. She pulled me up and we starting kissing, softly at first but quickly became passionate.

I pulled up her top to kiss her breasts. She had a lacy black bra on. I lifted the wires up over her breasts and started to rub her tits and nipples whilst we kissed. I then reached down to open her trousers. The zip was on the side. I pulled it open, then the catch. The waiste came open. I looked down to see the top of her black knickers. I slipped my hand down to her pussy. It was quite hairy and very very wet. I started to rub her clit, After a couple of minutes she started to cum, She gripped me tightly as I rubbed her wet fanny. Just as she came I pushed 2 fingers up her hole. I could feel the muscles gripping my fingers as she came. Just as her orgasm started to subside I moved down and pulled her trousers and knickers off. She was laid there legs wide open. Top pulled up with her tits out. I immediatley went down on her and started licking and fingering her pussy. I have never been with a women so wet. The leather sofa was damp. I liked her out for ages. At the same time I had undone my jeans and pulled them down. I never once gave a thought about the people upstairs. I moved up her body, we started kissing again. She reached down and grabbed my cock. She pulled it to her opening. She started rubbing her clit with my bell end. I slowly started to push. She let go of my cock and it sank slowly up her. She raised he legs abit more and wrapped them around me, pulling me deepr. We fucked slowly at first then I started slamming into her. We fucked for what seemed ages. She then started building to another orgasm. Just as she started cumming I speeded up, she came quite loudly and just gripped me with her nails in my lower back. I pumped my spunk deep into her pussy. We came together and I laid still with my softening cock up her. We kissed for a while then I slowly pulled out. Spunk ran out of her onto the sofa. She smiled. She slowly stood up and pulled her knickers out of her trousers. Put them on and grabbed her clothes. She went up stairs, I went to bed.

The following day I expected her to be a bit funy with me. She wasn\'t. She got up as normal dressed in her dressing gown. The Father In Law had gone to work, my wife was in the shower. I went into the kitchen to clear up the glasses, S followed me in.

She asked me if I was ok, YES was my answer. She told me she had a great time and thanked me. She lent to kiss me and we ended up snogging again.

I pulled open her dressing gown, she had a nightie on and her knickers. The blinds were still shut and we starting to get passionate again. I could her the shower upstairs so I knew the wife was still in. She pushed me towards the breakfast bar. She pulled her knickers down. She obviously hadn\'t showered as her pubes were matted with spunk and her knickers were stained from the night before. I turned her round so she was leaning against the worktop. I started to finger her again, she was again soaking. I pulled my shorts down to the knee and pushed her legs open. She placed one leg on a bar stool. I pushed up her and we fucked like crazy, stood up. She came hard and again I emptied my cock up her fanny. She pulled her nightie down. Fastened her robe, kissed me then went off for a shower. Later that day she told me she was having to go to a chemist to get a morning after pill. She wasn\'t on any birth control. The fact she was nearly 50 didn\'t really come into it as she hadn\'t gone through change and was most definately still fertile. She hadn\'t had sex for 2 years before then so it hadn\'t accured to her. I\'ve fucked her several times since. I will post again with the details.