Written by AJ

8 May 2009

Hi just thought I might share something that happened to me the other week .It was a friday night and we had my wifes parents stopping over as we were going away on the saturday.

So everyone had gone to bed and I was watching the porn channel and having a hand job when the front room door opened ,I looked up and there was my mother in law in her dressing gown,I just sat there did not know what to do still with my dick in my hand.

After about a minute which seemed a lot longer I stood up and all she could do was watch my hard on poking though my dressing gown,I walk over and gently kissed her on the lips to which she responded I undid her belt and slid her gown off her shoulder and dropped it on the floor.I then took her by her shoulders and pushed her to her knees and gently moved her towards my cock she hesitated for a moment then took my cock straight in her mouth and sucked it like she had been starved .

After about 10 minutes I pulled out and laid her on her back I teased her for a while by running my cock round her pussy lips for a bit till she was begging me to fuck her .Cannot descibe what a power trip this was.

So I very slowly pushed my cock in her and she was moaning and begging me to fuck her quickly but I kept it slow and easy while making her tell me what a slut she was for fucking her daughters husband while her hubby and daughter were asleep upstairs,

In the end I gave in to my needs and started to fuck her harder and faster as she bit in to my shoulder and ran her nails down my back and she had a massive orgasem as I shot my load up her.As I pulled out I put my cock back in her mouth and made her lick me dry.

After she calmed down she got upset and said it shouldent have happened but she was so turned on watching me wank that her feelings got the better of her,I said not to worry no one found out and if she carried on being good to me no one will need to .

She started to get upset and said it was just a one off but I took her head and moved it towards my cock ;;;More next time