Written by borisyeltsin

14 Nov 2007

My Spanish mother-in-law Carmen is a little on the plump side, but not at all shy about her body. On numerous occassions I've been in the same room when she'll quite happily get her very ample bust out, whilst trying on clothes or getting undressed for bed. She's never bothered about it, and to be honest I love seeing her like this and have had numerous wank's thinking of her chubby little body.

I decided recently though to reverse the situation. My wife was at work one evening, and mother-in-law had come round to babysit while I was decorating upstairs. At about 11.30 pm I decided to call it a day and head off for a bath. Now mother-in-law was in the bedroom downstairs next door to the bathroom, and as I undressed for my bath I was thinking of her in the bedroom next door, probably stark naked and my cock got stiffer and stiffer.

After my bath had run I thought I heard a noise from the bedroom, so I quietly peeped in next door and there was my mother-in-law, fast asleep and totally naked!! My cock couldnt take this and I started to masturbate. No sooner had I started though than Carmen roused up. I muttered something like "Sorry, I thought I heard a noise in here" and run out back into the bathroom.

Christ, I thought, she definately saw my cock, what a buzz.

I got into the bath and started to stroke my cock, and it felt absolutely fantastic thinking about Carmen and her cute little bod, and the fact that she had seen my erect cock. Just then she walked into the bathroom, cool as a cucumber and sat down for a pee. I was so startled, there she was naked, pissing in front of me whilst I was laying in the bath stroking the snake!

She said "Sorry mate, but I needed a pee" Hope you don't mind!

"Er, no" I said, and by this time ready to shoot my lot.

"Carry on wanking" she said, as she stood up to dry her pussy, so I did.

She just watched me, and within minutes I shot all over myself, huge amounts came gushing out.

She walked over to the bath, washed her hands in the water and said "Goodnight love, god bless"!

What a fantastic wank