Written by Stacy

15 Oct 2008

I married a man who had a daughter which he brought up. I was much younger than him and he did the dirty on me and left me with the daughter. We are very closer more like sisters. I am now 38 size 10 and good for my age. She is now 19. We have spent lots time clubbing and holidays. I knew her boyfriends, dicscussed sex etc. All very easy and open. Recently we went to malia for a weeks holiday. We enjoyed ther partying and sunbathing in our very tiny bikinis getting oggled by lots of guys. One evening we met a couple of guys and after few drinks things got cosy and we all ended up back at the hotel room. The guys were obviously up for it as I was kissing one guy and she was on the other bed with the other guy. My guy was getting hard and I unzipped him to feel his cock. He had his hand up my short skirt and was fingering my pussy. When I looked over Steffi had her top off and her pert breasts were being sucked and sqeezed by the guys. her skirt was up round her arse and she wasnt wearing any knickers. I was wanking my guy and then dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth her was lovin it. Steffi by now was naked and so was her guy and they were fucking like mad. I could see his nice arse bouncing up and down with her long legs wrapped vice like around his hips, she was moaning loudly and he was shouting in appreciatation what a lovely wet tight pussy she had. I was in a fab 69 position getting lots of tongue on my very open pussy when I heard them both cum. I came on hearing this. My guy then turned me over and entered me from behind, it had made him very horny. Steffi moved across to us and was on her knees to. My guy then told me to climb ontop of her so he could nove from one pussy and into the other alternately easily. He entered my pussy for a while then moved out into her pussy it was fun were were all laughing. The other guy was getting hard now again and wanted to join in. So we both laid down legs open and both guys were taking it in turns to swap between us fucking our pussies Soon they needed to cum and so we both sat up and let them cum over our breasts. I was shattered and need to sleep. I cleaned up and went to bed. The three of them were still at it hours later. These young ones have a lot of energy!! But I had had sooooooooo much fun. We are thinking we may go swinging together Steffi and I. Would be interested in what you all think