Written by Rory

20 Jun 2011

This happened a couple of years ago after a truly horrible divorce, I was living alone in our house, my wife had moved out well before the divorce when she moved in with a guy she had been having an affair with for seemingly most of our married life. With my busy life I needed someone to help me keep the house clean, my mothers friend Diane stepped into the breach, coming in three times a week to do the cleaning and ironing, I rarely saw her as I was working, just leaving her money on the kitchen table for her.

I had a few days off work and was on my bed watching a porn dvd and of course wanking my hard cock, the door opened and Diane was standing in the doorway looking at me, I apologised but she said that she had seen it all before and saying that she would help me with my obvious sexual frustration. Walking over to me she bent over putting my cock into her mouth and sucking it hard into her mouth and gently biting on it, I told her when I was about to cum, but she held me close to her untill I exploded into her mouth, she greedily swallowed it all, licking me clean before she left me, wondering if it had all really happened. I showered and dressed but on going downstairs Diane had left the house.

A few days later I should have been at work but threw a sickie, waiting to see what would happen if Diane turned up, when she arrived she asked me where I wanted her to start, I cheekily said the bedroom, smiling at me as she climbed the stairs I decided to follow her, finding her in my bedroom waiting for me, I walked over and kissed her she responded hungrily, removing her top I slipped my arms around her undoing her bra and for the first time saw her massive breasts with their long hard nipples and fondled them, tweaking her nipples till they stood out like organ stops. Undoing her jeans I pulled them and her panties down over her hips revealing her very hairy fanny.

As she lay on the bed I stripped and joined her, my fingers exploring her now very wet fanny, working my fingers rapidly in and out, I then went down on her, burying my head between her thighs I licked her now swollen lips and teasing her quite large clit, she was now breathing heavily and whimpering and shuddering as she orgasmed,.

I could wait no longer, pushing her thighs apart My rock hard cock entered her wet hole easily, pumping into her, she shuddered as I reached my climax with all my pent up cum exploding into her, joining all her juices.

We lay together in each others arms fondling each other till it was time for her to leave, When we arose I could see our mixed juices seepping out of her hairy hole and down her inner thigh, we obviously both needed to relieve our pent up frustrations, I know why I was not having sex but she was a much older woman and married, I didn't understand why she was not having any, obviously I do now, but I think it would be boring to make my story too long.

We have continued having fun together, with her experience as a more mature lady she has taught me a lot, helping me to give her more enjoyment and diminishing her frustrations. If I write again I will tell about what she taught me and how I put it into practice.