Written by Happy Hiker

4 Jun 2008

I,m at Uni. down south , I usually hitch a lift back north where I live. When recently returning home a guy picked me up in his motorhome. As we drove he started a conversation about sex, I didn,t mind ,we had a few laughs.

He said he was divorced, probably because he had always had strong homosexual feelings and had a few encounters with men, which he had enjoyed more than having sex with his wife. I must admit this this struck a chord with me, even though I considered myself straight , I often found myself looking at mens cocks in changing rooms,enjoying seeing them shower, watching their cocks swell.I would sometimes wank at night thinking of a particular guy I had watched.

Fancy a cup of tea he asked , there,s a sideroad a bit further on I,ll pull in there. He drove into the sideroad and parked up , lets go in the back he said. He put the kettle on and said I think I,ll have a quick wash and change. I wasn,t expecting that. He stripped to his white underpants which were really skimpy not leaving much to the imagination. I could see the outline of a sisable cock , possiblbly slightly erect. Perhaps it was the heat in the van, I felt my own cock tingle and swell a bit, as he made tea I watched his backside, liking what I saw. He poured the hot water in the wash basin and added cold water, I was sure his cock had become more erect. I soon found out as he removed them and was completely naked, he was semi erect, he seemed very relaxed.

My cock was now almost fully erect in my trousers, a little uncomfortable and probably noticable, I watched as he washed his face then under his arms and finally between his legs. I was no longer in any doubt about what he was doing as he started to wank himself, looking at me and smiling. I didn,t run, I smiled back, do you want me to stop he asked, I,m OK with it ,I found myself saying. Take your clothes off , I don,t know why but I started to undress , stopping when I got to my underpants even though it was very obvious I had a rock solid erection.

He stepped towards me and gripped my cock through the material squeesing gently, it was a first but I loved it. He took the waistband and lifted it down over my cock ,I stepped out of them, his tongue started licking my swollen cock his hand fondling my balls. It was the best feeling I,d had in my life, it got better as he opened his mouth and took my cock in, the heat of his mouth was unbelievable , I found myself pushing my cock in and out.

He stood up and took my hand and put his cock in it, I had never held another mans cock before, it was hot. I instinctivly knew he wanted me to wank him,it was good . I realised he was wanking me too. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me downwards, again I knew what he wanted, I licked his balls and shaft and then took his cock in my mouth. I immediatly loved the taste, a slight hint of soap from his washing. He held my head as he pushed in and out, I realised he was getting faster, his balls banging against my chin, I remember thinking what do I do if he comes off, it was suddenly decision time, his back arched and his cock exploded, my mouth was filling as spurt after spurt of his liquid shot from his cock. I swallowed and swallowed again and again. My own cock was rampant , he was good , he was on his knees my cock in his mouth as I shot, I couldn,t believe how many orgasms I had, I had made the right decision to swallow , he swallowed every drop of mine, sucking gently as I came to a halt . We sat on chairs our cocks limp between our spread legs and drank our tea , nice cup of tea he smiled, yes I smiled back.