Written by Happy Hiker

6 Jun 2008

Thanks for your comments on the start of my experience.

As we drank our tea I could already feel my cock begin to tingle again. This surprised me as usually it takes me an hour or so to feel sexy again. Suddenly I was feeling completely uninhibited, I started to wank myself as he watched me and smiled.

My cock came quickly to full erection, he just watched me , I found that really exciting. I could see his cock rising slowly , he just sat with his legs apart his hands by his side as his cock swelled to rock hardness. He was sitting close enough to me for my hand to reach him. I reached and took his cock in my hand and wanked us both to the same rythm. He spread his legs further apart and lay back as far as he could . It was obvious he was enjoying me taking the innitiative , considering I had never done anything like this before I felt in control. I got on the floor between his legs and took his balls in my hand feeling them gently all over, both his cock and balls were larger than mine, but not by much.

His foreskin was fully back , it was the first time I had seen precum ooze from somebodys cock, I rubbed the precum over the glistening head , he was moaning, his eyes closed, a smile on his face.

I touched the smooth head with my tongue, his cock pushed towards me . I probed his eye with my tongue, oh yes, oh yes, he said, as cock twitched and seemed to get even harder. He took his cock in his hand and pushed it to my lips, I moved his hand away and took his shaft deep into my mouth pressing gently on his balls. His hands were on my head as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, he was moaning louder and louder now. I knew he was going to come again. His knees came together holding me in a tight grip.

He stopped pumping his cock as it seemed to swell in my mouth, then the first spurt of his liquid hit my throat, then faster and faster it came, hot and salty, not as much as the first time , I kept sucking until his cock went semi soft. He just lay with his eyes closed, smiling . I needed to come off, I stood up and started to wank myself, he opened his eyes and watched me, he knew I was going to wank on him, he spread his arms and legs and waited. The feeling was brilliant as I watched my spunk land on his naked body, I wanked myself dry. I put the kettle on ,we were going to need some more hot water. I had never felt so relaxed in my life, I didn,t really want to put my clothes back on.