Written by Grady

1 Apr 2011

It had been a long day, I was delivering boxes and crates of household items for a couple who were moving to Spain. The lady Judy, travelled down in the van with me, while her husband finished the sale of their home in England.

We had arranged to stay overnight at a hotel at a small town, Senlis not far from Paris, after a nice meal we retired to our rooms. In the early hours I was woken by my name being called in a loud whisper, Judy said she was frightened some men had returned drunk and had tried to get into her room, I let her into my bed, with her wearing pjs and me shorts, we both fell asleep, when I woke I had an erection with her hand resting on my cock, she woke but left her hand on my hard cock. My hand moved to her lovely boobs, I removed her pjs as she pulled down my shorts she wanked me, she lay back closing her eyes and I slipped into her now wet and open slit, after a great session ending with her climaxing and me filling her with my fluid, we resumed our journey to Spain, arriving late that night.

After a meal at a local restaurant, we returned to the appartment I showered and went to bed, I could hear Judy having her shower then she came into the room wearing only a small towel, dropping the towel she climbed into bed with me, we kissed and fondled each other, my fingers exploring her hot wet hole till I was inside her again, it wasn't long before we both cum and being so tired from the journey went straight to sleep.

Next morning I found Judy naked in the kitchen looking through the window, wow what a view the beach was below the window and we were looking over the bay with small fishing boats arriving from their nights fishing. After a couple of hours unloading the van we went to the beach, Judy went topless, what a great sight I had to lie on my front to hide my rapidly growing cock, it was soon too hot for us so it was back to the appartment for us and for more loving.

The following morning I was having to leave for my returne journey but before I left we had our final sex session, this time she had me finnish in her bum hole. what a wonderfull way to finishour few surprising days