Written by Colin M

7 Dec 2017

It will be best to read my last Post from just 3 days ago on the 4th Dec then come back to read this one. This is about Joan when she was about 31 and a real beauty and my other pal (John) who also had fancied her for years. Me and him (both 30 yrs old) used to go for a drink together and often went to working mens clubs that had the Strippers on. Getting turned on watching the girls encouraged dirty talk mainly about our wives so he heard a lot of naughty stuff about Joan. His wife was the opposite to my wife and he said he was lucky to get a fuck off her once a week. He was always telling me I was a lucky bastard having a randy wife. He wished he could fuck every night so I said I'll share Joan with you and laughed. He said I wish you meant that so I said I might share her once and if she likes it and you keep it a secret you might get more fucks off her. She had let donkey cock Frank fuck her so I thought maybe she'll let John fuck her so I said pop round Friday night after she's had a good drink and flirt with her. I had enjoyed seeing her getting chatted up and fucked by Frank. At this time I didn't know she was secretly seeing Frank every Wednesday in revenge for showing him her our video of her fucking herself with a cucumber..

On the Friday I took her for our usual Chinese after a hard week . I did the driving cos I like her to have a good drink and then afterwards we have some horny fun which some times involves me fucking her with a large German sausage or a cucumber inside a condom. She liked me to fuck her with one because the sex lasted much longer. I always warmed the cucumber up cos the first time we did it she complained it was too cold. After wanking her I would then fuck her properly and cum in her fanny. After the Chinese and her usual whisky and lemonades we got back for 10pm and she was looking forward to some fun. Then 5 mins later (as I'd arranged) the bell went & it was John. His excuse to Joan was he called earlier for me to go for a drink. Then coming past he saw our light on and thought he'd call for a coffee. I watched to see her reaction and because she knows me well it looked like she suspected something fishy. When we go out she always wears sexy stuff I like so had on her short skirt, see through blouse, stockings and suspenders . The skirt was just below her stocking tops so he sat opposite as we had a coffee . He was doing his best to look up her skirt and she knew it so she got careless without looking too obvious . Then she got up and went to the bathroom and I thought I bet it's to get ready for us . He had the horn and said he'd seen her white panties. I said she's always careless after a drink and doesn't realise she can turn us on showing herself like that . He said just in case he's lucky tonight he wanked off earlier otherwise he'd be so excited he'd cum in her in a minute or two. He said he will probably last a lot longer after a wank so I said I hope so. Then she returned and after a minute or two she said she's tired and lay back and closed her eyes. She told me later she'd guessed I wanted to show her off and didn't want to disappoint me. Her skirt had moved higher so we saw her stocking tops and her feet were on the ground and legs apart. I said go and have a peep if you want ,so he crept over and gently pushed her skirt up a bit more. He noticed straight away she'd put her open fronted black panties on and he could see her shaved fanny. I got my cock out so he got his out . He was stroking his cock gazing up her skirt, then had a feel of it as I opened her blouse to get her tits out for him to suck. I knew he was a tit man and loved dirty books with plenty sexy girls showing their tits off. But he was more interested in her bald fanny. I told him she's asleep and wont wake up so he kissed it and tried to get his tongue into it. She told me later she had peeped and got an eyeful of him stroking his cock as he looked up her skirt. She said it looks longer than my 7 inch cock but thinner and she was right. His was half an inch longer. As I sucked her tits he had his fingers in her. I asked him to swop over and he can watch me fuck her . She told me later he must have thought he would get milk out of her tits the way he sucked and squeezed them. She said if there is a next time tell him to be gentler cos she has no milk. I started to give her a nice slow fuck cos if I'd went faster I'd have cum and I wanted to save it for later. Her eyes were open watching me as he sucked her tits and by her face she was enjoying two men.. He was too busy trying to milk her tits and watching me up her to notice her eyes were open. When she'd been to the bathroom he told me he'd wanked off earlier so if I give him a go at her he'll be able to fuck for longer. As I fucked her I realised I needed a piss so I pulled out and went to the toilet. She told me later as soon as I was out the room he was straight up her, then just before I got back he was back sucking her tits. I didnt know but I think any man would have done the same. I got back to see her fanny gaping but never thought it had just had his cock up it seconds earlier. I got back in her for a short while then I invited him to have a go. He slipped his cock up her as if it was his first time. She got well fucked by him and he lasted much longer than I ever did . That was cos he'd had a good wank two hours earlier. Once he'd fucked her he went off home shattered. When he left she woke up and said well did I tease you ok ? I said you did brilliantly and really teased him . She said she'd guessed what we were up to when the doorbell went and she saw him. She said it will be better than a cucumber. I got up her and was amazed he had left so much spunk in her just hours after wanking . She said he was good at it and better than Frank. I didn't want him getting used to it so said if she likes it, maybe every 3 weeks. We tried to keep to that so for a year he came round for a fuck on Friday nights . Little did I know that for 6 months on Wednesday nights after her girly night she was getting picked up earlier and taken to a car park to get Franks cock.

Then when John emigrated that was sad for us and him but he and his wife had planned emigrating closer to family for years. He still emails and talks about the nights we had.