Written by deanewolf

16 Nov 2012

this story is true , it happened in the late seventies , the girl was my partner at the time , her name suzie , she was 28 , long brunette hair , 5ft 3 in ,quite curvy figure

we had a good sex life nothing unusual .

however suzie had a real interest in spanking , i did not want to hurt her as she wanted a really good spanking , and to be honest i liked the idea of being spanked myself.

Now in pre internet days there were contact magazines , we got some and replied to some ads.

we got in correspondence with a lady in her sixties called mrs broadbent , she was a widow of some years , an ex teacher with a strong liking of corporal punishment.

we exchanged lettes , then phone calls , she lived about an hours drive from us and one sunday afternoon we arranged to meet her at her home.

we arrived a liile nervous ,intrigued etc.

on arrival mrs B showed us into the lounge almost a time warp fifties look.

she brought us tea and cakes and chatted a while , in truth i think she was lonely, this was a way of meeting people .

Mrs B was a stern looking big breasted woman , who looked a little younger than 62 ,she was dressed in a white blouse and black skirt.

anyway after a while chatting , her manner changed she became quite strict and ordered suzie to follow her upstairs , suzie did , she told her to take off her trousers and underwear and lie face down on the bed , mrs B had rolled up the sleeves of her blouse and with hand gave suzie the spanking of her life .

after the spanking suzie came down to me still with her arse bare and told me mrs B wanted me upstairs now.

when i arrived in the bedroom mrs B was holding a leather strap , everything off boy she said , she watched as with some embarrassment i stripped , everything she said as i stood there in my y fronts , i have seen plenty of willys now as i was naked i was lying face down , while mrrs B applied the strap , after a damn good spanking i walked ahead of mrs B back to suzie ,who was told to take the rest of her clothes off ,w then bent over the dining chairs for another spanking , Mrs B then let us go back upstairs to use the back bed room ,we fucked like anything ,Mrs B respected our privacy and later after the sex she knocked on the room door ,we said come in ,she brought us tea in bed ,later we said goodbye and arranged to see her he following month , this is a sepaerate story for another time , but if anyone was wondering ,we did invite Mrs B into bed with us,did se accept , well wait for the sequel to this story