Written by deanewolf

20 Nov 2012

first of thankyou to all who left such good comments to the first story, here is now the second part.

just over a week after our first meeting mrs b invited us for tea one evening.

suzie and i were not as nervous as the first time having broken the ice so we were more looking forward to the evening.

when we arrived mrs b looked exquisite , a maroon rolled neck jumper slightly on the tight side which accentuated her ample bosom , a red kilt like skirt with obvius suspenders and stockings , her hair tied in a severe bun ,looking every inch the ex school teacher she was.

she showed us to the dining room and a nice home cooked steak meal with old fashioned jam roll pud .

we retird to the lounge where mrs b held court and a good chat followed , from time to time mrs b caught me glancing at her generous thighs with hint of stocking top decoration.

after about the fourth time she turned to me and said stand up you dirty boy now remove your trousers and underpants , i stood up kicked off my shoes and undid my trousers ,fold them neatly boy she boomed , i did as i was told then standing fully in front of her and pulled my underpants off , again she told me to fod them ,i was stood wih a throbing hard on , you dirty little bastard she said , then to suzie why are you smirking you dirty whore, to me she said off with the lot , i took my shirt off and folded it neatly standing there starkers.

to suzie she said strip to your kickers bitch , suzie did as she was ordered.

mrs b the put her hand around my hard penis and guided me nearer to her she then produced a ruler and measured my erection , mmm she said regulation six not bad.

i as then over her knee a strong waft of lavender perfume filled my senses , then the ruler came down hard very hard i yelped , then she ordered suzie over pulled down suzies knickers and put her over her knee , she used he hand on suzies buttocks , each slap followed by a cry from suzie , then she told us both to bend over and touch our toes , out came mrs b and her strap ,both suzie and me got a damn good spanking.

upstairs now said mrs b ,we followed her to her bedroom the scent of lavender all around ,mrs b began to undress , off came the top ,down cme the skirt she was dressed in a red basque ,with her bun hair and black stockings she looked so sexy and despite the fact she was over thirty years older han me i was captivated by her , she exposed her breasts and asked suzie to kiss them , suzie did , then with suzie on the bed mrs b stripped to just the stockings ,she straddled suzies face while suzie licked her , she hen said to suzie iam going to try your boy friend now , she lay on her back and invited me to mount her , her cunt was a little dryer than i imagined but as we got started she became very wet.while i was having intercourse with her suzie was squeezing her breasts , mrs b then asked me to have sex with suzie ,she stood at the side of the bed while suzie was in a doggy position i was knelt behind her , mrs b then gave me several hard slaps and told me to go faster ,just before i was ready to come she ordered suzie off the bed and mrs b got on on her back and pulled me onto her , it did not take me long to come .she then invited suzie to lick her come filled vagina , suzie was not really keen on this but mrs b insisted ,it was weird to watch but wonderful as well.

we went back downstairs recieved another good strapping , got dressed mrs b made some drinks and then we left after making arrangements to see mrs b the following week.

what a time we had with mrs b oh the memories now ,priceless