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Mrs. Professor

"A young boy loses his virginity."

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Author's Notes

"I won't tell you if it really happened or if it's just a fantasy."

I am a forty-three-year-old divorced brunette. Since this stage of my life ended for me, I started to noticeably take care of my appearance. I regularly went to fitness classes, I would not leave the house without makeup and curled eyelashes. I'm the type of woman who needs new nails every week. Due to my attractiveness, I could not complain about the lack of success with men, but my social life was limited to single dates. I've had no luck with partners.

when I was walking down the school corridor, I was wondering how many of them who look back at me have satisfied their sick desires today. I didn't take it seriously because I wasn't attracted to young men, boys actually. I much prefer the mature ones.

Friday, early June. It was shortly before three o'clock. Outside, the wind was raging and it was pouring rain. I was walking down an essentially empty hallway to my last lesson on the weekly schedule. I was wearing a black dress with buttons down the front that covered my knees, and high heels in the same color. Fortunately, I never had to listen to a sermon about shoes. I had to get to the third floor of the building. There was only one classroom converted from part of the attic, but it was still well-suited for teaching. As soon as I got upstairs, I saw a group of teenagers shouting over each other. The chaos was making me sick. I took comfort in the fact that in an hour I would be able to get out of here and relax. I opened the door and let everyone in. At the end of the room was my desk and chair. I immediately sat in it. I turned to the wall and touched my lips with gloss before checking for presence. There was great variety in each class. There were troublemakers, class leaders as well as those to whom one could not have any objections. So it was this time too. Sitting in the other pew, Matt took the backpack of one of the colleagues in front of him and dumped everything on the floor. It was Kris, a very quiet and calm student. Slightly taller than me and skinny. He quickly started gathering his things. Such behavior had to be nipped in the bud right away. If I turned a blind eye to one thing, it would escalate over time in such a way that the only thing left for me to do was leave the classroom.

Congratulations, you just earned an F from behavior. One more stunt like this and you'll meet your parents at the principal's on Monday

This effectively tempered his aspirations. He sat down politely and the only place his eyes were now directed were his textbooks. Meanwhile, Kris, after a long time, embarrassed, which was visible on his face, sat back in his place. I had quite a lot of empathy in me, so I felt sorry for him. He was a good student, he never caused any problems and his grades are pure poetry. I decided to take him on the answer to build him up with a good grade.

“Okay, attendance is over, so it's time for someone to report their homework on the board. Kris, please go to the blackboard and write in English what you did yesterday in your spare time

"I haven't done my work."

It shocked me a bit. He was always prepared and English classes were a pure formality for him

- So let's go to the blackboard and try it with the whole class

"I'm not going to the blackboard

"And can you tell me why?"

"Because I'm unprepared."

"Stop teasing me and come."

- NO! he shouted

In disbelief, I picked up the pen and in a subdued voice announced:

“You know I have to give you a failing grade. I'll let your outburst pass, but if it happens again, then you and your friend will have a conversation with the principal.

I was asking the whole class for half the lesson to get some relief from these antics. Then I had one text from the textbook translated just so I could enjoy the silence. Time passed inexorably, I glanced nervously at my phone, waiting for the end of class, tapping my white fingernails on its screen. The closer it got to the bell, the more I wondered.

why one of my best students acted like this today. My pedagogical self had to find out so that I could end this week peacefully. Suddenly, the long-awaited bell rang in the corridor. The class bullies grabbed the books from the table in one hand and the backpacks in the other, and ran out before I had time to look back. The classroom slowly emptied out.

Kris was still sitting in the bench, packing his backpack.

"I'd like you to stay for a while."

Reluctantly, he lowered his head and waited for my words.

"Can you tell me what your behavior meant?"

There was silence. He didn't utter a single word. This alarmed me. He looked at me with big eyes. There was no trace of his rebellious attitude from an hour ago. Now it was more like waiting for ashes to be sprinkled on the head. I discreetly undid the two buttons at the bottom of my dress so that I could cross my legs more freely and sat down in the chair. The boy was still sitting in his place with the backpack on his lap.

Can you explain this to me in a rational way?

I didn't hear any response, and the silence irritated me more and more, but I couldn't show it.

“Please, stand in front of the first row of pews. As soon as he got up from the chair, I understood what was the reason for this outburst. There was a bulge in his brown shorts. He had an erection. Probably when he was picking up the books from the floor he must have looked my way and saw me without my panties. As a rule, I always tried to hide it somehow in such situations, but this time I forgot. He leaned against the bench two meters from me. I decided to take a closer look at the problem. He was not particularly large, but looking through the prism of his age and posture, he was still impressive. He looked down ashamed.

- Yes, Ms.Professor...

The slender teenager did not raise his head even for a moment. He did it only when I reached out my left hand and ran the tip of my fingernail along the entire length of the member. Only then did he look at my lips. I didn't feel any desire, it was just curiosity. He wasn't very successful with his peers. I grabbed it with two fingers right next to the testicles and gently explored every bit of it. Suddenly he began to shudder. It took just a few touches for the young man to pass the final in his pants. He opened his mouth as he let out his fulfillment. In fact, I couldn't be surprised, after all, he was still young and frankly,he was only or just 18.

I could be his mother, a very attractive mother. I walked over to my desk, grabbed my classroom keys, and handed them to him.I undid one button at the neckline so he could see where my firm breasts ended. I sat on the desk a little apart so as not to reveal anything. When he leaned back against the bench, he was just staring at my heels a few inches off the ground. His penis had decreased in size but was still very visible.

"We're going to talk frankly now, okay?"

"Okay, Professor.

I smiled. When he called me ma'am, it had a stimulating effect on me. I knew very well that any one in his place would have pounced on me, ripped off my dress and taken it on this table, but he just looked at my legs.

- Tell me, do you like me?

- Very…

"Do you fantasize about me often?"

- I don't understand…

"Hmmm, to put it simply, do you masturbate thinking about me?"

- Yes…

- Have you ever been with a girl?

- No, Professor.

- So you're 100% a virgin?

- Yes, Professor, once I peeked at the girls after PE in the locker room, once I kissed, and once I had the opportunity to touch a girl of my friend there, she was very wet but that's it. Answered the boy.

- And what do we do with it now, I asked cleanly, theoretically in my own head. Would you like to see me naked?

There was an awkward silence...

- Yes, Professor, he said softly, his face flushed red.

"So this happens to you a lot, you mentioned that you like to fantasize about me, think about me and masturbate. Isn't that right?"

– Yes, Professor. Every day.

I showed the depilated crotch in full glory. I could tell by his face that just by looking at him, he could come a second time. He certainly didn't expect what I could do next. I started massaging myself with my other hand. He stared closely at the labia between my fingers.

"Tell me about it, I want to hear it, what are you fantasizing about and who are you?"

Kris turned out to be a bit of a quiet pervert. According to what he said, he masturbated everywhere. In the car, home, toilet, locker room. He fantasized about threesomes with the school nurse or a psychologist, and even group sex with the basketball team in the gym. God, that young boy was horny.

As I listened to these stories, I went further and further, caressing me more and more with each story.

I soaked my fingers inside one by one to finally move on to the sharp fingering. He watched me play in complete silence. I unconsciously sped up. I felt like I was about to burst, so I stopped. He was still leaning against the bench and looking at my wet hand. I calmed my breathing and motioned for him to come closer.

- Take off your shirt.

I put my finger in his mouth that was inside me a moment ago. He closed his eyes and licked it from all sides. What does my pussy taste like? I asked. She is slightly sweet slightly sour Mrs. Professor.

After a long time, I took it out and grabbed it by the bushy hair

"Hmm, I really liked his answer, now lick me."

- but I, Mrs. Professor, haven't yet... He didn't manage to finish the sentence.

I just looked at the door where the key was dangling. I was wondering what am I doing. After all, I could have anyone and meanwhile I was sitting splayed and half-naked in the classroom in front of my 18-year-old student, a minor. My long white nails disappeared into his hair for a moment and he caressed me passionately with his tongue. He licked it up and down like a sweet lollipop or like a dog lapping water from a bowl. This is the first pussy he's licked, I thought, my legs getting wet from the nectar dripping down my thighs.

I sighed deeply, trying not to make any loud noises. It had been going on for a good few minutes. He was in a trance. I gently entered it with my hand and parted my labia. I wanted to let him know that he should go deeper, he had to learn something. His tongue was drilling into me, penetrating every inch of my interior. I could feel my juices flooding inside. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him massaging his dick in his shorts. Ecstasy reached its zenith. I moaned louder and louder until I had to press my lips together. I felt myself coming again. I didn't want to let it happen even though it felt like heaven. I braced my heels against his shoulders and slowly pulled away. The pimply face was wet and the nap under the nose was literally wet.

"Get undressed and sit in my chair."

He did as I said without hesitation. His unconditional obedience was getting more and more exciting. I finally got to see his cock in all its glory. Not very hairy testicles subtracted from his size. I wanted to take a ruler and measure it for fun, but in the end I gave up. He looked about seventeen or eighteen centimeters. He was tough and ready for action. I stood astride over him and grabbed his pimply cheeks.

"I want to know when you're coming."

- All right…

"From now on, you're to end every sentence by saying Professor."

– Of course, ma'am. professor.

He slid slightly from the chair and I pushed the dress to the sides and gradually stuffed myself on him, the awareness that I was his first woman in my life only intensified my sensations. I knew I couldn't ride him too fast because he would finish in a minute, so I did it very slowly. I was getting wet and wet with every movement on his member.

“Ah… ah…

He was very tough. I thought I was sitting on a wooden peg. If he was more durable, we could fuck like this for hours. I took my breast out from under my dress and massaged it to get more aroused. Literally after a dozen movements, he leaned his head back against the back of the chair. I guess that was the moment.

"Professor... already..." he shouted in surprise.

With the grace of a lady, I climbed down from him and stood close to watch the fulfillment closely. The penis flinched again a few times and exploded, white and warm cum. The first two dense shots landed on my dress around my knees. The others just flowed down it, ending in eggs. There was quite a lot of it. It gave him a moment's respite, just a moment. The member fell off and I wanted more and more.

I unzipped my dress and dropped it to the ground. He stared down at my firm size four breasts. I knelt down in front of him, tucked him between them, and started rubbing him. The nectar on his cock was the perfect glide. He opened his mouth wide and made only a few sounds

– Ooooo… ooooo…

He was slowly starting to harden again, but he was far from being inside me yet. There was a belated and stray last drop on his head. I subtly buried my lips on it and licked it thoroughly. I think that's what he wanted most of all. I heard from gossip behind my back that I supposedly have the perfect face to make ice cream. I released him from my tits, put my hand on my thigh and started blowjob. Kris brushed my hair back and forth to watch me do it. The other hand spontaneously went towards my ass. First, I massaged, then I stuck my finger into the anus. I loved anal sex, and today was the perfect opportunity to please myself. His cock was like a rock again, this time in my mouth, where there was no more lipgloss, and there were three fingers in my anus. It was time for real sex. I spat on it a few times before getting up only to lie down again on my desk with my legs spread parallel to the edge of it. In the blink of an eye he found it right in front of me and his cock with it. I grabbed it and gently rubbed it around the anus. I slowly helped load the cannon. He hadn't expected this. I also guessed that his mind didn't understand that a woman could also feel pleasure this way. My hole resisted, but the saliva acted as a natural lubricant and I finally felt his hips against my buttocks.

- Don't take it out

He was hammering. My tight slit slowly stretched providing maximum sensations. It was great, just what I needed. I gripped my desk hard, nearly breaking my fingernails, and let him take it out on me. With every passing minute, he accelerated the slapping of my ass and I lay there and groaned. He was all in me, I could feel his balls on my ass and I wanted it to last as long as possible. He fucked me like in an adult movie. After a few minutes, he slowed down and I lifted my head to see him finish on my body. He took it out in time. He looked at my slender figure with his hand. The first shot reached his forehead and hair. The second, equally thick, hit the area around the right eye and mouth, and the third on the chin and neck. The rest mostly found an outlet on the belly. He stared at me covered in semen and breathed heavily. I felt fulfilled.

Written by rado_shot

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