Written by Jacko

6 Feb 2014

Mrs Sullivan is the mother of my daughter in law we knew of each other but never really bothered.I having finished work early because of ill health just did some odd jobs around the town,then Cath my dau in law asked me would i do some job around her mam's house to which i said yes, things like cutting the grass a bit of gardening and so on.

After being there a few weeks but only having a few words spoke between us i started noticing that she was peeping/peeking i don't know what you want to call it but every time i glanced up she was looking, at first i thought she checking my work but i then realized that it was when my shirt was off that she mostly looked.

Well perhaps i was wrong but it kinda excited me so i thought lets have some fun and find out,the next day all the morning i stayed fully clothed and no sign of her then i took my shirt off and she was in the window,now under my trousers i wore shorts and being a ex rugby player had a fine pair of legs if i say so myself lol,so off came my trousers and by fuck she was in the garden helping me.

Now then under my shorts i wore....nothing and i thought here we go lets give her a flash and see what happens so i knelt on one knee and my little butty was in view and she made no secret that she was looking as she was staring, then she excused herself and went in the house.

Now being the randy fucker i am i gave her a minute and followed her she was in the bed room making heavy breathing noise's, and so right opposite her bed room door was the bathroom and i worked it out that when she come's out of her bed room and if i had the bathroom door open, through the big crack in the door she could see me, and that's exactly what happen she came out i said i won't be long she looked towards bathroom and saw me pulling my by now very hard cock and she just stood there watching.

Then it was her time to surprise me she walked into the bathroom took hold of my cock and started rubbing me and then she was kissing me but like someone possessed now this women's husband died quite a few years back like 10 or more so you could say she was a bit horny,then she was on her knees and she was sucking as if her life depended on it.

Now I'm standing there nude so i stood her up and got her out of her clothes which being summer wasn't much bra panties and summer dress, she's about a size 14/16 but holy fuck the size of her tits were huge firm long and lol huge, nipples to die for i sucked those for ages and then bent her over bath and slide my cock in she was so wet it was running down my cock we fucked for what seemed ages and then i open her arse cheeks and slipped it in, i pumped her arse but within minute's i wanted to cum and i pulled out and she went down and stared sucking me again and i came over those beautiful tits which were big enough for her to lift and lick it all off.What a great summer that turned out to be.