Written by Angela

18 Aug 2011

I'm a 42 yr old married woman, with 3 grown up kids and 2 grandchildren. I've been with my man for 23 yrs, married for 14, and all my time has been taken up looking after the kids and my husband. When we 1st met our sex life was fantastic, but as the kids got older i found i just wasn't in the mood as much. For the past 6 or 7 years we were down to having sex maybe 6 times a year, and then that was him going down on me, making me cum then on top bang and off again. I just laid there and didn't give anything in return, i just wasn't intersted! I didn't realise it but i was neglecting my husbands needs, so it was no surprise when i found out he was having an affair.

A friend of mine had seen him out with another woman, when she told me i was devistated. I confronted him when he got home and he told me everything. It had been going on for about 3 years, but he was not in love with her, it was purely sex for both of them. She was also married and they were just, his words, " Fuck Buddies". He explained to me that everything in our marrage was fantastic except for the sex. Thats why he had looked elsewhere. I asked all about her, us women do that. He told me she was good company and the sex was out of this world, especially when they did the kinky stuff! I asked what he meant by kinky stuff? He said basically she would do anything that he asked her to do and loved all things to do with sex as long as they both got off on it. For example, she loved giving him blow jobs and swallowing his cum, something i had never done, she loved him licking, fingering and fucking her arse, again something i'd never done.

He also told me that she loved going dogging with him and letting other men fuck her, which really turned him on. I'd heard about dogging but again never tried it. We talked for hours, deciding that we were not going to split up, he was going to stop seeing her but our sex life was going to have to improve drasticaly or it would be the end of us. I asked him many questions about the dogging bit, as it kind of turned me on thinking about him sharing her with other men. He told me he would love to take me dogging and see me sucking and fucking other men, it would turn him on so much and he would fuck me good and hard afterwards.

For the next couple of months we carried on as normal, with a much improved sex life. I started dressing up for him, sucking his cock, swallowing his cum and i even let him take my anal cherry, which i;m glad i did as i had the most intense orgasm of my life. We even brought some dildos and vibrators and he has fucked both my arse and pussy at the same time, the orgasms are out of this world! I kept asking about dogging, what was it like? Isn't it a bit scary not knowing who the doggers were? Would it really turn him on to see me fucking other men?

The more i got to know about it, the more turned on i would get, and when he was fucking the arse off me i'd tell him i wanted someone else to fuck me, his cock seemed to get harder and he would cum loads. So i made my mind up to try it! I told him that i was willing to give it a go but if i didn't like it could we just leave and come home? He was overjoyed and said that was all he asked and if i didn't like it we would leave and that would be that, we'd just use it as a fantasy in the bedroom.

He phoned me from work on the Friday and said we were going dogging that night, so i ran myself a nice bubble bath, had a soak, shaved my legs and pussy so both were nice and smooth. I was just getting out of the bath when he got home. He handed me a bag, inside was a new set of sexy underwear. Black basque, stockings and a lacy black thong. He grabbed a quick shower and when he came into the bedroom i was wearing just the sexy undies. I asked what i should wear over the top? He opened my wardrobe, took out my long coat and thigh high boots, "Just these will be fine sexy". He got dressed in record time and we were on our way.

I felt so naughty sitting there in our car, driving down the roads knowing that all i had on under my coat was the sexy underwear. I had no idea where the dogging site was, but of course he did. It took us about half hour to get there. As we pulled into this country park it was still light. There were about a dozen or so cars parked up, some with men in, at least 2 with couples in and some empty. My husband parked the car a few feet away from a car with a couple in it. I asked what should we do now? He told me to relax and just see what happens. We sat talking for a while, as we were talking he kept running his hands up my stockinged legs, past my silky smooth thighs and rubbing my pussy through my panties.

I was getting wetter and wetter but he wouldn't go any further than just a few rubs, then his hand would go back to my legs. It was starting to get dark, my husband opened his door and got out. I asked what was happening, he walked round to my side and opened my door. I got out and stood next to him as he locked the car up. He took hold of my hand and we set off walking, as we past the couple in the other car i could see them watching us and the woman gave me a smile, so i smiled back. We walked around the car park and then across the grass till we came to a picnic table.

My husband pushed me up against it, rapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately. Our tongues were in each others mouths, his hand were all over my body, he undid my coat and pushed it off my shoulders. I moved away from the table to let him take it of me, he laid it on the table then moved us back and started to kiss me again. His hands were squeezing my tits, he pulled the cups of my basque down so my tits were exposed, bent down sucking and biting my hard sensitive nipples, his hand rubbing between my legs. God i was so wet, i'd never felt so horny in all my life.

He lifted me up onto the table, laid me back, spread my legs and pulling my thong to the side he worked his tongue round my hot wet cunt. My eyes were closed as i was so close to coming all over his face, his tongue was working overtime on my clit as he thrust 2 fingers up my wet hole, i couldn't hold it back and came, my juices flooding his mouth and face. When i opened my eyes i saw the couple from the carpark were about 5 foot away from us. His trousers were round his ankles and she was squatted down next to him sucking his cock. I went to get up so i could suck my husbands cock but he told me to stay where i was. He got on the table beside my head, his trousers were off already, his cock was rock hard. I reached out and took hold, pulling him towards my mouth. I licked all round his big shiny cock head then took him in my mouth, sucking him hard and deep.

I was so lost in the moment that i hadn't heard anyone else arrive, then i heard my husband talking to someone. I stopped sucking him and looked up, there were 5 men stood round watching us and the other couple. My husband leant down close to my ear and asked if i was ready to be fucked? I looked straight into his eyes and said yes. He pushed his cock back into my mouth, grabbed my hair and started to fuck my mouth with his hot throbbing cock. I heard him say, "Ok, give my slutty wife what she wants".

As i continued having my husband fuck my mouth i felt what felt like 3 pairs of hands all over my body. Someone was pinching my nipples, someone else was fingering my wet cunt and someone else was kissing and licking my thighs. I'd never felt anything like it, my whole body was shaking with lust and another orgasm washed over me. As i was coming down from my orgasm, my legs were pulled up onto someones shoulders and i felt a hard cock against my cunt. It pushed at my wetness and slid in with ease, in and out, his balls slapping against my arse. He fucked me hard and fast, another orgasm shot through my body, then all too soon he thrust hard and shot his hot sticky spunk deep inside my cunt.

As he pulled out another man took his place and my cunt was again filled with a hot hard cock. As he fucked me i could feel the spunk running out of me, down my arse. My husband had stopped fucking my mouth and was now off the table, he reached down under me and slid a finger up my arsehole. I started to cum again, but this time it didn't stop, i just kept coming and coming. My husband was now fucking my arsehole with 2 fingers as the other man was fucking my cunt hard and fast. He jerked a few more time and added his cum to my fucked cunt.

As he pulled out of me i looked over to the other couple, they were right next to us now. She was bent over with her hands on the bench with a stiff cock deep in her cunt. My husband pulled me off the table and positioned me next to her with my arse in the air. The other womans husband got behind me and thrust his cock deep into my spunky cunt. The guy fucking her was breathing hard and thrusting in and out of her with such speed, he gave a groan and filled her with his cum. My husband then got behind her and slid his cock into her, he fucked her with long deep strokes, reaching round and rubbing her clit. She came on his cock in just a few minutes, at the same time her husband shot his spunk deep inside me.

She said something to my husband but i couldn't hear what they were saying. The next thing i know, she is laying on the grass, my husband moved me and sat me over her face in a 69. She started to lick all the spunk from my cunt, my husband pushed my face toeards her open legs. I could see the spunk running from her cunt, i'd never been with another woman before, never even thought about it, but hey, i was so sexed up i would have done anything right then, so i leant forward and licked all round her spunky hole, tasting the spunk and her juices.

As we were licking each others wet sticky cunts, my husband got down behind me. He pushed his cock into her mouth, then rubbed it all round my sticky lips. He aimed it at my puckered arsehole and pushed it into my arse. She carried on licking my cunt as i did the same to her, my arsehole being stretched by my husbands hard cock. He pounded my arsehole for all he was worth, we were all close to coming then it hit me, a massive orgasm, she also started to cum, my face was soaked in her juices, her face soaked with my juices and my husband couldn't hold back any longer and thrust hard and deep into my arse and filled me with his cum.

Well as you can imagine, i'm now hooked on dogging. We got the other couples phone number and have met them a couple of times since. My husband and i are more in love than ever and the sex just gets better and better. We are now thinking of going to a swinging club with the couple, if anyone knows of any good clubs please let us know. Hope you all enjoyed my story as much as i enjoyed doing it. Sorry its so long but i thought you need to know the whole story of how i went from being a frigid housewife/mother/grandmother to becoming a sex hungry cock slut. x