Written by sexyamy069

25 Jan 2013

I have been with my man Ben for a few years as have known him since i was 18 he is 5 years older than me & likes me to have some fun,he has his own business & i have accompanied him a few times when he has met some of his customers. He said i am a pleasent distraction for them as they are mainly male.

One evening we were invited to one of the customer,s homes for a meal & drinks his name was Simon who was 25, 6-1", blonde, blue eyes, handsome & you could tell he used the gym. We had our meal & some wine while some music played in the background,my hubs got a call on his mobile he had to take & left us to go chat in the car,Simon took my hand pulled me up to dance with him, we swayed to the music as he told me Ben is a very lucky man.

As we danced he kissed my neck & asked me if i had ever done any modelling, i said i had been asked before but have,nt actually modelled yet, Simon said i am moving out of here in 2 weeks time into a new home where i am having a Studio built in the back garden. He said i would love to have you come over & model for me & gave me a card with his new address on he said ring me in about 3 weeks time, he said will you tell Ben?, i said maybe not at this stage.

He pulled me tight to him kissed me on the lips causing me to respond with my tongue & lips, i could feel his hard cock pressing against me & moved a hand down to feel it tracing the shape of it with my finger. Just then the door bell rang & Simon adjusting himself went to let Ben in, we sat back chatted over a coffee & soon it was time for us to leave as it was getting late,Ben shook his hand as he went to the car i gave him a kiss on the cheek & gave his cock a squeeze as i turned to walk to the car.

On the trip home Ben said did you see Simon,s cock , i said pardon!, Ben then told me that when we sat opposite him he had a erection trying to push thru his trousers i think it was because he could see your legs under that Mini dress your wearing. I said no i did,nt notice & i kept pulling it down so he wouldnt see my hold ups, Ben said well i think he noticed you

When Ben got back to work he found Simon was putting thru more work to him & after 2 weeks had passed Ben said well Simon seeing you has certainly increased the work load i laughed it off! Another week went by & i was home early on the Friday , so i gave Simon a call who said hoped you would call Amy are you going to model for me then,i told him i would he asked if i could get a day off, as we arranged the next Friday.

Simon said can you come along early about 9am, i asked what he wanted me to wear, he said i liked that business suit you had on when i 1st met you ,bring some casual clothes ,mini skirts, some lingerie if you have some and we will take it from there. I turned up on time on the Friday, Simon let me into his house, kissed me, he said go hang up anything you want in the bedroom & come into the kitchen, we sat down had a coffee & chatted to relax me.

Then he led me outside to his Studio it smelt of new wood,was lovely & warm, light & a ideal Studio, he had some cameras & lights all set up aimed at a backdrop,he said as you,re here do you want to start. I said ok as he asked me to stand in front of the backdrop, he said love the outfit you look great in that, i had put on the Business Jacket & skirt with a white blouse under and some 4" heels, he flicked a fan on to give my hair some movement as he rattled off some photos telling me to move this way & that, i did as asked .

He got me to take my jacket off & the fan had an effect on my nipples making them stand out hard, seeing this he got me to undo a button one at a time as he took more shots, the blouse was being blown backwards leaving my bra & boobs on display.

He took the blouse from me & asked me to let down my skirt turning around slowly as it slipped down my legs & i stepped out of it, he then saw me in my matching bra ,suspenders, string & stockings still with my heels on.

He let out a whistle, Simon asked me to let my bra fall down my arms & off as his camera clicked away, he slowed the fan down to a gentle breeze, my nipples still hard, he came over lay a sheepskin rug on the floor next to me.He stood up kissed me as his fingers pulled on my nipples,i reached out to run my fingers over his cock to feel it twitch as i touched it thru his trousers.

Simon stepped back smiled and asked me to lay on the rug,he asked me to play with myself, i said could he fetch a black velvet bag from my bag i had bought with me, he came back smiling as he handed me the bag. I lay back rubbing my nipples and squeezing my boobs together as the camera clicked away, one hand strayed down to my g-string & inner thighs, my fingers running over that hot area of my body.

I pressed my fingers against my clit rubbing it & began to push my finger & string into my warm pussy, my fingers pulled my string aside & 1, then 2 & 3 of them began to fuck my wet pussy my mind elsewhere as my other hand played with my boobs. I then felt something put in my hand that had been touching my boobs, i gripped it ran my tongue over it as i kicked my g-string off my legs & placed it against my spread pussy lips.

I pushed it up inside me my mind going crazy clamping my legs together, then spreading them wide as i reached fo the base of the object inside me it hummed to life, i opened my eyes to see Simon knelt naked taking photos of me as my toy did its work inside me. I reached out a hand to rub over Simon,s thighs & begged him to fuck me, i was desperately near to cumming as i felt his hands running over my boobs,stomach & between my legs it was enough to send me over the edge, i cried out his name as i had a cum under his touch.

I lay there quivering,reached out for Simon who pulled the toy from between my legs,he lay between my legs easing his cock into my soaking pussy, he said into my ear what do you want now ! i said you Simon, you have teased me enough with that hard cock of yours now fuck me with it. He said it will be my pleasure as he pushed it all the way inside me my legs clamped around him as his hips bucked above me, we rolled over so i could ride his cock as he sucked on my nipples his hands played with my bum & boobs as we fucked.

He even had me turn around with my bum facing him as his hard cock speared me like a fish, he asked do i need a condom as i can,t hold back for much longer, i said no i am on the pill, he said good as we both soon shuddered to a climax at the same time. We lay on the rug holding each other, Simon kissed his way down to my pussy to lick our juices out, when he had finished he asked me to kneel in the doggy pose he adjusted the camera and came back with a remote switch.

He knelt up behind me biting my bum cheeks before sliding his hard cock into me, the camera was clicking away lights flashing as he fucked me again, he was in a rampant mood as he fucked me driving his cock into me,his fingers holding my boobs,my hips & shoulders pulling me onto his cock.I had cum twice before he finally spurted inside of me pulling out to loop some cum shots over my back as well while the camera clicked still.

We got up to run back to his kitchen still naked ,he sat me on the worktop as we had a coffee, his cum dripping from me onto the top, we kissed ,chatted as he told me to ring him in a couple of weeks to arrange to see the photos. We went off to spend the next couple of hours in his bedroom where i got to spend some time licking,sucking & kissing his cock for him, we fucked again as Simon filled my pussy with his cum once more before i left to go home.

I did go back to see him for a few hours to look at the photos, but thats another story.