Written by bluebear1965

15 Jan 2013

having posted several stories over the years here is possible my Favorite time i had with my then 27 yrs old boss.

Michelle and I had been having our fun with each other for 3 years. we had met when i was a caretaker at a local school she was then 27 and damn hot!! whilst i was fast approaching the ripe old age of 43.

we had been fun like i say for over 3 years she was stuck in a very poor relationship with a very controlling fella whilst i was in a loveless marriage.

Michelle would often call into my offices (which were in the schools cellar) and lock the doors we would have fun with each others bodies and often nearly get caught by the headmaster (who was an arse !) ( if you have read previous stories you would understand

anyway back to my favorite memory.

M had recently split with her long term partner and had asked me to give her a hand moving into her new place, ( we had'nt seen each other since i had left the school but had kept in touch as friends do, my marriage had finally ended (Michelle knew this too)

anyway it took several trips from her old house to move all her stuff across to the new one. when all was done we sat there recounting some of our fun times and what we had got up to and where. M confided that she had a curious side and was wondering how she should go about trying it out. Well not one to stand on ceremony, I fired up my laptop a brought here to this site (SH) as i have been a member for so many years, at first she was a little shocked, but then seemed to warm a little as she browsed the hundreds of adds. i showed her the clubs and suggested we go one night for a look see, see how she feels.

we attended a cpl of clubs never actually playing but Michelle seemed to get the idea and seemed to want to go further (but not in any club) eventually M put her own add on various sites for a bi fem. after several messages and chat with a young lady a date was aranged, (Michelle arranging for me to be there for moral support and as her personal driver!!)

we drove into manchester to met Karyn as arranged, Karyn was just as petite and as pretty as Michelle, Shoulder length dark hair, Deep brown eyes and a great little figure on her as well.

Michelle introduced us both and explained my presence to karyn, which she seemed fine with. so I left them to it whilst i went to the bar out of the way and eave them to sort things out. It must not have been more than an hour and half later that they both came over and asked for a lift back to Michelle's house. Michelle looking very sheepish and very very nervous. I drove them back to Michelle's place and was about to leave them to their own pleasure when both turned to ask if i wouldn't mind staying as they both felt very nervous (as it was their first time with another woman and would feel a bit more comfortable with a man around) I made a faint attempt to say no (but who was i kidding?? which man could resist the company of 2 stunning women enjoying their bi side??)

Michelle put the music on whilst i served up the drinks. Karyn seemed to make the first move and was kissing Michelle deeply whilst running her hands on the outside or Michelle's dress. witin a flash she had it undone and on the floor in a pool at her round Michelle's feet and was slowly working on Michelles breasts. Michelle responded by taking Karyns top of to reveal her large naked and very ample breasts. Michelle kept looking over at me every so often and i would just smile whilst trying to hide the obvious bulge in my jeans!!

Karyn moved down to remove Michelles Thong to reveal her neatly trimmed landing strip and started to lick on her clit. I headed off to the kitchen to fix myself another drink (and to re-arrange my cock in my jeans as it was getting uncomfortable to sit like that for much long) when i returned both Michelle and Karyn were naked and in a 69 licking and sucking each others pussy and finger fucking each other. I just sat back down in the arm chair vodka in one hand and desperately trying to relieve the tension in my cock !!

After a few mins they decided to take things up to Michelles bedroom and left me alone, so i thought i would whip my cock out and have a good old wank at what i had just seen in front of me! It was only a cpl of mins after they had dissapered up stairs that michelle came back down and asked if i wanted to carry on watching them, when she notice my cock in hand and giggled a little remembering the fun we used have and saying later when Karyns gone we could carry on. so off we went upstairs to Michelles room where Karyn was laying on the bed with one of Michelles toys stuffed so far up her pussy i thought it would come out of her mouth the next time she pushed on it. Michelle got back on the bed With Karyn and started licking her clit again whilst karyn continued to use her toy.

At this point i could resist no longer and knely down behind Michelle and started to lick her pussy from behind. Karyn pushed Michelle away and span around on the bed she they coild 69 again! i removed my jeans and placed my cock at the entrance of Michelles pussy, Karyn then grabbed it and guided me in to Michelle the feeling was amazing as i pumped into Michelle Karyn started to lick Michelles pussy and i could feel her hot breath on my cock. I wasnt going to last long at this rate so i withdrew for a while and allow the girls to continue with themselves. they used all of michelles toys where ever they could get them to fit. Michelle sat up across Karyn face and lowered her pussy to Karyns mouth to allow her to carry on sucking and licking her pussy she lent forward and grabbed cock pulling me into her mouth, Karyn reached up and started caressing my balls at the same time. Karyn slid out from Under Michelle and joined her at her side both of them now trying to suck on my cock at the same time. I did not last long ( or so it felt) before i started shooting streams of hot cum over their faces, they both turned to each other and started licking each others face clean. I moved on to the bed and pulled Karyn in towards me so i could taste her pussy she fell forward and started to work on my limp cock michelle joined in and they both worked it back to life. michelle got on top of my and lowered herself down onto my cock whilst Karyns pussy was still glued to my face after about 10 mins or so they swapped positions this time with Michelle sat on my face and for the first time my cock was in Karyns pussy!!

we contniued for what felt like hours swapping positions, both girls having fun with each other and me, at one point karyn was fucking Michelle with the biggest dildo i have ever seen, when Michelle asks' me to fuck her bum at the same time (Michelle loves anal) now whilst i am not a big fella in the trouser dept we have often had anal sex (michelle and i) and it was very nice, but when i pushed my cock into her little bum i could feel the dildo at the same time (what an amazing feeling) i pumped for all i was worth and emptied deep inside Michelles' bum.

I left Karyn and Michelle to it whilst i went to get a drink and jump in the shower at it getting very early (or late) depending on how you look at it.

having had my shower i went and stuck the kettle on as the sun was coming up and the girls were still going at it! having had a brew i made my way back upstairs to see what was still going on.when i went into the bedroom my eyes popped out of my head they both had dildos in both thier pussies and bum's and were fucking each other with them. i could do nothing except stand there rubbing my cock enjoying the site of these 2 enjoying each others bodies.

once again i was asked to join them on the bed kissing and licking their bodies, Michelle wanted once last fuck before Karyn left so i duly obliged taking Michelle doggy style, whilst rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples. karyn came in behind me and started licking and stoking my balls whilst rubbing her fingers over my bum hole. she then moved round and started rimming me (which till that point had never happened to me)whilst i was fucking Michelle, Karyn pushed a cpl of fingers into my bum!at first quiet weird but a nice feeling. eventually she removed her fingers and thrust one of Michelles average sized dildos straight up, just as i was coming inside Michelle, not sure how or what happened but i have never come so hard or so much in my entire life!!! I almost knocked Michelle out of bed when it happened!!

That is the first and only time i Have had anything other than a finger or tongue near or even up my bum.!!!!!

we all feel asleep soon after, Karyn left around Midday and i said my thank yous yo Michelle around 5pm. we still met up regularly, even though karyn and michelle meet up more often, we are still very close good friends. Michelle and I continue to meet up and on occasional visits Karyn comes as-well