Written by marketingcock

19 Oct 2014

I recently took on a young 19yr apprentice for my marketing company . She was enrolled to help with reception and acting PA for me. After interviewing many I chose the best looking and with the best all round body. Sue (not her real name) is 5 ft 7, size 10, with a lovely 32D breasts and long slim legs. With the recent warm weather she always wore real sexy outfits, sometimes with short skirt and a revealing top.

Initially I spent many hours with her showing her the IT system , iMac functionality and how to prepare reports and do presentations. She was a good student, and was somewhat a flirt. I'm 42, married and the director of my company. Many times we were very close often touching and she caught me staring at her legs and down her blouse. I used to think of her while fucking my wife doggy style.

On Mondays Sue would tell me her weekend antics, drinking , pulling boys and her recent sexual activity. I knew she realised i was getting turned on and it would turn me hard , as it was clearly showing in my tight jeans and trousers.

I had do attend a conference in London and asked her to join me , meaning a stay over. I booked a hotel near Tower Bridge. She jumped at the opportunity for a trip in London . She had to do several powerpoint presentations. It was forecasted a hot two days , cheekily I asked her to pack some sexy clothes to impress potential clients. I was really looking forward spending time with her.

On the day she did wear a very short skirt, white blouse with her bra and breasts very easily exposed. During the day , I saw her flirt with mnay clients, mostly mid aged males. With not surprise we had several orders. That evening , we ate at a posh meal near the Thames. I ordered a bottle of wine and her on my arm we soon consumed the bottle and were on cocktails. She could drink and with alochol in her became very flirty and touchy . Her conversation turmd to sex and she told me she's wearing a tong, always gets a fuck when out and enjoys her toys. Confidentially she whispered "bet your really hard now" and very cleverly storked my cock. Which correctly was rock hard.

She contunued er sex talk , always had elder men, and only fucks younger ones when no other choice. I took her for a dance and we became very touchy. My hands were on her waist , fellig her firm bum. She in return had her hands around me occasioanly came realluy close to feel my cock. A few cocktails later, she confessed "she was horny and wanted a cock".

We grabbed a taxi and in the back had our first snog, long and deep. As soon as we entered my room, I ripped her clothes off , exposing one young sexy turned on girl. She had a black tong and tight bra on . Her hands stripped my jeams off and pulled out my throbbing cock. She knelt down and started sucking it . Her tongue was all over it and clearly a complete expert in sucking.

We climbed on the bed and I turned her around and pished her legs apart. "lick me" she said, my tongue kissed her thights , leading to her wet clean shaved pussy . It was soaking and i began kissing and licking her clit. I pushe dmy index finger in her and she moaned . My licking became faster . 'Harder" I heard her moan, so pushed my 2nd finger in her and tongue fucked her too.

She wanted to be fucked, so been 'safe', I pushed her legs over my shoulder and enterd her deep , while she tasted her juice on my tongue while we snogged . She felt so good , and I was deep inside her. I increased my speed . My thrusts became faster and faster, fucking her deeper and deeper. Her moaning became louder and louder. My hands were squeezing her erect nipples and firm breasts.

After fucking her for minutes , i was about to cum but just before I felt her tense up and with loud screams she came all over cock. i carried on fucking for a few seconds until my hot spunk shot into her pussy. She snogged me continusouly for minutes after. I was stroking her whole body all the time.

I opened the mini bar for a drink and relaxation. it wasnt look before she had me hard again and this time she rode to climax. We hardly slept that night and i fucked her 2 more times.

(do u want more details about our next fuck?)