Written by Bob

3 Feb 2011

This all started about a year ago, we are a every day respectable married couple, I am Bob fifty nine and Sue my wife is forty two, there is a age gap between us but thats never been a problem up to a few years ago,and I did start to slow down in lots of ways, I didn't want to be going out dancing and being in crowded places didn't seem my thing so much now, I like to to put my feet up watch the telly with a can of beer may be, I am now semi retired

I play some golf and do a bit of fishing, I have lost my drive in bed, I am not like I was after becoming diabetic

Sue has a part time job, which I think she should give up, but she don't want to, saying it gets her out of the house and gives her an interest out side as well,her sex drive has stayed quite high, where mine seems to have dropped off some what

By all accounts this has been a bit of problem with Sue,and a few times she have complained She gets frustrated at my loss of erection in the moment of passion, she said my mine is willing but my body cart do it, I am embarrassed about it when it happens, it was on one of them occasions, I said you need to get another man, it was in a joking way, but by her expression she did take it in, but her answer was don't be stupid,the same thing happened a week later, I lost it when I was in her, I got off and nothing was said, we went to sleep,but she was not happy I could see that next day

It was a day or two later, we gave it a try,and I did get it up but couldn't cum,as we lay there afterwards she piped up may be you are right,I need to find a boyfriend,and this time she made it into a joke, and didn't really want to talk about it

A couple of weeks after that we where out for a meal, Sue has a few drinks that night, and in the conversation she dropped in so you wouldn't mind if I picked some one up, I didn't quite know what to say,all I did say was we have to talk about that,she wanted to go on to a bar, it was crowed but we got a table,and dam me after half an hour the subject came up once more,she was a bit tipsy, the way she put it was a shock, which one would you like me to go after,(there was lots of men in there)I didn't know what to say

She pushed it more,thats what you want me to do,I had to say no, to that she said it you all over a let down

After that she picked up her glass and went to the bar,she sat her self down on a stool

It was not long before a guy came over and it look as if he asked her if she wanted a drink, but he look half pissed,she did have the drink, they talked then he left, then almost straight away another one come over to her and tried his hand,he was sober, they talked and I got a few glances my way from Sue, looking for a reaction, like a fool I smiled back,I still thought it was a game a joke she was playing,they been chatting for half an hour by then, he had made her laugh quite a few times, they seemed to be getting on,it must of been fifteen minuets later, they both looked my way and Sue was saying some thing to him, they then looked back and seemed to whisper to each other then laugh, so it must of been about me what ever it was, because he look back at me,a few minuets later the guy left,Sue then came over to me as she got thaw the crowed to the table, I looked she had two glasses one in each hand

As she sat down, I said you on beer now, she looked at me and said no its Alan's he be back in a minuet,Hope you like him, I was stuffed for words, before I could say any more a tall good looking much younger man was at the table, he had dark completion, I hadn't noticed with the light at the bar,he held out his hand as Sue introduced him to me, it was a wired feeling shacking his hand,he pulled a chair over and sat with Sue,I started to feel very awkward, some how a conversation started, it seems he was working in the area for a few weeks, he did seem quite pleasant, the thing was I not had much to drink as I had the car with me, I went and got both them a drink, when I got back I could see Alan had his hand on Sue's thigh, I am sure he knew I could see but he never moved it or try to hide it

That was last orders and we have to go soon, and I said we have go,it was then I got a bomb shell, Sue looked at me with a smile and said you go get the car and we be out side when you get back,so off I go like a little boy, I remember thinking she say her goodbyes and we go home she has proved her pint,as I stopped they stood there hand in hand waiting

obviously he want a lift to where he is staying,but then the back door open and they both get in together, I look round waiting to be told where to go, Sue looks at me and saying we cant stop her you get a ticket, so I pull off and saying where to,she says home, what our house I said, she says where else, and no more is said to me, its a twenty minuet drive home,and I was not expecting to have another man in the back of my car with my wife

The next thing there was movement in the back I looked in the mirror they where kissing

then its like some little panting sounds, I was nearly home by then,and pulled into our drive,there was some adjusting of cloths and we got out, I opened the front door, and they worked in past me,I was very confused and jealous, Sue had taken it far a nuff now

They when in the lounge, I stopped at the door, and waved for my wife to come out, instead she looked at me and said what now, so I said can I have a word please,to which she said we got a guest,in the end she came to the kitchen with me, I asked what the hell is going on, calmly she looked at me saying I doing what you want me to do, so if you don't like it, go to bed or go back out its up to you, but don't get in the way, if you are stopping get us a drink and she worked out

I was trying to get my head round this, what had I done, I am sure she not do any thing

It must of been a few minuets thinking and then getting the drinks by the time I got back to lounge, they where on sofa in a very passionate embrace, Alan's hands going all over Sue, her skirt was hunched up showing loads of thigh, I coughed as I came in they didn't stop, I was ignored, as he grouped her in front of me,by the time they parted Sue had one breast hanging out in full view the nipple as stiff as a bullet, I had not seen it like that in years, not as hard as that, a sure sigh she is turned on, she is like a completely differentiated woman, to the one that had gone out with for a meal

Now I had there attention, I said here are your drinks, Sue said are you okay you look white, it was shock, how far was she going lit this go, in an annoyed vice she said if you don't like this, I told you jest leave, amazingly I sat down, and as if I was not there they carried on, my emotions where going wiled,my hart was pounding I was anxious embarrassed and excited all at the same time and the weirdest thing I was aroused

I watch them on the sofa a few feet away from, my faithful and loving wife was about to be unfaithful right in front of me, and worse still blame me, her behavior was a real bombshell to me,as they got to grips with each other, Alan looked at me and said you enjoying this mate,I am, this a horny woman you have here,Sus top and bra was off she was topless blazingly letting her tits swing he was massaging and squeezing then, if any thing the nipples where longer and stiffer, he had her skirt round her waist, a hand on the crotch of her knickers, his shirt was gone,Sue had hold a what looked like a huge bulge in his trousers, witch she was holding lay over his thigh,I was hopping he was not like a sort of donkey in his pants, but I was afraid I was wrong, she had his zip down and the waist band was coming undone, with a tug and some help from him his trousers came down, he was in his boxes, my wifes hand went in them and that pushed then down a little

that let a big fat cock head come up it lay almost up to his bellybutton and he only got a semi on, I was over come by this I looked away and I will have to tell more later