Written by Michelle

9 Mar 2011

I spent a month thinking about what Sandra had said, struggling with my conscience, wondering if she was correct in what she'd told me, if in fact Jim had a point, in his assertions that I was boring and puritanical about sex. It took a lot of soul searching in that month before I decided to go ahead and see where things led, to agree, with some trepidation, to do exactly as she told me. Someone suggested that poor old Jim was hard dome by, and I suppose they had a point, but until I spoke to Sandra it never occurred to me that Jim was so dissatisfied and why, or that I should have been more slutty in bed. Sandra is very persuasive, dominant even, and has the knack for making almost any sex act sound perfectly normal. Anyway I hope that's made things a little clearer for those who wondered.

To continue from where I left off last time. We sat in the lounge, Sandra and Alan fully clothed, me feeling a right slut, dressed in G string, stockings and suspenders, a bra that left my tits exposed waiting for two guys to arrive. I asked about them and all they'd tell me was I was going to be “blacked” I was unfamiliar with the term and asked what she meant. “You'll find out soon enough, but I'm certain you'll enjoy it” was all she would tell me. I sat nervously waiting, while Sandra and Alan chattered, telling me about all the men who had fucked her over the years. I'd had no idea they were into swapping, and bringing men home to fuck her. I kept thinking to myself, “You can do this, you can do this. Do this for yourself. Ignore how you were. That's the past."I told myself, "Sandra persuaded you to behave like a slut with Alan, now start acting like one” I'd knocked back two or three strong drinks and was feeling mellow when the door bell rang. I sat waiting for them to answer it, neither moved until Sandra stood and said “Don't just sit there go and let them in” My resolve to be a Slut faltered. “I can't go to the door dressed li...” She cut me off before I could finish. “DO IT” she ordered.

I opened the door, just a crack, standing behind it peering around. Two men, both large, both young, in their twenties and both black. I now knew the meaning of blacked, not that I had long to think about it as one of them pushed the door fully open and they came in to the hall. They were staring at my tits, one of them reached and squeezed a nipple, the other walked behind me, taking my naked buttocks in his hands, stroking them, telling his friend what a nice arse I had, "Ripe for fucking" I got the door closed and they followed me in to the lounge. The lights had been dimmed, except for a single spot light which was shining on the chair I'd been sitting on. Sandra came over and kissed them both, “Darren, Chris. This is Michelle. I told you she has some sex problems which you can help her over come. She's keen but inexperienced and so far has done what she's told” She turned looking at me, “I think you'll agree she's lovely. Nice firm little tits” she gave one a squeeze, bending and sucking the nipple. I gasped, closing my eyes, hardly believing this was happening to me, that I was behaving like this. All I had to do was say “Stop”, get dressed and leave, she'd said I could. I didn't, I didn't want to, I didn't feel embarrassed but aroused, my pussy felt wet, I wanted to carry on. She continued sucking my nipple, gently tugging it between her teeth, her other hand moved down over my belly to the top of the string. She stopped sucking, pulled the string to one side and told me to part my legs, “She's got a lovely tight cunt as Alan has discovered already” she told them pushing her fingers inside my hole. She crouched down, pulling the string off, I was standing, naked from the waist down, as she exposed my pussy to two men I'd only met five minutes previously. I felt my juices flow, sure I could feel it trickling down my legs. I wasn't mistaken, “Look how wet her cunt is. Nice and juicy. Ready for a BIG, FAT, HARD, BLACK, COCK OR TWO” She said emphasising each word before pressing her tongue to my cunt and licking along my slit to my clitoris. ”Mmmm, she tastes divine. But first lets have a drink while Michelle entertains us”

She led me over to the chair, illuminated by the spot light, told me to sit and put my legs over the chair arms. I sat, my legs spread wide, cunt gaping open, only able to make out the shapes of them watching. Sandra reached down beside the chair, I heard the buzzing before I saw the vibrator. She handed it to me, “Give us a dirty show. Masturbate with this, fuck your pussy. You'll be glad you did when you see their cocks” It looked massive, I couldn't close my hand around it, ten or twelve inches long, black and shaped just like a penis. I felt such a slut as I touched the tip to my pussy, pressing it against my slit, shuddering as the vibrations sent delicious tingles through my clitoris. I lay there just rubbing it firmly against my clit, feeling my pussy getting even wetter, then holding it with both hands I pushed the bulbous head in to my hole, relieved I was so wet, relieved that my cunt was stretching so easily to accommodate it. I pushed more and more inside me, feeling the moulded veins rippling inside my cunt as I began to fuck myself with it. The centre of my world seemed to have become my cunt and the phallic object filling it. I'd practically forgotten I was masturbating, performing sex acts on myself watched by my best friend, her husband and two men I had only just met. I felt hot and flushed, an orgasm getting close as I fucked my hole. Sandra appeared in front of me naked. She bent over and kissed me on the mouth, my lips parted and I felt her tongue worming its way in, I responded kissing her back. Her mouth moved from my lips, next to my ear “You lucky Slut, if you think your pussy's stretched now just wait until Darren and Chris have fucked you” She kissed my neck, shoulders down to my tits, kissing them, taking a nipple between her teeth, gently tugging and sucking on it, teasing my other nipple between finger and thumb. I was getting close, I pushed the plastic prick in and out of my cunt faster, pushing it in as deep as I could. Sandra rested her hand on my smooth mound, fingers frigging my clit, “Go on fuck your cunt harder. Cum for me” I started gasping, nearly there. Alan knelt on the chair arm, now also naked, his hard cock touched my face, I turned my head, opening my mouth and he pushed his prick between my lips. I started to suck him, taking what I could in my mouth, wanting to taste his spunk, to swallow it like some cheap slut. I couldn't suck and masturbate, I had hold of his prick wanking it into my mouth as I sucked. Sandra moved, taking control of the vibrator, fucking me with it as I lifted my bum to meet it. I started to cum, still wanking Alan's cock, I felt it start to twitch in my mouth, tasted his spunk flooding my mouth, sucking harder and swallowing. I lay back gasping for breath, as Sandra slowly withdrew the still buzzing vibe.

I stretched, luxuriating in the the feelings of satisfaction, I'd almost forgotten about Darren and Chris, I'd become so engrossed in my own pleasure. The room lights were turned back up, Darren and Chris had undressed and I feasted my eyes on there dark, naked muscular young bodies. Broad shoulders, slim waists, completely hairless, their skin shiny almost as if they'd been oiled, they looked absolutely gorgeous. They were both stroking their cocks, big and hard and shiny. Sandra had been exaggerating when she said their pricks were as large as the vibrator, but not by much. They were both around eight inches, very thick and I wanted them in my pussy. It can only have been seconds before Sandra said “They're all yours, both of them are going to fuck you. Go get'um girl” They were seated next to each other, I got down and crawled across the floor on my hands and knees until I was at Darren's feet. I started at his ankles, licking and kissing up his legs, he parted his legs as I moved along his thigh, edging closer and closer to his cock. Sandra was next to me, whispering encouragement, her hand between my legs fingering my pussy. She undid my bra, I slipped it of, releasing my tits. “Suck his balls and wank Chris's prick” she advised. I did as told, kissing his balls, sucking them in my mouth, my hand wrapped around Chris's cock slowly stroking him. I licked up the underside of Darrens cock, taking hold of it, running my tongue around his dark, almost purple helmet, getting a first taste of his pre cum as I licked the tip. I didn't need Sandra to tell me what do do next. I opened my mouth and took his cock between my lips and began to suck his prick. I moved my head up and down taking as much in my mouth as I could. Chris's cock felt hot and hard in my hand, I lifted my head from Darrens prick and moved over, taking Chris's cock in my mouth, giving him a nice hard suck for a minute before switching back to Darrens. “Good girl, you're learning. Suck those cocks” Sandra whispered, removing her fingers from my pussy, offering them to Chris to taste my juices. I felt her move away and from the corner of my eye, saw here lowering herself onto Alans cock taking it in her pussy and start to fuck.

I wanted to have a cock inside me too, Darren had the same idea, lifting my head from his prick he pulled me to my feet and turned me around. He wriggled down so his bum was on the edge of the chair and held the base of his prick. I used my fingers, to part my pussy and moved until my cunt was above his cock and sank down until his knob end started to enter my hole. I moved up and down on his rampant cock, each time sinking a bit lower, taking his cock deeper inside my slippery pussy. I looked down between my legs, admiring the contrast between my pale skin and the thick black cock, penetrating my tight white cunt. He thrust into me I could feel my cunt hole, beautifully filled by his long fat cock. He pulled me back so I was laid on top of him, pumping his cock in and out of my hole, ramming me hard. He put his hands on my tits, massaging them, squeezing and pulling the erect little nipples. I reached down, placed my hand on my belly and pressed down, I could feel his fat prick moving under my hand as he fucked me. I moved my hand lower, touching my clitoris and stroked it, moving my fingers in a circular movement. I could feel his knob, scrapping my nails along it, as his cock moved in and out of my hole, my clitty, hard and excited under my fingers. I felt a mouth on a nipple, Chris sucking my tits, I reached out and found his stiff cock and wanked him slowly. It was heavenly, I could feel an orgasm was near, I frigged my clit faster, I couldn't help myself and called out “Oh god, I'm cumming. Please fuck me harder make me cum. Fuck my cunt” I'd never spoken like that before and it made me more aroused, feel like a sex slut. “Go on give it me hard. Fuck me. Fuck me. Cum in my cunt” Then my orgasm hit me, passing through my body, spreading out in waves from my cock filled cunt. I lay, shuddering on top of him, his cock motionless in my pussy, my cunt muscles seemed to be rippling along the length of his prick, then as I came back down he started to fuck me again.

I'd heard Sandra and Alan cumming, and had laid back, my stockinged feet on Darrens thighs, my legs spread wide, eyes closed, aware that they could see his cock in my cunt,enjoying being “blacked”, wishing I'd done things like this before. Chris got up from the chair, but I didn't really take any notice until I felt his hard cock, touch my pussy. My eyes flew open in surprise, he was standing between our legs, Sandra, next to him holding his prick, rubbing it against my hole. “What're you doing?” I gasped. “Getting you DP'd. I told you they were both going to fuck you. Just lay back and enjoy” she smiled at me encouragingly. “They'll never fit. They're to big to both go in my cunt together” I wailed. “Don't worry. They'll go in I promise you. Your cunt will easily stretch and take them. When you've done it once, I guarantee you'll want it again” I trusted her, was certain she wouldn't do anything that would hurt or harm me. She told me to relax and shut my eyes. I shut them briefly, feeling Darren withdrawing most of his cock from my pussy. I wanted to watch, see their cocks stretching my hole and penetrating my cunt together. I'd heard of women being double penetrated and wondered if it was possible now I was about to discover for myself. I looked at Sandra, down between her legs I could see how wet her pussy was, Alans spunk dripping out, creamy spunk around her hole. She reached down, collected spunk and her own juices on her fingers and transferred them to Chris's prick, spreading the mixture, using it to lubricate him before they both tried to fuck me.

I propped myself up on my elbows, looking between my legs as she wanked Chris's prick, pulling him closer. His cock was laid on tops of Darrens, I watched as Sandra pushed two fingers into my cunt, using them to spread my hole, pulling my hole open. She looked at me “Are you ready to take him” I nodded, feeling the end of his knob entering me. I bit my lip, concentrating on taking both their pricks. He slowly increased pressure, pushing harder, sliding more inside me. Sandra pulled her fingers out and I could see my cunt, tightly stretched around two big black cocks, marvelling that I'd taken them both. Darren pushed his prick in deeper until they'd both got about half their lengths in me. Oh my god, why had I been such a prude with Jim, why hadn't I done things like this before. I felt a flood of juices, welcome extra lubrication as together they slide their cocks up me. In out, in out, in out they moved in unison as they fucked me. They'd obviously done this many times before, were well practised in the art of DPing a woman. Six or seven thrusts and I came, almost sobbing from the incredible pleasure they were giving me, trying to move with them, meet their thrusting cocks as they rammed me. I laid back, taking their throbbing cocks as they fucked me harder, seeming to penetrate me deeper. I didn't want them to stop, I'd never felt anything like it, mini orgasms kept coming one after the other. Chris started moving in me faster, fucking me deep and hard, then I felt him cum inside me, three or four hard spurts before he with drew and Darren took over, doing the same. Fast, deep and hard, fucking me to another climax before he shot his spunk deep inside, splattering my cervix with his seed.

I lifted myself off him, a large splash of sperm ran out before I could put my hand over my pussy to stop it. I virtually collapsed, like a rag doll, on the sofa next to him, laid with my legs spread, covering my cunt with my fingers, trying to stop the spunk pouring out over the seat. I was panting as if I'd just run a four minute mile, getting my breath, slowly recovering, not moving when Sandra removed my hand from my pussy and cleaned the spunk from my cunt with her tongue. I just lay enjoying the feel of the smooth skin of another woman, the expert tongue as she played with my clit, until she slowly and gently teased me, ten, fifteen minutes, I don't know. Time stopped mattering as she slowly licked and sucked me to climax, sucking the juices from my hole until she'd taken the lot. I lay dozing, maybe fell asleep, until I felt myself being picked up and carried by Chris, following Darren upstairs to a bedroom, laying me on a king size bed. The rest of the night is a blur, they took it in turns to fuck me. Fuck then sleep for a while, then woken again as one or the other, slid his cock in me and fucked me again. Talk about stamina, but eventually even they tired and slept.

It was well into the afternoon before I woke, Darren one side, Chris the other. I pulled the duvet off them and sat up looking at their cocks. They looked so inviting so I lent over, sucking them both until I’d got them both fully erect. They had their fingers in my pussy getting me nice and wet and when I thought I was well lubricated asked them to DP me again. It was just as good as I remembered, Sandra was right. I would want to do it again and again. Eventually I got up, showered and dressed then sat with Sandra, talking about the things I'd done. She was driving me home when she asked if I wanted to go further. Did I want to go with her to a resort on the south coast, the weekend after next, and pick up men to fuck, see how many we could have over two nights, “A cougar outing” as she described it.

I told her I'd think about it and let her know. I've been thinking about it now for three days. Old me is trying to reassert its self and says “No. Don't go, you'll only regret it” New me keeps saying “Go girl go. Look what you've been missing. You're free, liberated from all restraint. Go and fuck whoever you please. Now's your chance to make up for lost time” I just can't make up my mind.

What do you all think? Perhaps I should let you decide, have a vote on it. If most say Yes, I go with Sandra and get fucked. If most say No, I'll stay at home, maybe try and patch things up with Jim, use some of my new skills to persuade him to come back. What do you reckon?