Written by Dawn

9 Jul 2012

It had been a long day,I had been at work since five before leaving to go to stay in a nice hotel for a few days before my best friends wedding, that night after checking in, I was having a nice relaxing drink in the bar when Jon, my friends nineteen year old son, came into the bar, seeing me he joined me, we sat chatting and as the evening wore on the conversation became more risque, Jon told me that although I am old enough to be his mother he really fancied me, I had always looked after myself and still had a nice figure, but I was still surprised that this young man fancied me, at the end of the evening I left him to go to my room.

I had been in bed about half hour when there was a knock on my door, as I sleep naked I slipped on my coat and opened the door to Jon, he told me that he had intended to stay at the hotel but the hotel was full, so to cut a long story short, I invited him to sleep in the chair in my room, I had to be very carefull as I removed my coat and slipped into bed, Jon must have been watching me and was very complimentary about what he claimed to have seen of my body, undressing he slipped a blanket around him but not before I saw his erect young cock, as I dozed I heard himget up and walk accross the room, opening my eye I found him standing at the side of the bed saying that he was cold and could he get into bed with me,saying no, that it was inapropriate as we were both naked, he talked me into submission and I eventually let him into my bed.

As I dozed again I felt his hands wander over my breasts then as he gained more confidence fondled them, tweeking my nipples, I now wanted more, and as his hand went to my thighs my legs parted giving access to my throbbing ,wet pussy, his fingers expertly worked on my clit, making me climax for the first time for ages, he wasted no time in rolling ontop of me pushing his rock hard young cock into me, fucking me hard before I felt him jerk, filling me with what felt like gallons of his hot cum, what pleasure for a more mature woman,Jon never did get a room but spent every night with me.

After I arrived home Jon would visit me and unsurprisingly we would usually end up in bed together, it was great to have a young man showing so much interest in me.

One day while having coffee whith Cheryl, Jons mother, she let it slip that she knew about my affair with her son, but luckily was quite relaxed about it saying that her new husbands best friend had been asking about me and could she arrange a date for me with him, I agread and a few weeks later, I met James, a distinguished looking nearly sixty year old, after a couple of dates, going to nice restaurants, with him behaving like the perfect gentleman, he came in for coffee, sitting at the side of me, we kissed, his hands wandered over my breasts with their now tender and erect nipples, I soon found myself topless as he sucked hard on my nipples, pulling up my skirt and quickly pulling my panties down, he bent me over the chair arm, entering me from the rear he fucked me while fingering my bum hole, I had never had this done before and it felt wonderfull, he soon had me squeeling with pleasure as I had multiple orgasms before I felt him explode inside me.

I have been seeing both Jon and James regularly and now I'm getting the best of both young and old, this is without doubt the best time of my life, I'm being taught more thrills by the older and more experienced James and passing them on to young Jon