Written by Becky

5 Jan 2012

Having told recently, 14th and 30th Dec about my affair with Craig, my best friend's son, ans finding my husband Tom with his mother Lucy I was surprised to find that they had been having sex for some considerable time, I could hardly complain considering my liason with Craig. I had been aware for some time that Lucy was having problems at home, she eventually moved out, temporarily coming to live with us, this of course made it easier for Tom and her to get it together.

My life began to change, Tom and Lucy would spend many nights together, I would often lie in bed listening to them having what sounded like wild sex and wishing that it was me, Craig meanwhile had found himself a girlfriend and so was having sex with her and with me less and less often.

We had arranged a holiday in Corfu previous to Lucy moving in with us but the week before we were to go Toms holiday was cancelled due to a crisis at work, It was decided that Lucy should accompany me rather than us cancel the holiday and lose the money we had paid. It was a great hotel with our room overlooking the end of the airport runway, Tom would have loved that, Lucy and I had a great few days together, after a few days Toms problems at work were resolved so he managed to get a cheap flight and joined us.

The first night was a bit difficult we didn't know how things would pan out with Tom sleeping in the same room as his wife and his lover, Tom slept in the middle of the bed between us, I awoke during the night to find my breasts being fondled, his hand then went between my legs pushing them apart and inserting his fingers into my now wet pussy, he soon had his cock inside me, fucking me hard, finishing off by cumming into me, looking at Lucy I found her awake and watching us, he kissed both of us before going to sleep, meanwhile I found that I couldn't drop off and lay awake for the rest of the night.

The next morning I went for a walk in the early morning sun, best time of the day I think, on my return to our room I found Lucy on all fours with Tom fuckung her arse, I was fascinated to watch them he had never wanted to do this with me, they were both very noisy, I stood rooted to the spot watching as Tom reached his climax shooting his cum into her open bum hole, he pulled out and I could see some of his cum starting to trickle down her thigh, I was so turned on by the sight that I had been watching I slipped my panties off, firstly using my fingers and then my trusty vibrator brought myself to a massive orgasm, with this time of course my husband and my friend watching me. Later that day I asked Lucy about her having anal sex, she said that she now enjoyed it although it had been difficult and a bit sore the first time and thought that I should try it, she also said that it would turn her on to watch me.

A couple of days later we had all returned from the beach, we had all showered and were lying on the bed naked, it was Lucy who started wanking Tom till he was fully hard and after he fingered her to orgasm suggested that he fucked my little virgin arse, as she described it, Tom was surprised asking me , if I would like it, when I agread that I would like to try it after watching him and Lucy doing it, he lay me on my side pushing his erection firstly into my pussy, fucking me for a short while then pulling out and entering my bum hole, it did hurt a little as he pushed his cock into me, but soon I had forgotten the pain as he slowly fucked me building up the speed till I felt him shoot his hot cum deeply into me, it was a much different feeling from having it in my pussy but never the less most enjoyable.

Since then both Lucy and myself have remained very good friends and often have allowed him to have his erection in any of our holes and certainly I now enjoy it, as I'm sure Lucy does also. I have recently started another liason with one of Craig's friends, with of course my husbands permission, Lucy is now having an affair with another of Craig's friends. Tom is having the best of both worlds as he is still having me, his wife, and also sometimes shagging Lucy