Written by Becky

14 Dec 2011

Craig my friends son was living with us for a few months as he had found a job working at a local company nearby, his family living in a town about thirty miles away, a bit too far for a young man to travel every day, we were happy to have him in our home he was good company for my two teenage children.

On the day in question I went into his room to collect his dirty washing, I expected him to still be at work but instead I was surprised to find him lying naked on his bed reading a sex magazine and wanking his young, hard cock, I don't know who was the most surprised him or me, I tried to put his mind at rest by telling him that he didn't have anything that I had not seen before and that it was a shame that he was having to resort to reading magazines to relieve himself, asking him if he would like me to take him in hand, as his eyes lit up he nodded, I sat on the bed, my hand went to his now flacid cock and wanked it back to its full hardness, as I did so his hand came accross my body squeezing my boobs, asking him if he would like to see them I stood up peeled off my top and removed my bra allowing my 38dd boobs to spill out, I lay back on the bed at the side of him with him now squeezing my bare boobs and pulling hard on my now erect nipples it didn't take long before he suddenly climaxed cumming all over my hand.

A few days later I was alone in the house having a shower when Craig entered the bathroom, having just returned from work and wanting a shower, I left the bathroom, but not untill he'd had a good look at my naked body, I have to admit that the situation had really turned me on and I was feeling very wet and horny, while sorting through my undie drawer Craig came into the bedroom standing behind me he cupped my boobs squeezing an weighing them in his hands, turning me around he kissed me, putting his hand between my legs he found my pussy with its now swollen lips, telling me that he had fantasised about me since I had played with him often jerking off to his fantasy of him fucking me.

He gently pushed me onto my bed, his erection was by my face so grabbing it I pulled it into my mouth, sucking hard onto it making it even harder, he soon pulled it out, he was obviously determined that he was going to fuck me, pushing my legs apart I felt his young cock enter my now very wet pussy filling it, as he fucked me I reached my climax just before I felt his hot cum flooding into me.

After that I was determined that I would have more cock later that night, wearing little sexy panties under my little see through nightie hubby loved to rip these off, I made sure that my husband couldn't keep his hands off me, for the second time that day I was soon being filled by a hard cock and more hot cum, I don't think that hubby could beieve his luck that night, but has had many such nights since then, more so since he cought Craig and I in what can only be described as a compromising position, but of course thats maybe for another time.