Written by Twoforyou

16 Oct 2008

It was a late Sunday evening when the phone rang, it was Mart my best mate informing me that he was going on a training course for two days near to where we lived and could he stay for the night as he would be by himself and he wanted to meet up with his drinking buddy. I couldn\'t say no could I.

Well, me being me, it completely slipped my mind and I forgot to tell Jules my wife that Mart would be coming to stay for the night. It was about 8:00 when Juls said she was going for a shower. Whilst she was upstairs, the doorbell rang, it was Mart.. oops it really had slipped my mind. I invited hem in and we sat down and had a beer.

After about 20mins Juls appeared asking who it was at the door. erm Mart i said, just as she walked in with her dressing gown on. She sat down and we started to chat.

I could see from the bulge in Mart\'s trousers that he was started to get turned on, and who wouldn\'t, because as Juls sat there, her dressing gown had started to part and you could see the lovely mounds of her ample breasts. She too saw the effect she was having on Mart but did nothing to cover up.

It has always been a fantasy of Jules to be fucked by Mart, well this looked like her wish was going to come true.

I made an excuse that I needed to get some more wine, as I left the room I nodded to Mart, he knew what I meant as we had spoken before about Jules fantasy, and he was only too willing to oblige.

I had only been gone about 10 mins, but in that time Mart had made his move and I could see that he was now naked with Jules sucking his cock. Why is it that when you get older the jealousy goes and excitement kicks in.. It was truly a wonderous sight as Juls slowly bobbed up and down along his shaft. So much so that I removed my clothes and started to wank in the doorway.

It wasn\'t long before Mart eased out of Jules\' mouth and slowly and gently eased his now rock hard cock into Jules\' juicy pussy... I watched them buck up and down until Mart shot his load... Jules was crying out with ecstasy. I could let that go so I went over and gently slid my cock in. It was the best fuck that we had had in ages, perhaps because Mart was watching us....

We all decided that as Mart had to go back to his training in the morning we had better go to bed. Guess what, we all did.

I was awoken by a gentle rocking, only to look round to see Jules straddled across Mart with him sucking on her lovely tits. Thank god it woke me up, as I didn\'t want to miss the action.

the following morning, after a hard nights loving, Mart went back to his trg and then back home to his wife. it was our little secret and the fulfilling of a fantasy.. It was mine next I told Jules.. But that is another story..