Written by chelsea

1 Jul 2009

hi my name is chelsea' i would like to till you about the best night i have had but not with my husband.one of our best friends who i have a good relationship with has been to a swingers club and i said that one day i might like to go.my husband being away for a long weekend not so long ago. my friend ( said am i brave enough to go to this club which i said i would give it a go.all saturday i was nervous about going to this club when in the club i was made to feel so welcome after a few drinks and starting to relex went into a the cinema where man and women were having full sex. after watching sex on the screen and next to me i was geting very horny and wet .on leaving the cinema we then made our way to the stable which was pitch black inside people were shaging every where before long i was feeling very horny and soon was enjoying the best nite of sex i have ever had while i was shaging my friend two other men was wanking over me and both of them spunked over my legs by this time i was so wet that i must have come 10 times or more i didnt want the nite to end now i cant wait to go again.cannot wait to have all this and more