Written by marinero

24 Apr 2008

This is the story of how I ventured into the world of bisex.

I had arranged to meet my new contacts Teresa and Barry on my comfortable cruiser in the port Barcelona. I waited nervously at the appointed time, having expressed my wish to Teresa and Barry to try bisex in our email contact. They were very sympathetic and interested in meeting me.

Their car drew up beside the boat, I could see a willowy blond and her fit male partner, my excitement and anticipation mounted.

I introduced myself and was warmly greeted by both of them, a fragrant kiss and emvrace from Teresa and a manly handshake from Barry.

I welcomed them aboard we chatted about nautical things whilst drinking our wine. I was covertly appraising both of them. Neither looked their 60 plus years. Barry was fit looking, animated and positive in his outlook. Teresa looked stunning, she quite like Annie Lennox, with lovely bone structure, firm petite breasts and a lithe tanned body. Jackpot I thought. Her clothing was the perfect match of tease and correctness.

Barry gradually brought the conversation around to the adult site we had used and probed me with questions about my experience. He then talked about his bi side and stated that he was in fact wearing womens knickers (panties as corrected by teresa).

He was so easy going I thought, I really wanted to go for it. Teresa sipped her wine and was very affable throughout, the quieter one of the two, joining in the conversation from time to time. I was starting to relax and enjoy myself.

I started to stroke her hand, there was no objection from either of them, and so I sat down beside her and started to stroke her leg, I loved it. The texture of her skin was very smooth. I knew they were both shaved from their profile, I couldn’t wait to see them naked.

Again I was nervous, my cock size I estimate to be just short of medium, Barry was large once he had removed his black ladies panties, I also carry a bit of weight, which embarrasses me a little in these situations.

Barry suddenly sugguested that we get started. We went below to the cabin where I have a double bed.

Again I was nervous, my cock size I estimate to be just short of medium, Barry was large once he had removed his black ladies panties, I also carry a bit of weight, which embarrasses me a little in these situations.

We all stripped off, Barry’s cock was big, and Teresa’s body was scrumptious. We lost no time, Teresa lay on top of me moving sexually against me, it was heaven, my small prick was starting to grow. I felt another pair of hands on my cock, and a mouth sucking it at times. I did not care, the feeling of ecstasy from them both of them was fantastic. Hands tongues, my cock being expertly massaged, I wanted it to go on.

We rolled over, and started to caress Teresas’ lovely firm pussy, she was enjoying it, relaxing to the sexy atmosphere. I started to lick her clitoris and probe into her, I then saw Barry’s firm cock not far away. Fasten your seat belts I thought. I reached for his cock and then without thinking put it in my mouth as far as I could nearly swallowing it all. It felt and tasted good as I intermittently wanked and sucked it. I was still focussing on Teresa’s pussy and wanted to fuck her with my ever harder cock.

Teresa opened her legs and I entered her, I felt Barry’s hand on my cock and buttocks. Teresa’s pussy was tight, gripping my cock and her long legs closed around my back, pulling me in, it was great, she was moaning and bucking under me. I was so aroused I came in her and we all relaxed together and caressed each other.

I wanted to satisfy Teresa, I started to lick and finger her pussy while Barry massaged her tits and placed his large cock in her mouth. We both brought her to a climax and resumed our caresses, drinking our wine naked on the bed.

After a while we dressed, agreed we’d had a great afternoon and parted.

I’d wished we could have done more for Barry, he was very understanding and unselfish, and helped me overcome my shyness. I would like to do more for him next time.

I am curious about Teresa’s fantasies, she is so delightful during the sexual act, truly 100% sexy. What really turns her on? Her naughty side intrigues me.

I would love to see her in lingerie and stockings with high heels. She is also bi and I find that intriguing and interesting.

What scenarios could we all enjoy together.

I have at times in the past had to be the dominant one, but have often wondered about a role reversal, the thought is interesting.

Perhaps Barry would take charge of Teresa and I, photographing the action?

What could I do to maximise the experience for her?

Whatever happens I am sure it will be mutually enjoyable, I would do my best to make it so.

Perhaps Barry and Teresa will read this and wish to write their own account of events of our meeting and their needs, and to publish a sequel on the site, we will have to see won’t we!!!! Marinero .