Written by dave

27 Sep 2017

it was my birthday last week and the wife was asking what I would like , so later we are in bed and as I start touching her , I said you know what I would like , you know old harry next door , my present would be you going around to his house in some sexy clothes and see what happens , she said you must be joking ,he must be 50 years older than me , any way we had sex and I thought that was it . on my birthday I come home from work and she said nothing so I thought maybe next year.

next night I come home and no one is in , I though she was at shops , but 2 hours later she walks in , wearing a tiny denim mini skirt , and high heels , I said fuck me when did you buy those . she sat next to me took my hand and said feel this , she put my hand up her skirt and she was wet and slimy , she said have a look , she pulled her skirt up and she was covered in come , it was running down her thigh , she said I did it , and when I said what , she told me she had gone to his flat , just for a chat , she had told him she had bought a new skirt and heels and asked if she tried them on would he tell her how they looked , as she had put the skirt on she was sat on the bed putting her heels on when she looked up and he was stood there ,and it all went from there . he had sat next to her and tried it on straight away , his hand up her skirt straight to her shaved pussy , and soon he was laid on his back ,his trousers down and his cock stood up , quite large and fat , she started sucking him and pretty soon he was naked , she was still dressed but they were having sex ,when his mate turned up and pretty soon both were doing her , she told me she had a few orgasms as both had sex with her , they both came in her and even stayed hard as one took her from behind as harry fucked her mouth , it seems they were having sex next door as I was watching telly. maybe more to come