Written by oldlover

11 Sep 2008

i have been on at the wife for the past 4 weeks to have sex with an old man we know ,who is a good 45 years older than her. when we see him in the pub he is always trying to see up her skirt or down her top. but she always says no,he is to old or some excuse.

anyway it was my birthday last week ,so when she asked what i would like, i said \"you know what i want\", and to my surprise she said i will think about it.so saturday night came and when we were getting ready i got her to wear a very short skirt with a pair of 4\" heels which showed her tanned legs off.we went out and later in the night a lot of us went back to our house for a drink, the wife also asked stan to come back with us.

as the night went on ,every time i saw the wife ,stan was near her. i was drinking quite a lot and at about 2 am there was only the three of us left. i went into the kitchen ,then the wife came in and said just go up to toilet and give me 10 mins ,so i did. from upstairs i heard the wife say i had to much to drink and had gone to bed,and she said to stan it is a bit late ,you can stay in the spare bed .

i lay on the bed and heard them come up,then the wife said to him get undressed and get in bed and stan said i hope you come and tuck me in. the wife then came into our room so i said put on your little satin nighty and go tuck him in so she did. she left our bedroom door open and went to his, saying to stan he is asleep. she went to him and he threw the sheets back and i heard her say \"god that is fucking big\".icrept to the door and saw her sat on his bed wanking and sucking his cock which looked a good 10\"long and that thick she just got her hand round it, his hand went up her and when he found her shaved pussy he said wow just like i hoped. she got on top of him , reached down and guided him in ,she then pulled her nighty off and started riding him, i saw his cock getting wetter and she started moaning saying she was comming ,then stan came up her, she got off him and started sucking their come off his cock.

10 mins later she came to bed and i said i cant believe a 77 year old has given you an orgasm and she said he might give me some more yet. we had sex ,and she said lets arrange something for next time