Written by sweetcheeks210

24 Jun 2012

I've just recently turned 40 and not wanting to be here when it happened i went off to spain for a few days with the girls, it was great drunk every nite and slept it off all day on the beach, but the best nite was the nite i came home.

Kev my other half picked me and two of the girls up from the airport, once we'd dropped them both off he started telling me how much he just wants to get me home. I'm suprised when we get in he doesnt jump straight on me he goes to the kitchen and makes coffee, once he's done that he disapears off upstairs. When he comes down he tells me he has put my bath on thats when i guess he doesnt want just a quick fuck i know he is planning on taking his time mmmmhhh.

when i finish my coffee i head off up to the bath he tells me to relax and enjoy it and hands me a glass of wine to take with me. I enjoy my bath when i get out i dont bother to dress, just wrap a towel around myself. I certinaly wasnt expecting what i got when i walked in the living room kev was sitting on the chair and as i walked round the door there on the couch was marcus (fucked him a few times) phill my new older man (only fucked him once) and next to him was his friend bob its the first time we've met in person, i couldnt beleive it as i turned to look at kev he just grinned and said "tonite you belong to them"

As i just stood there and turned to look back at them marcus said "dont just stand there bitch get the towel off and get on your knees" I did exactly what i was told i knew tonite wasnt negotiable. All three of them stood up in front of me and proceeded to remove their trouses and shorts, i've got 3 cocks in front of my face when phill says "well come on then get your mouth round my cock" i dont hesitate i open my mouth and take hold of his cock, pulling his foreskin back as i slide my mouth down the length of his cock till i have to move my hand to get more in my mouth, as i feel his bellend touching the back of my throat i also feel his hands on the back of my head forcing his cock further down my throat, making me gag then laughing and ordering me to suck it harder.

He tells me to stop and keep still, still holding my head he starts to fuck my mouth, slowly at first but quickly getting harder and faster, it feels incredible im just being a filthy dirty obedient little slut and im loving it. as phill lets go of my head and pulls his cock from my mouth it isnt empty for long as marcus grabs my head and forces his cock in till im almost choking on it and he's loving it laughing as he's doing it faster "go on bitch choke on it". Suddenly he stops as quick as he started i know what coming next as i turn my head towards bob opening my mouth slightly this is the first time i've had his cock, i reach out and wrap my hand around his very hard cock staring at it slowly pulling his foreskin back exposing all of his bellend, the tip of it is glistening and wet with his pre cum and i just had to stick out my tounge and lick it off, it feels good as i open my mouth and start to take his cock in he tells me how hot my mouth is and how much he is going enjoy this and not being one to miss out he just grabs hold of my head and starts to furiously fuck my mouth telling me how much of a dirty little slut they are going to make me be.

When bob pulls his cock out of my face i noticed kev had put a chair in the middle of the room i'm told to get up and sit on it, kev hands me my rabit as they all sit back on the couch im told to spread my legs and fuck myself, the 3 of them just sitting stroking their cocks ocasionaly shouting orders to me to do it harder or deeper or faster, telling me to take it out and suck it clean as i do bob moves and gets on his knees between my legs saying sorry lads but you've all done this i havent as he pushes his face into my cunt, his hot, breath his hot mouth and his wet tounge on my clit i can't help it my body just tenses as my orgasm rips through my cunt juices dripping then running out of my hole as he pulls my hole open dippinbg his tounge right in.

Marcus suddenly said ok time to move i want you on your hands and knees, i didnt object and bob moved i got down on all fours marcus got in front of me and told me to suck his cock, i felt someone behind me then i heard bob say im looking foward to getting my cock in here as i felt his bellend nudging against my wet hole, slowly he starts to feed his cock in im so wet he just slides right in till the whole of cock is burried right up my cunt, he tells me that he cant beleive how wet and tight my cunt is for being such a dirty little slut. He slowlys starts to pull his cock almost all the way out then he says sorry bitch as he rams his cock right into me suddenly fucking my cunt hard and fast, just as marcus grabs my head and starts to do the same to my mouth, here i am getting fucked hard and fast at both ends and im loving it.

Bob is pounding my cunt and i feel it coming as my pussy explodes cum all over him he pulls his cock out of me as he stands up he tells marcus to move as he is going to make me clean all my cum off his cock, he slides it straight into my open mouth right into the back of my throat as he pulls it all the way back out he says stick your tounge out bitch i wanna watch you lick it clean,i feel some one else behind me and i realise its phill as he uses his hands to spread me open just before i feel his cock slip straight into my sretched open wet hole, it feels as good as i remember it to be, he gives me a quick hard fast fucking before pulling out and making me suck and lick it clean. My hole isnt empty for long its very quickly filled with marcus hard cock he does the same he gives my cunt a damn good hard fucking while im sucking and licking phils cock clean, marcus pulls his cock out only he doesnt move he just says get up and turn round bitch because now we really are going to make you a dirty little slutt but first you can lick this clean, of course i drop to my knees and do as im told.

Marcus tells bob to lie down and tells me it time to see me riding some cock as i get over bob i start to lower myself down until i can feel his bellend i reach down with both hands i hold his cock with one and spread my lips open with the other as i rub my cunt back and foward over the tip of his bellend teasing myself before i gently ease my slightly stretched and very wet hole down over his throbbing cock, i love the feeling of having a cunt full of cock i just can't help it i feel myself cum all over his throbbing cock as my body shakes he just holds his cock deep in my cunt. As my body starts to relax bob tells me to lean foward and kiss him, as our tounges are exploring each others mouth i suddenly feel 2 hands on my arse cheeks and hear phill say time to be a slut now, as i feel his bellend nudge into my tight arse hole its very wet and slippy he has obviously got prepared, as im there sat down on bobs cock as phill pushes then stops as his bellend slips into my tight arse, it makes me lift up and squeal im quickly silenced as marcus grabs hold of my head and rams his cock in my mouth, my body relaxes as i get used to the feeling before he starts to slowly slide more and more cock up till he is balls deep up my arse, the feeling is so immense having both holes filled with cock at the same time and the bonus of 1 in my mouth too. They got into a rythm of both fucking me slow at fist then quicker and harder all of them telling me how much of a slutt i am having all 3 holes fucked at the same time, thats when kev pipes in "yeah and she'd love to have them all filled with spunk too". They didnt need telling twice it was phill who came first right up my tight arse, kev told him not to pull out yet, it was marcus next just as he started cummin kev shouted out to me not to swallow yet as he moved round with the camera he got close up as marcus slid his limp cock from my mouth kev shouted open it bitch i want too see the spunk, i opened my mouth wide and slightly stuck my tounge out covered in spunk as he says go on then now you can swallow, i close my mouth and just stare at the camera while i swallow my mouth full of spunk before i open again to show its all gone and he calls me a filthy little slutt just as i feel bobs cock twitrch in my cunt as he anounces that he is going to cum, kev moves round with the camera as he gets close up and tells them both to pull there cocks out together so he could watch the spunk drip out of both my holes.

Time to go and get cleaned up, im suprised that they all get up too and say we are not finished yet and they all join me upstairs to start again. let me know if you want to know more