Written by toni

16 Oct 2010

This is a true story, my brother lives in Hong Kong and he has been there a few years and met his girlfriend in england, she is Chinese, anyway i visit them every two years and its nice break from England.

Like most people who own property out there, they have a arma, a live in helper, who makes the beds and does the washing, dusting, hoovering, and even cooking and shopping..

Samantha(western name)she has a chinese name too, Adrians partner insisted that they should have one too as they both worked a 6day week themselves.

Anyway, last time i visited they didnt have one but when i visited 3 weeks ago i met Fifi for the first time.

I arrived saturday night and she was in her room,sunday she goes out for the day, all day, and monday as A' left for work i heard Fifi creep out of her room and start the cleaning and chores.

All of the bedrooms are ensuite so i showered and went into the kitchen in my robe, it was so hot in there, although airconditioned.Grabbing cereal and tea etc.

the point.everytime i saw F' she would go into another room or apologise.So i went after her and she was in their room tidying clothes off the floor.Once she saw me at the door she apologised again.So i said stop...talk to me.

Not allowed to talk to madam she replied.yes you are i retorted.she smiled.why do you not just do what you have to do and ignor me i asked?

Only allowed to be in the same room if told to be.my kinky brother..i was thinking.Sam must know how short her white gown is.

Fifi was really attractive and spoke very good english, she was short just over 5foot aged 21 and such short thin legs.

I went into the lounge and sat on the settee.Fifi has to keep coming through to the kitchen.As i was on my laptop i asked her to bring me a coffee and for her to have one too and tell me about herself.She was clearly uncomfortable and stood over by the bar table.I asked her if she had family and she said yes back home.

please sit down and she did on a chair by the table and i realised she only had the gown and slippers on, her small breasts moved and the crossing her legs showed the dark hair between her thighs.The gown was too short to sit in.

I said fifi i want to help you today, so when my brother comes home we have made everywhere tidy.she looked really sad and shock her head.it is my job mrs.

i realised i wasnt helping.so i decided to play with her.Oh.can you help me hide their christmas presents then.she smiled and said yes i can.i went to my case and got the three little boxes and said where can they be hidden? in your room?.she nodded.it was a tiny room with a single bed and bookcase and wardrobe, but really tidy too.

Can we put them on the wardrobe i suggested moving a chair for her.fifi had to step really high to get onto it showing me the hairyest forrest ive ever seen.omg i said you dont wear panties! no she replied not allowed.i do on sundays! as if this was ok.

does my brother ever touch you i asked, NO she replied in shock.does he ever ask you to do anything? no again but after a hesitataion. so why dont you were knickers?

He likes to see me working in just my cloak.omg i replied and what do you think? i dont mind she replied.he is a good man.does sam know,yes she smiled.sometimes she has seen my body too it cant be helped.Do you have a boyfriend.No she again replied.

i couldnt resist it i handed her the boxes for putting on the wardrobe and ran my hand up the back of her thigh to her bum, she froze and didnt say a word.

do you mind me touching you i asked.madam can do what she likes she replied.but do you like it? yes she smiled you are very gentle

can you touch your toes i asked, so she did, her perfect dark brown vagina all nestles between her thighs looked very perfect, and she had some white cream along her crinkly lips.ok thank you Fifi i said very matter of fact.what was madam looking for she asked.

im a nurse i lied. you really should have a bit of a trim, what do you think? i am nearly completely fur free, look. oh madam you are very like a girl she giggled.i wouldnt be allowed to look like that.

would you like a little trim i asked.yes ok she replied.so we went into the bathroom and it was the sexiest thing i had ever done, trim another girls pussy.she got very wet, and i pretended to be very professional.

Fifi was so wet her petals and clitty were actually visually puffy and protruding.

i wonder if my brother has sussed it was me who put her up to it.Sam trims too i think, but she is 37 and im 34.

i went out for the day in a white dress that is sort of heavy and elasticy at the bottom, and yes i went sans nix and was very horny.

i wish now i had taken some photos, but i didnt, im not into girls but it just shows you can never underestimate you sexual feeling.i was very horny.

im again without a man..so no chance for swinging at the moment.but i thought you guys would like to hear about my asian trimmings.