Written by gary

13 Aug 2017

I was 18 years old and a virgin a few girlfriends ,kissing but no further as I had no confidence at all. and then while waiting for a bus home a car pulled up and pat the old slapper [my dads words]and asked if wanted a lift home ,well I'm in the car and her large tits are straining to keep in her top and a large expanse of stockings on show,and she said I have had my eye on you for a while,and could I pop round to do a few jobs for her this evening,7 oclock would be fine.im at her door at 7 and knock and pat comes to the door wearing avery small silk housecoat tits bursting to come out and black stockings and high heel shoes,within minutes I'm sitting with her on her settee glass of wine and telling her my lack of success with girls,she tells me to relax and wriggles my jeans off and the next thing she is telling me it is the best cock she has ever seen and is sucking and licking my bell end and cupping my balls with her hands,the next thing she has my whole cock in her mouth and next thing is I'm shooting all over the place,she laughs loudly as I apologize for the mess,she replies that next time I'm going to come in her cunt,soon she is guideing my hand into her pussy and teaching me how and what to do and then licking her till she is screaming me for more or to stop I'm not sure,but she is trembling like fuck,she whispers in my ear and says she wants my rock hard cock inside her,we fuck like rabitts and I come twice more,as we laid there she said it was one of the best sex she had ever had and some of her lady friends would pay good money for, I will tell later