Written by Lisa T

5 Nov 2012

Thank you again for all of your wonderful comments which has spurred me on to write the next part of my story.

Since leaving Stefan and touching down at Birmingham airport I'd had plenty of time to think of the future, a plan was forming with James but it had to be thought through fully. I arrived home around six'ish after doing a bit of shopping. About seven o'clock I was drinking a cup of coffee when my mobile rang, it was James. "Hi how are you?" he asked "Not feeling too good" I said "I've had a bit of a cold come on after you phoned the other day and I really haven't done anything this week, how about you?" Thinking this would get me out of running through a load of lies. "I've been pretty busy with work I haven't got home any night this week before eight". The lying bastard I thought, I've seen you get home about five o'clock for three nights with your Dutch tart. The conversation went on a while but it was mainly about work.

"Hows Anouk?" I asked casually. "Oh I forgot to tell you the other night she had an accident the other week on her way to work. A lorry ran into the back of her car in some roadworks and it's a write off". "Oh dear, is she all right?" I said, sounding as concerned as I could. James then told me luckily she was just shaken up and her insurance would take some time to pay out, it didn't include providing her with a hire car. So she's been staying at a B & B locally, luckily it's on his way to work and he's been picking her up and dropping her off on his way to and from work. Another lie I thought but that explains how nobody would find it a bit suspicious if they saw her getting in or out of his car every day. The conversation ended with James saying he had finished his housework but had a stack of ironing facing him tomorrow. He hates ironing but I think I could guess who would be doing it, certainly not James!! I had a couple of glasses of wine still reflecting on his phone call and went to bed as I was worn out after the events of the past week.

I had a text from Stefan on Sunday with the name and web address of the clinic in Belgium. I thought it best to set up a web based e-mail account and text it to him so that we could keep in contact easier, I was missing his cock already. I burnt all the photos taken in Holland to a CD then I looked up the clinic reading all the information regarding breast augmentation. I read it a number of times the cost was about 2,750 Euro not bad I thought. I googled sites in the UK offering breast enlargement but there were no prices so one of the job's for Monday was to ring a few and see if I could get some approximate prices. Monday was a busy day in the morning I visited my local gym and became a member I had a long chat with an instructor. I went back in the afternoon and started my programme. I looked up my nearest WeightWatchers and found they had a meeting locally that evening at 6.30 p.m. I also rang three UK clinics, it became clear that the price in the UK was considerably more expensive than in Belgium, ranging from four to over five thousand pounds depending on what I would need to have done. I thought I would leave contacting the Belgian clinic on their their Manchester number for a while as the web site did mention about loosing weight and to wait until you had achieved your goal.

I attended the WeightWatchers class staying for the talk I felt pretty depressed when I left as I had put on nearly a stone and a half on my normal steady weight. When I got home I set my camera up on my tripod and sited it in front of a full length mirror so I could see my pose. I took several self portraits wearing underwear, I used the self timer which was a pain walking backwards and forwards checking my position etc. I took front, side and rear view shots. I was not a pretty sight, what Stefan had seen in me I don't know and no wonder James seemed to have gone off me on his last trip home.

James had told me Saturday when he rang that he had booked a flight towards the end of September. I had about six weeks before he was due back home again to get into shape. I stuck religiously to the WeightWatchers plan and went to the gym daily and went for a jog on alternate days. By the weekend I was feeling a lot fitter. At WeightWatchers Monday I was dismayed to find that I had actually put on half a pound feeling certain that I would have lost at least three pounds. The organiser asked what I had been doing and I explained about the gym and going jogging, don't worry she said that's normal, muscle weighs heavier than fat, the exercise has been turning the fat into muscle.

I photographed myself again when I got home and I thought I looked a little bit better my boobs looked like they had gone down a bit as well as my tummy. After taking the photos I decided to invest in a remote wireless shutter release to save walking back and forth. I found one on E Bay, I also had a look at the women's clothing section on there. I spent hours looking at mini and micro mini dresses and skirts, plunging tops I found so many things listed under clubbing and seeing some of the items it brought back to me the fantastic memories of Mystique. I looked at killer heel stiletto shoes four and five inches high, lingerie, basques, corsets, multi-strap suspender belts, stockings by the score. By the time I logged off over three hours later I had saved five pages of items all that I wanted to buy but managed to resist - well for the time being anyway.

I was pretty turned on by the prospect of being able to buy some pretty raunchy gear easily in England that I had a little play with my rabbit and anal plugs. These were fast becoming my trusted friends, the middle sized anal plug I could almost pop straight in. I had got the large one in once but I hadn't kept it in long I needed to get used to it's size but it was a bit late tonight there's always tomorrow. For tonight I was going to lie on the bed naked and watch one of my Dutch DVD's, with the medium anal butt plug in and my rabbit sliding between my lovely smooth wet slippery pussy and my plug filled arse vibrating away steadily until I climaxed watching a guy cum in a woman's mouth dreaming of how great Stefan had tasted.

The following day it dawned on me that James, now he had an apartment, wouldn't be brining any luggage or his laptop home. If he used mine to look anything up and had a snoop around he could see everywhere I had been visiting. I spent a day googling how to cover my tracks. One tip I found was to use 'private browsing' which didn't save any history on sites I didn't want him to see. I got into the habit of using private browsing when I wanted to look at sex sites, flights etc or anything which would incriminate me. But I left history and book marked sites that I did want him to see, such as breast enlargement sites and forums. I also learnt how to export my favourites and clean up the computer from anything sensitive.

As the weeks passed I steadily lost weight each week, I was well on target to loose a stone before James was due home. Chocolate became a distant memory, the nightly bottle of wine stopped but I did allow myself a glass or two at weekends as a reward to myself. I was pleasuring myself almost nightly after surfing the net for porn and sex sites. The big butt plug became a breeze to insert and I would usually bring my self off using the vibrators, one in my pussy while placing the other on the plug. I ordered another couple of vibrators on-line, one had a large ribbed cock, like a sheath after a few tries I could insert this into my arse. I would also hold it with one hand firmly on a low coffee table and squat down over it, sliding it in my pussy. My leg muscles were now quite strong and I would bob my wet cunt up and down on it dreaming of fucking James this way, riding his cock. It was a fantastic feeling especially when I had a butt plug in, I imagined it was what being DP'd could be like. I did fall over a couple of times before climaxing so it wasn't foolproof. The other vibrator was very large and mains powered which gave the most incredible intense orgasm when I rubbed it on my clit, I was pretty satisfied in the evenings but lacked some stimulation during the day. Some days if I was feeling randy I would slip in the love eggs while working around the house. I made the mistake one day of going jogging with the love eggs inserted in my pussy, I didn't get very far as the feeling was so intense to climax that I had to return home and frigg myself off.

I still wasn't spending anywhere near the weekly allowance James had set, I continued to withdraw the excess to build up my kinky fund. Over the weeks I purchased mini and micro skirts all tight fitting, a couple of very short halter neck dresses, a couple of pairs of killer heels. A five inch pair that were destined for the bedroom only as I couldn't walk in them. I was getting used to walking and driving in four inch heels which showed off my legs a treat, they became my daily footwear. I was also building a small collection of underwear like open crotch knickers, a couple of suspender belts, one a six strap was for for seamed stockings, another basque, some teddies, anything which looked really sexy and could support stockings. These were a weakness of James's which I had denied him for many years. I also purchased a number of pairs of stockings, seamed, sheer cuban heeled, lace topped, glossy, hold ups and a number of multi-pack barely black one's which I would wear on general shopping trips, even though the weather was getting colder tights became a thing of the past.

It would be my fortieth birthday in December and I was determined to have new boobs. I needed to show James that I was changing my image from being a steady slightly boring wife to a rejuvenated sexy diva who hopefully he would want to fuck senseless each time he returned home. One way I felt to archive this was to change my hair style, the rigid sharp shoulder length bob cut was to go. I was so busy getting fit that I let my hair to grow a lot longer than I normally do. I found a new hairdresser who layered my hair into a softer rounded shape, they took the hard fringe away and I had a lot of blond highlights put in. I liked the blond look when I wore the wig in Holland and wanted to go completely blond after having my boobs done, so this was just a first step before James's next visit home. It was all part of the feeling depressed at forty syndrome, a time when many women want a change in their lives. I wanted a change, I had tasted the forbidden fruits and wanted more, I just needed to get James to accept the change without too much of a shock but to enjoy what that change was.

It was I think the fourth week of my new regime that I was surfing for a new sex toy to add to my collection and stumbled on a site called sex machines. Now this site put a whole different perspective on vibrators and dildo's. Some were really big and powerful, looking at the demo video clips gave a pretty good representation of the effects. The one that caught my eye was small and compact about the size of a holdall. It was called the ejaculating sex machine, which was mains powered. It was supplied with two realistic cock dildo's one rabbit type and one heavily veined which screwed onto the machine and poked upwards from the top of the bag. When switched on it would produce an up and down thrusting motion which had a number of speeds from very slow to incredibly fast. An added bonus was that liquid could be inserted into a small pump and on the press of a button would produce a powerful squirt up through the eye of the cock dildo.

It could be used for vaginal or anal penetration it was on offer with a forty percent discount. I had to have one James was going to pay for this one without him knowing. I also ordered a seven speed wand massager which was mains rechargeable it had an incredibly powerful vibration. Everything arrived just a few days later I was pretty excited as I opened the package then read the instructions. The machine was very simple to assemble. I filled the pump with water placed it on the bedroom floor and squatted down over it and turned it on to its slowest speed and carefully positioned myself. The cock first rubbed up and down my gash the tip gently massaged my clit. I enjoyed this for a few minutes with the cock sliding up and down my now sopping gash.

Then I moved slightly so that it slid head up and down my love tunnel. I was enjoying the feeling of the cock filling my cunt as it thrusted up and down, wow was that good, it felt fucking good. I had a small orgasm and upped the speed, oh yes, theres another rippling through me, faster again, another one, faster, oh god!!, faster, fucking hell!!!, faster, oh fuckkkkk!!!, faster Ohhhhhhhhhhhh as I pressed the button one, two, three, four times and shot powerful spurts up my cunt. I screamed out loud in ecstasy as I climaxed fully ........was that good or was that fucking good I thought. I had three more goes that day one with a but plug in while the machine fucked my cunt and one slow anal with a rabbit up my cunt. It became an almost daily fix for me to cum off on the machine and yes I loved it fucking my arse as well. I was undecided as to let James know of it's existence?

By the fifth week I was really pleased with the look of my body, especially my tummy it was almost flat. I was just short of loosing a stone and I was feeling super fit and toned. The downside was that my tits had disappeared almost completely, not even my Wonder Bra could get any shape into what was left. James phoned and said he would have to postpone coming home by two weeks as he had a big presentation to get up together and give to the work force. I naturally sounded upset but secretly was pleased as this gave me a bit more time to get into shape.

I rang the breast clinic's office in Manchester for an appointment, which I attended two weeks before James was due home. On the day I had a very thorough examination taking measurements on my almost non-existent breasts. We discussed the breast augmentation procedure fully. The important bit to me was how big could I be. I wanted them as big as possible at least 34 E, I wanted to be noticed. They actually suggested that 34 C would be best but I would be able to finalize the size with the surgeon who would be doing the procedure on the day. I booked the earliest appointment possible. They had just had a cancellation for Monday the third week of October. I decided to book it. Even if James wasn't in agreement to pay for the op I could just about afford it and then gradually pay myself back. I left there feeling confident and very happy.

I e-mailed Stefan as soon as I got home from the clinic, we had been in contact with each other since I last saw him. I'd sent him some photos of our session in my hotel room which were quite good. I had already mentioned that I was going to have a boob job in Brussels but at that time I didn't know when it would be. I'd been keeping him updated on my anal training. That I could take the large butt plug with ease now and wanted him to take my anal virginity. Also that if he could arrange it, I would really love a gang bang and being double penetrated in effect no holes were barred. My plan was to stop off in Roosendaal for the weekend, before I went to Brussels on the Monday for my op.

He replied a couple of days later and suggested I stay with him at his house and for the gang bang to take place there. He was sure he could find plenty of guys, some from Mystique. I had also told him that I would be bringing James's camcorder as well as my still camera to record the event. There was another reason for going to Roosendaal which was to check on James and Anouk, to see if she was still living with him. James had told me during one of our recent conversations that she had her new car and was again travelling daily from the Hague, I naturally didn't believe him.

I apologise that this may not have been as erotic or sexy as you may have wished for. The trouble is in real life things are rarely as wild as some of the stories on this site may lead you to believe. I am writing the next part which I hope you will be interested in. Thanks again

Lisa T