Written by Lisa T

31 Oct 2012

Thank you all for your great comments to my previous posts. If you've read parts 1 & 2 you will remember how I had discovered that my husband who was working in Holland, had appeared to have set up home with Anouk. She was the head of H R for the company he was working for. She was ten years younger than me and was a threat to my marriage of twenty years. This part concludes my week in Holland, I thought if James was having fun then I was determined to as well!

Friday morning I was awakened at 11.00 a.m. By my mobile buzzing. It was a text from Stefan saying he still had my G-string and would I like it returned? The text also said he finished early on a Friday and would I like to have dinner with him? he could be at the hotel at 6.00 p.m. I text back that I would love to see him again and would be in the lounge area waiting for him. My plans were for a restful day after last night's adventures at the Club. The only thing I had to do today was to return the hire car, it would save doing it tomorrow and having to rush, as I had to be at the station for the 12.30 train to Schiphol.

The rest of the day I could have a look around the shops. The evening would have been really boring so I was looking forward to seeing Stefan again. I was limited on what I could wear, only having clean jeans and a tee shirt with me. Stefan arrived dead on six o'clock, he was dressed in Jeans a white shirt and denim jacket he looked just as gorgeous as the night before. He gave me a welcoming kiss and asked where I would like to eat. I said I would like to go to a restaurant that did vegetables as I was already getting fed up of chips, he laughed and said I know just the place. It was only a short drive to the restaurant it wasn't busy as it was still early. Stefan translated the menu for me, I decided against a starter and just went for the main possibly to be followed by a dessert.

As we chatted waiting for the meal I felt as though I had known him for years not that he and his mates had fucked the arse off me the previous night . He was so easy to talk to, I felt I could ask him anything, we talked a lot about sex and the many differences between the UK and Netherlands. I told Stefan that until my visit to Holland I was very reserved sexually. I explained about channel 30 in the previous hotel, how it had really opened my eyes to the 'joys of sex'. I wanted to try as much as possible of what I had seen in the porno films, last night was the beginning of my education. I had never tasted cum in my mouth before last night and had to admit that I really loved it. I would like to try being fucked in the arse, double penetration, gang banged and more.

One question I was dying to ask was if he was on Viagra last night as he was so hard both times he fucked me and I felt him firm up when we kissed good night? He smiled wickedly and said it wasn't Viagra but something similar called Cialis better known as the weekend tablet. Viagra works for about four hours the weekender can work for over 36 hours. He found Viagra would give him a headache but Cialis didn't. It took just half an hour to work and didn't taste bitter like Viagra. I said that my husband was around his age but was never as hard as he was last night and had a few problems second time round. I asked him if Cialis was easy to get hold of in Holland? He told me that soft and hard drugs are readily available you just need to know where to go. He said he knew a man who has no problems supplying drugs for sex, if I wanted some we will go there after our meal. It was a wonderful meal Stefan took the bill and insisted on paying, I insisted on 'going Dutch' he looked at me perplexed. I had to explain the English meaning which he found very amusing, in the end we did agree to share it.

We drove towards the town centre and parked outside a sex shop just on the edge of the main shops. We went in, the shop was empty except for the man behind the counter. Stefan greeted him in Dutch, then in English he said "Lisa I would like to introduce you to my very good friend Jurgen. Lisa is from England and has never been in a sex shop before". Jurgen never asked about the connection between Stefan and myself, for which I was grateful. The shop had just about every sex product you could think of, vibrators, dildo's, magazines, DVD's on just about every variation of sex including sex with animals!!!. It had a clothing section with very sexy dresses for clubbing and some fetish rubber and PVC outfits.

I really liked two dresses which were both made of stretch Lycra they were labeled free size. A black see through mesh dress had narrow solid material panels which just covered the bust, crotch and bum area. The other was a red sparkly halter neck, which had a draped front open to the navel and looked pretty short. I quickly tried the dresses on, the bust area was sadly lacking even with gaining weight I only just filled out a 32A bra I thought I looked lumpy and bumpy in both. I asked Stefan and Jurgen what they thought? Both were really short just about two inches below my pussy the halter was really sexy but it needed much more bust to make it look good. Predictably they thought both dresses looked great, I complained about my lack of bust, they agreed but said I still looked great. I decided to buy both as I didn't think I would find anything similar at home.

Stefan explained to Jurgen that my husband was away for weeks at a time and that I needed some toys to pleasure myself and that I was an anal virgin and would like to explore this area. Jurgen showed me a large selection of vibrators, saying the rabbit which stimulated the clitoris was a big seller with many women coming back for the one with anal stimulation as well. He also showed me a butt plug kit which had three sizes of plugs small medium and bloody huge. Also included was a vibrator and a vibrator sleeve with a thin narrow anal probe. He said that many of his female customers recommend this kit and have had orgasms by placing the vibrator directly on the plugs he recommended putting a condom on the plug when using it. I also looked at the porn DVD's, Jurgen and Stefan suggesting suitable ones for anal training, gang bangs and he had two oral one's dedicated to deep throating.

Stefan asked for Cialis tablets Jurgen had them in packs of four, eight or sixteen.He asked me which strength ten or twenty mg? I said "I don't know what do you have Stefan?" He said he had the twenty, which if he was not driving then he would take a whole one so he could drink alcohol and still have fun. If he was driving he would cut one in half. The twenty mg sounded a better option especially as James liked to have a drink, I thought he could still give me a good time as well. I chose a sixteen pack. I was also shown some love eggs which appealed to me, also nipple clips and chain. Jurgen threw in some batteries, condoms and lubricant free of charge. I left the shop with a large plain brown carrier bag, a very big smile on my face and another dent in my pamper fund which I now renamed as my kinky fund!

When we got in the car I said I had a part bottle of wine open and would he like to help me to finish it and perhaps we could have a play with my new toys. On the way back to the hotel there was a supermarket open and I asked Stefan if we could pop in and buy some cigarettes for me to take home, as they were a lot cheaper here than in the U.K. As I went to the kiosk Stefan disappeared, I bought two packs of 200. I made sure they were the same brand as James always brought home for me. I'd just finished paying when Stefan returned with a bottle of wine and a big smile. We then drove back to the hotel.

When we got into my room Stefan pulled me close to him and gave me a very passionate long lingering kiss. Before we went any further I said I needed to get my camera and for him to take some photos of me in my new dresses. Stefan poured the wine while I changed, I put the black dress on first and then the sparkly red one, no matter how I tried the results were not what I really wanted. I said that if I lost some weight and was back to my normal figure then my flat chest would be back and the dresses would look really awful. I said to him that after seeing the women at the club last night I am seriously thinking of having a boob job but they are very expensive in England.

Stefan then told me about his friend at work who's wife went to Belgium to have breast implants, it was too expensive to have it done in the Netherlands. After her operation their love life improved tremendously. The clinic he thought was in Brussels and had a fantastic reputation he would find out the details and let me know. I felt really turned on at the possibility of bigger boobs, something I had wanted for years. We kissed passionately again as I started to unbutton Stefan's shirt and help him to get undressed. Once he was naked we lay down on the bed. I took the lead and started to kiss him from his neck across his chest working towards his now semi-erect beautiful cock. I teased him by probing the exposed eye of his cock and slowly took him in my mouth and sucked gently, my hand was playing with his smooth balls. I then licked from the bell end under his cock down the pronounced big vein to his balls and slowly back up and down again. Stefan's moans told me I was doing something that he liked very much. He reached out trying to get to my pussy I just moved away and said "there's plenty of time for that later this is for you, just relax and enjoy".

Stefan relaxed and was getting fairly close I was getting really turned on at the fact that I wanted to swallow his spunk again. I stopped for a moment and got my camera, "I want you to cum on my face and in my mouth, I want some photos to remember you by, stand up next to the bed" I said. I quickly checked and set the camera and gave it to him as I sat on the bed and took him in my mouth again. Stefan took a few 'test shots' to get used to using the camera which as everything was on auto only meant positioning it for a good record.

I took him deep in my mouth and gently closed my teeth around his shaft and slowly puled back until I reached his bell end, sucking and gently biting until it slipped between my teeth. He let out a very low slow moan I thought I had gone too far and had hurt him, I asked if he was OK? "oooh yes, that was fantastic do it again please" I repeatedly sucked and gripped his cock with my teeth pulling the whole length many times, after a couple of times he became rock hard and was firing off some frames. I positioned my mouth half way down his cock taking it between my teeth while I massaged his balls. Click, click went the camera all the while Stefan moaned in delight.

"Get ready" he said as I felt his balls tighten slightly. I moved to the tip of his cock and positioned it on my bottom lip, he took hold of his shaft with his left hand and wanked a couple of times the camera was in his right firing away as he suddenly stopped and aimed to shoot. The first spurt caught my top lip slightly and ended partly up on my left cheek. The second spurt hit my top lip and the jet went into my mouth closely followed by a third and fourth. I was amazed that he was still able to fire off some frames as he came. Then he milked his cock up to the the bell end, the eye filled with spunk, which then dropped straight onto my waiting tongue, I rolled the cum around my mouth savouring every drop before I swallowed. Oh the taste was fantastic, I had been rubbing my clit with my free hand while Stefan was cumming and had a nice little orgasm myself and felt very pleased that I could not only suck a guy to orgasm but also really enjoyed swallowing his cum.

Time for a glass of wine and have a quick look at the photos, there were loads of them the majority looked pretty good, they were certainly horny. I slipped out of my dress and went to the brown bag and got out the anal kit, lubricant and condoms we broke open the packaging. "My turn now for some fun" I said. Stefan selected the small butt plug to try first, the long thin one was mainly used by men he said. I offered my bum to him and he applied a generous amount of lube to my arse hole, then inserted the plug into a condom and lubricated it. "Just try to relax" he said as he first inserted his lubricated index finger into my arse. He gently played with my arse until I felt comfortable and relaxed. My hole was now well lubricated and he gently pushed the small butt plug into my arse. It felt really weird and I naturally tensed up, Stefan stopped pushing the plug and reassured me he would only carry on when I was ready. Three times we tried before the plug broke through my sphincter.

I lay still for a short time getting used to the sensation. Stefan had now got the standard vibrator and was using it around and in my pussy then he placed the tip on the end of the butt plug.... Oh my god did that feel good......really good.......fucking good. He started to finger my cunt and massage my clit, the vibrations going through my arse were giving me incredible sensations. My cunt was soaked in seconds, juice seemed to be flooding out of me, when I came it was awesome, I cried out in pleasure and came again and again I couldn't stop. It was like being on a roller coaster of pleasure. In the end I had to beg Stefan to stop.

We removed the small plug and inserted the middle size next. I tried a little walk with it getting used to the fullness in my arse it felt pretty good. I tried sitting on the desk where the TV was, it felt fairly comfortable. I started rubbing my clit sliding a finger up and down my gash and it into my cunt fingering myself. I asked Stefan if he would like to kiss my lips, he was there in a flash licking up and down my slit and probing my cunt with his tongue. I came again within seconds pulling his head tight to my love hole "oh please Fuck me, Fuck me now" I begged. Stefan stood up between my open legs, he quickly put a condom on and rubbed his firm cock up and down my gash the tip of his cock massaged my clit "oh my god your good, your fucking good, I've just cum again" I said.

He slid his cock into my love tunnel it was so wet it went in as smooth as silk. I let out a moan of pure pleasure I think this is my favourite position of all. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and pulled myself off the desk pulling on my arms and pushing with my legs I rode up and down on his rampant cock, I could feel the plug in my arse pressing against my cunt wall and against Stefan's cock and instantly climaxed, it wasn't long before I felt the wonderful pulses of Stefan's cock throbbing as he shot his spunk into the condom. I had the biggest orgasm I had have ever had in my life up to then. We opened Stefan's wine I persuaded him to stay the night, we fucked twice more. It was wonderful to be able to cuddle into a man again, I took no time to drift off to sleep.

I'd set my mobile phone alarm for 8.30 on Saturday morning and went straight into the shower. Stefan woke a few minutes later and tried to get in with me. The shower cubical although it was a square one just wasn't big enough for both of us to fit in which was a disappointment. I was sat down at the desk applying some make-up by the time he came out of the bathroom. He came over and started kissing my neck and massaging my breasts, I went to jelly. I turned round and took him in my mouth, in a minute or so he was up and raring to go! I picked up a condom left over from last nights fun, broke open the foil and rolled it down over his magnificent manhood. I then stood up, turned around and lent over the desk so he could enter from behind. It was only a quickie but I remember cumming at least twice before he shot his load. I gave him a clean up savouring his spunk, as this would be the last I would taste for a while. I thought to myself I'm going to miss all this when I get back home.

We dressed quickly as there wasn't a lot of time before breakfast finished. After which I had to finish packing. I was worried that I would get stopped during the security scans at the airport with my new toys and the porno DVD's. I checked out of the hotel, on the way to the station Stefan stopped at a music shop and bought four cheap music CD's. He opened them up and slipped the porno discs under the music discs and put them in my hand luggage, "they are not fully hidden but on a scanner they will look more like music CD's than DVD's I don't think you will have any problems with the other items packed in your holdall they are looking for bombs not sex toys" he said.

Stefan waited with me at the station, as the train approached at 12.30, we kissed passionately and said goodbye My eyes welled up with tears. We promised to keep in touch with each other, I reminded him to ask his friend about the clinic. He reached into his pocket and offered me my g-string I held his hand and said keep it you can give it back to me the next time I see you!

On the train journey and the flight home, I had plenty of time to reflect on the past week. Stefan had taught me so much in such a very short space of time and I'd had the time of my life and would miss him and the fun. I hadn't missed James, he hadn't entered my head in the last few days at all, I still loved him, twenty years is a long time being together, Although I'd fucked around I didn't intend to throw it all away. OK he had someone shacked up with him and I now had to fight for his attentions to make it worth his while to come home. I intended that he would see a new me, which could open up new possibilities for both of us!

What do I do next?? Your comments are always welcome to spur me on to reveal the next part. Thanks again Lisa T.