Written by Lisa T

24 Oct 2012

Thank you for all your nice comments on part 1. Just referring to the comment by ejb James didn't and hasn't made any comment on the ring tone, I managed to answer the phone before it fully rang twice, perhaps he was so used to the Dutch ring tone in work that he didn't notice. Anyway.....if you read my first account you will remember how I had discovered that my husband who was working in Holland, he had appeared to have set up home with Anouk. She was the head of H R for the company he was working for. She was ten years younger than me and was a threat to my marriage of twenty years. This section tells how my cheating husband changed my life in a big way.

Wednesday morning I got to James's apartment at 7.20 am and only had to wait about twenty minutes before they came out. Again from what I could see she was wearing another different top to yesterdays so I had to assume that she was living with him. I went back to the hotel for breakfast and decided to check out the Mystique web site for more information I was now determined to go and have some 'fun'. I know two wrongs don't make a right but I felt if James could play around so could I. Why should he have all the fun and I was still desperate for some 'real sex'. I had booked my room until Saturday but had now decided to check out tomorrow and change to a hotel in Roosendaal. I had to return the car there any way, I could either drive or get a taxi to the club.

I logged on to the Mystique web site, paying particular attention to the photos of the club and what the women were wearing realising that I had absolutely nothing with me including make-up. My nipples were hardening and I was getting a little excited thinking about what could be in store. I did at least have all day to find a sexy dress, some nice underwear, possibly stockings, a set of heels and some decent make-up.

It was only a short walk to the shopping centre my problems started with my size as I had put on some weight I didn't know what size I actually was and I was in a country where sizes are on a different system. I went to C and A and looked at a number of dresses all not really suitable for a sex club but I tried a few on and found I was either a 40 or 42. Looking at myself in the changing room mirror I was not happy with what I saw apart from my tits now filling my bra. I had lumps and bumps all over the place I needed something to hold me in and give me shape but still be sexy. My underwear would determine what dress I bought. At least there was no problem with the language as I found everyone spoke perfect English. It was in the fourth lingerie shop that I eventually found a lovely black Basque that did what I wanted it too. It looked sexy, was strong boned to hold me in and had low lacy cups which showed off my nipples. It also had removable shoulder straps, suspenders and came with a matching lace g-string. I also bought two pairs of black lace top stockings in case I laddered one putting them on. The shoes were easy to find a pair of black strappy sandals with heels of about three and a half inches I also found a smallish black clutch handbag. I bought red lip stick, nail polish, eye shadow etc and a pack of razors in a drug store.

Finding a dress was a nightmare shop after shop didn't have what I was looking for or made me look like a bag of spuds tied up in the middle. I found a couple of really sexy halter neck dresses but they weren't suitable to wear with a Basque. Finally I found a small shop which had teenage dresses in the window. I selected four dresses the best fitting and more importantly looking was a black lycra tube dress which would cover the Basque nicely but it was a bit short. I bought this one and another which had thin spaghetti shoulder straps which was a bit longer length, it would do as a back up if needed. I also bought a light weight knee length rain coat to hide my new look. My shopping bags were accumulating and I realised that all this would not fit into my small hand baggage case, I found a large cheap holdall in a discount store, lastly I bought two more bottles of wine.. I checked how much cash I had left after my shopping spree. I'd paid for everything in Holland so far by cash and I had a couple of hundred Euro left, enough for tomorrow. I could pay for both hotel's and the car rental by card from the account I'd opened when James started working in Holland. I always had money left over from the allowance we'd agreed, this originally was my pamper fund for little treats like spa day's etc. I'd forgotten to tell him about it and I certainly had no intention of telling him about it now. By the time I'd had lunch and completed my shopping it was time to check on James and his bit on the side.

As before they arrived home together this made me even more determined to have some fun. That evening I spent trying on my new purchases the tube dress looked good with the Basque, not too many lumps and bumps, but it was short, the hem just covered the lace of my stocking tops. The g-string was almost transparent and didn't hide my new look bald pussy and lips. My legs with the strappy sandals looked a mile long I was pretty pleased with how I looked. I shaved my legs and pussy ready for tomorrow and drank a bottle of wine watching channel 30 playing with myself fantasising about what I hoped would be a great night. I had an early night as I was going to check on James one last time.

Thursday morning I got to his apartment 7.20 am and parked around the corner. At 7.30 they drove past she was chatting to him, so didn't see me. She was wearing something different again. Staying overnight three nights in a row is more than a coincidence I was convinced she was living with him. Funnily I was quiet calm having breakfast. I completed my packing then checked out of the hotel. I drove to Roosendaal and found a hotel and booked in until Saturday I had to wait until two before I could have the room. I had some lunch while waiting and I decided to go by taxi to the club as the entrance fee included food and all alcoholic drinks. I thought driving myself was not really an option, especially in a foreign country. When I checked in I booked a taxi and went to my room. It was nice but it didn't have a channel 30 but did have wiI-fi, the hours seemed to drag by I passed away the time surfing sex sites on the Internet. I got myself ready taking particular care in painting my toe and finger nails and carefully applying my make up. I had decided to go earlier rather than later to the club, hoping that I would be one of the first single women to arrive, giving me a better chance of scoring. I had a couple of glasses of wine while I got myself ready and was really pleased at how sexy I looked, "Fuck you James, it's my turn for some fun tonight" I thought as I waited in the lobby for the taxi.

It arrived at 7.30 p.m. I had written the clubs address down and gave it to the driver to make sure he knew where to go. He gave me one of those knowing looks as I got in, I had great trouble trying to keep the dress down and was glad I was wearing a coat to cover my modesty. It took about twenty minutes to reach the club which was situated down a narrow track outside a small town well in the countryside. I asked the driver for his card as I paid him so I could ring later when I wanted to leave. I was very nervous as I got out not knowing what to expect so I had a cigarette before entering the club. I could feel my nipples hardening and my pussy was getting moist with anticipation. Two guys went in to the club and smiled at me while I was having my smoke I felt a bit like a hooker. A car went into the car park I noticed it had three guys in it but no women. That was five guys and me, a good ratio, so I had every chance that I'd score I thought!

I felt really nervous as I entered the club there was a woman who was in her late fifties on the pay desk. I asked how much I had to pay she said something in Dutch, I asked again she replied again in Dutch and I caught 'No speak English'. I looked around and there was nobody about not a sole. 'Shit' I thought what the fuck do I do now, this is the only person in Holland that I have met who doesn't speak English! I try again to explain what I wanted but she 's rattling off something in Dutch during which the door opened and in walked the three guys I saw driving into the car park. The first guy was about my age or just a couple of years older, he was tall, had a stocky build with short blond hair, actually a bit of a hunk, I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed I thought. One of his friends was tall and slim the other was quite short both were a lot younger at about twenty five I'd guess.

I was still trying to get through to the woman and getting nowhere. The hunk spoke and said "You are English? Can you allow me to help you?" I replied "Oh please, she doesn't seem to understand me". He then spoke to the woman and his friends in Dutch they all paid their money, his friends smiled at me and walked on into the club. "Hello my name is Stefan and the woman was saying that you have to complete a form and pay a membership fee before you can enter. Tonight is free for all participating ladies, I will help you to complete the form if you will allow me." I said "Thank you my name is Lisa and I would really appreciate the help." He helped with the forms I gave a false address as they didn't need any identification. I paid the woman for my membership she gave me a card and a locker key. He then said "It is obviously your first visit here would you allow me to show you around the club". All I could reply was a very thankful "yes please" He showed me down to the basement where the lockers were, we found our lockers and I put my coat in. He smiled as I revealed my tube dress which I struggled to pull down to cover my stocking tops but at the same time pull up over my boobs. He was really polite and had a very relaxing and charming manner "I think you need a drink before we go any further" he said as we climbed the stairs. I automatically linked my arm in his as we walked to the bar I wasn't going to let him get away easily!

I asked for a vodka and lemonade Stefan had a coke. We sat down on a sofa and I could just see the dance floor the music was not too loud but had a good beat, there were a few people in the club mainly men but it wasn't busy. "What brings you to Holland" Stephan asked? Oh shit I hadn't thought about that, I can't tell him I was checking on my husband cheating on me. "Oh just visiting a friend, my husband has been working away for weeks and I fancied a little holiday, this is the first time I have ever been in a sex club or done anything like this" I said and changed the subject back to the club and what happens here. Stefan explained in a very mater of fact way that this was the social area with the bar, dance floor, restaurant and smoking area, outside was a swimming pool used in the summer months. Upstairs were rooms where couples could have sex and where there were showers to freshen up. No one would have sex without using a condom, which were freely available upstairs. Some people would just watch other couples having sex, others would join in. The woman is fully respected, he explained that if a man puts his hand on your knee for example and you do not fancy him to then just lift his hand away; it's a polite way to say no and he will not trouble you any further.He also explained that at a certain point in the evening everybody would get undressed to their underwear, that's when the fun would begin. As we talked I looked at him closely he had gorgeous come to bed blue eyes I really fancied him and hoped he felt the same way about me. We finished our drinks and continued the tour of downstairs. He asked if I would like to go upstairs now, which I thought was very nice of him not to just presume I would.

I had a very excited feeling, like a teenager on a first date, and one of hope as we went upstairs. The first room was sensually lit but empty and had a large oval bed with a table either side with condoms and tissues. In the next room a woman was with too men one was fucking her, she was giving the other guy a blow job. I smiled at Stefan and thought of channel 30 my nipples were starting to firm up and my pussy was pretty damp. The next room was completely dark and I couldn't see anything "This is the senses room it can be very erotic in here" he said. Then came a room that had a bed in the centre with windows on one side and was empty. I thought its now or never I want this guy to fuck me. I moved closer slightly behind Stefan on purpose. As he turned round he bumped into me knocking me slightly off balance, I dropped my hand bag and I threw my arms around him to save myself and planted a kiss on his lips. We kissed passionately our hands were all over each other, my nipples were hurting, aching to be played with I could feel a bulge forming between his legs as he pushed his crotch against me. I shuddered as he slid his hand up my leg, over my stocking tops and onto my bare skin towards my now sodden pussy. I gasped with pleasure as he slipped a finger under my G-string and into my wet cunt. I unbuttoned his shirt and trousers as he kicked off his shoes. He was fingering me and rubbing my clit with his thumb as he carefully laid me on the bed.

Stefan removed his trousers and briefs, as I pulled my dress up and took my wet G-string off. He went down on me gently sucking on my cunt lips and flicking my now erect clit with his tongue. I orgasamed almost immediately, all I could say was "please Fuck me, Fuck me now, I want your cock inside me" As he stood up I noticed he was shaved and looked rock hard standing in the dim light. He rolled a condom onto his stiff cock, it looked a bit larger than James's seven and a half inches. I spread my legs wide as he entered my love tunnel and I hooked my feet around his bum pulling him further into me. "Hard, Fuck me hard" I gasped. It was probably only five stokes before I had a monumental multiple orgasm, I had a job to breath and it went on and on and on and on. I was lost in pleasure, Stefan was pounding my cunt his balls slapping against my arse, there were slurping noises as he slipped in and out of my soaked hole. This was raw sex and god did I need it, all too soon he unloaded into the condom the pulses shot through my body bringing me to a final climax. I shall never forget Stefan's first words afterwards "welcome to Holland Lisa!". Was that the best Fuck of my life? I think so it really was memorable, I had that wonderful relaxing glow throughout my body. We lay on the bed for a while as we recovered then got ourselves straightened out. I asked Stefan to put my g-string in his pocket as it was soaking wet and I didn't fancy having it in my small handbag.

We went downstairs and got another drink then we went to the smoking area for me to have a ciggie, I love to have one after sex. Afterwards we had a bite to eat from the buffet in the restaurant I noticed the club was filling up now. We went back to the bar again where Stefan's friends Johann (the tall one) and Patrick (the shorter one) were just ordering some drinks. We stood at the bar chatting about everything except sex, like Johann's visit to England when he was at school Patrick's love of football etc etc. They seemed like really nice guys. Stefan was playing with my bum which felt lovely. I don't know if it was the drink, the sex, the company, the feeling of being naughty or a combination of it all but I was feeling really horny. We had nearly finished our drinks as the area started to thin out and people were re-appeared wearing underwear. "Time to get changed" Stefan said.

I was glad I decided on a least it was keeping my figure in a reasonable shape. As we got undressed Stefan asked if I wanted my G-sting back? I said "I didn't see much point as it would probably get lost and to hang onto it until the end of the evening". The mood I was in I couldn't care less that my pussy was on full view, I saw other women who were totally naked. We all met back at the bar again for another round of drinks I stayed on vodka, Stefan on coke Johann and Patrick on beer. By now I was feeling really randy and started rubbing Stefan's crotch and had a grope to see what Johann and Patrick had to offer. It seemed the most natural thing for me to say "why don't we all go upstairs?" I was not surprised that no one objected to my suggestion. As I lead the way up the stairs I tucked the cups of the basque under my tits exposing them fully. My nipples were hard again, they were aching to be touched or sucked.

The oval bed room was occupied this time with a woman laying on her back on the bed. She was receiving a good licking from one guy, her pussy lips were pierced and she was pulling on the rings in her ample lips holding them wide open for him. Another guy was massaging her tits, I didn't notice how old she was just that she had long blond hair and a nice pair of boobs. I joined her on the bed and held my own lips open and asked Johann to kiss them, he didn't need asking twice. Patrick was giving my nipples a soft sensuous sucking while Stefan watched. Johann was now licking and sucking my hard clit, it felt amazing. I let go of my cunt lips, reached up and pulled Patrick's thong down. His balls were shaved and his pubes trimmed quite short, his cock was semi-hard as he offered it to my willing mouth and I greedily sucked him in. He wasn't large but was rock hard in seconds, I was in heaven and climaxed quickly.

I turned over onto my hands and knees in the doggie position offering myself to Johan and again took Patrick in my mouth, Stefan gave Johann a condom. Stefan was now massaging my tits and gently tweaking my nipples as Johann entered me from behind, as he did I was pushed forward slightly and Patrick's cock went deeper into my mouth. Johann's thrusts set up a rocking motion back and forth on Patrick's cock I was, what I now know as being spit roasted and it was fantastic and I had no trouble cumming. I was just able to see that the guy who was licking the woman next to me was now fucking her. She was wanking the other guy's cock as she sucked him off.

Johann now had a good rhythm going, Patrick was also rocking, I managed to reach up with one hand and gently massage Patrick's balls I could feel another orgasm building quickly. I had just reached my climax peak when without warning Patrick emptied his balls into my mouth. My god it was so erotic I was lost in the moment and just swallowed his sperm straight down. It tasted wonderful, slightly salty, I carried on sucking him gently as he finished after four or five spurts. He then wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and squeezed towards the end a couple of times milking his cock, making sure I had every last drop of his spunk. Johann had increased his pace and was now pounding my cunt, his balls slapping against my clit. I orgasamed again with him. I collapsed sideways on the bed as Johann slipped out of me. He went to reach for a tissue the teat end of his condom was full of spunk still on his erect cock. As he went past me I pulled him onto the bed I pinched the teat end sending spunk down his shaft as I pulled the condom slowly off his cock. My left hand encircled the base as I removed the emptying condom. Johann was like Patrick nicely trimmed and I immediately took Johann gently in my mouth and sucked and licked off as much sperm as possible. I very gently licked his shaft up and down savouring every mouthful of wonderful salty cum.

Stefan started to gently rub my stockings with his hand and stroke my cunt I opened my legs and he traced my sodden slit up to my clit with a finger and down again I was so turned on licking up spunk I climaxed again as he gently fingered me and massaged my clit with his thumb. When Johann was clean I asked Stefan to lye on his back on the bed. He had a good semi on and it took no time to suck him to hardness again. I thought of channel 30 as I climbed on top in a reverse position. "Condom" was all I said, Patrick gave me an unwrapped one and I rolled it onto Stefan's now solid cock and squatted onto it. I started bouncing up and down Patrick held my hands to steady me, wow this felt really good I pulled Patrick closer and leant agaist his chest so that I could play with his cock as I fucked Stefan. It wasn't long before Patrick was hard again my legs started to weaken, I felt Stefan's cock pulse deep inside me as I climaxed again.

I staggered off the bed stood and said to Patrick "your turn" I turned round and bent over Stefan and did the same condom trick, coating his cock with spunk. Patrick needed no direction as I presented my well fucked cunt to him as I went down on Stefan to lick him clean. Patrick started fucking me from behind he slipped in to the hilt in my soaked cunt I had a job being gentle slurping up Stefan's cum as Patrick fucked me like a steam train.

I lapped up Stefan's spunk, again it tasted wonderful, I just couldn't seem to get enough and wondered why I hadn't tried it in the past. Patrick pounded away at my love tunnel for what seemed like an eternity, I climaxed again crying out with pleasure. Patrick slowed down but still fucked me with long strong strokes I wondered if he was ever going to cum. He speeded up again and it wasn't long before I felt him pulsing deep in my cunt, shooting his sperm into his condom deep inside me which brought me off again. As he slipped out I turned around whiped his condom off and cleaned him up, umm yummy!

Johann had re-loaded with another condom by the time I'd devoured Patrick's spunk. I rolled onto the bed opening my legs wide, showing him my cunt for him to finish me off. Patrick climbed on the bed, Stefan got half on the bed and they gave me their cocks to alternately wank, lick and suck while they played with my nipples, pulling and tweaking them. Johann like Patrick really seemed to last, giving me a right fucking. The pleasure I was receiving was immeasurable, I was in heaven, it seemed like hours before Johann eventually shot his load. By now I was well and truly fucked as they say, my cunt and nipples were a bit sore, I was in need of a drink, not to wash all the taste of cum away I just needed some refreshment. I said "sorry lads I need a drink" and we went back to the bar. I left the lads ordering a drink and told them I was going to my locker to get my mobile so that I could ring for a taxi. They were in the smoking area waiting for me when I returned, Patrick was missing, he arrived with cigarettes for him and Johann. Stefan said that as I was staying in Roosendaal and as they all lived there it was sensible to give me a lift. Having got up early, combined with the drink and the fantastic sex session, I was feeling really tired now. It wasn't far off midnight and they were all working the next day and it would be at least an hour before a taxi arrived, I graciously accepted Stefan's offer. We finished our drinks went to our lockers dressed and left the club.

Stefan was driving Johann and Patrick insisted I got in the front. The roads were quiet and less than 20 minutes later we arrived at Johann and Patrick's apartment. About five minutes later we arrived at my hotel. By now I felt really tired but before I left Stefan, we exchanged our mobile numbers and gave each other a missed call to check that our phones connected. We had a long lingering goodbye kiss Stefan started to rub my tits which was really nice but I reminded him that he had to go to work. I said goodbye promising to to let him know should I return to Holland in the future. When I got to my room I hung the do not disturb notice on the door handle aiming for a good lie in. I quickly removed my make up, undressed, put my phone on charge and fell into bed drifting off to seep almost immediately with an extremely contented feeling within.

Another long one but I hoped you enjoyed it. Theres more yet if you want to hear what happened next let me know. Bye for now Lisa T