Written by Dave in Chelmsford

6 Apr 2008

My name is Dave and I’m single/divorced living on my own. I’m reasonably well off and I have a cleaning lady who comes in a few of times a week.

Paula, my cleaner’s name, is about 40, married, tits to die for and nice build, not slim but not heavy either, about 5”5. She’s short black hair. She also looks like she’d be a fantastic fuck and I’d often thought about sinking my cock in her and feeling her thrusting her hips back at me while her cunt muscles gripped onto my cock, draining every last drop of spunk out of me as I unloaded my balls inside her, but these days, with sexual harassment cases, who’d dare to make a move on her, so I laid a trap for her.

I’d recently broken my ankle and was having couple of weeks off work so I wasn’t getting up early, usually I’m gone before Paula arrives and lets herself in or we pass on the doorstep.

The first day of my convalescence , I’m lying in on my bed, dozing on and off, just in my boxers and Paula opens the door to the bedroom to dust around and stops dead, “oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in, I’ll come back later” she said.

“no that’s ok, if I’m not in the way you can continue” I tell her, and what I’ve done and ask if she’d rather me get up and put on my robe, but she tells me that it will be ok, don’t put too much stress on my ankle.

Now I’d noticed that Paula never wore anything under her overall, except pants and bra, I supposed it’s because of working in the heat in people’s homes. I told her I was likely to be dozing off from time to time because of the pain killers so she just got on with her dusting and cleaning while I pretended to be sleeping, but with a eye slightly open watching her. Every time she bent over, her overall rode up and once or twice I was sure I saw her pants slightly. Once or twice when she bent facing my direction, I got a good view of her ample tits and cleavage. This had the effect on my cock which is a good 8 inches plus and decently thick.

Paula saw the bulge in my boxers, but assuming I was asleep, must have thought that it was just the hard-on that blokes get while sleeping, but she kept looking from time to time and I’m sure I saw her touch herself quickly though her back was to me, but I did hear her gasp slightly when her hand went in front of her.

She left the bedroom and after finishing the rest of the house, called out that she would see me tomorrow. I called back and told her that if I was asleep, I’d have taken the painkillers and would probably sleep till noon so just get on with her work.

Next day Paula arrived but this time I was lying in bed on my back, with nothing on at all and the duvet pushed right off me but pretending to be asleep.

At first Paula gasped and “oh sorry” but then seeing no reaction from me coughed loudly but still I pretended to be fast asleep, she coughed again and satisfied herself that I was indeed out for the count.

At first she just looked at me and my cock, which was flaccid, just hanging on my leg, then she started to polish a little, but kept looking around till finally she coughed again loudly but seeing no reaction from me, sat in the chair that was at the other side of the room.

She then hitched up the bottom of her overall, and for the first time I saw the mound of her sex and her slit, etched in the tight white material of her pants. At first she just rubbed herself through the cloth, but then she put her hand into her pants and rubbed herself for a few minutes. Her breathing became heavy, but just when it seemed that she might cum, fear took hold of her and she stopped and got up to do a little more work.

Few minutes later, her desire got the better of her and she went back to the chair and I saw the reason why, her pants were soaked with her juices, this time however, she pulled the gusset of her pants to one side and I was able to see the lips of her cunt, swollen and red, her juices glistened and mixed among the hairs that formed a thick black bush..

Once again Paula played with her clit and once or twice let a couple of fingers slip into her wet opening. My cock was beginning to rise and I had to turn away slightly and once more fear took the better of her and she got up to continue her work. I knew she hadn’t cum, and all she had done was torment herself.

As she left the room, she stopped by my bed and coughed again loudly but I remained still.

She was too close to me now for me to open my eyes slightly, but after coughing again to make sure, she took her hand and took hold of my cock.

She examined it, stroked it gently, and carefully eased back the skin to reveal the head, then leaning over me, kissed the head and slowly licked the shiny sticky head.

I knew I was as hard and big as I could be and how I didn’t cum there and then I don’t know but I know that pre-cum was leaking from it and Paula saw this too and licked the salty fluid. I don’t know how I didn’t grab her head and force my cock into her mouth and fuck her face there and then.

She went back to the chair and unzipped her overall, and I saw those lovely tits bulging out over the top of her bra. She put one hand into one of the cups and the other into her pants again, this time her breathing was intense and I knew that after only a few seconds she would cum. So I opened my eyes fully but hers fixed on the lower half of my body, on my cock to be exact, and as if in a trace she rubbed away at her clit, every now and then, slipping two fingers inside her self, but never taking her eyes from my cock, imagining I’m sure, it slipping in and out of her and satisfying the lust she was feeling.

Now I coughed loudly and for a moment, Paula looked up at me, but continued pleasuring herself, till the reality of the situation overtook her.

She froze, one hand still in her pants, but the other trying to cover herself and all the while, trying to blurt out some apology to me.

“Paula, shut up and stand up” I told her. She obeyed me. I told her to take off her overall and to my surprise, she did without question. “Now then, come over here and finish off what you started” I said

She looked at me incredulously and I told her I’d not been asleep when she fondled my cock, and licked it and cleaned the pre-cum from it, I’d seen the three attempts she had to satisfy her lust. Now for the first time, I saw her full wonderful body, those tits, almost bursting free of her bra, the small white pants, now sodden with juices and the easily traceable bulge and slit of her sex, juice covered hairs showed from the legs of her pants. Fuck I wanted this woman, I wanted to bury my cock into so deep I’d enter her cervix nearly.

“Come here” I told her, she obeyed and stood beside the bed. I raised myself up so I was sitting on the edge. I cupped her buttocks in my hands and let them roam up and down her legs, back to her bottom, up her back and round onto those magnificent tits. I undid the clasp to her bra and let them fall out. Oh fuck me, they were as good as I’d imagined. Big, soft and full. I stroked my hands over them and she let out a nervous gasp.

I then took hold he her bottom again and felt that wonderful soft roundness, then slowly I pulled down her pants. I studied her hairy mound for a few moments, then I felt between her legs, I let my fingers part her cunt lips and feel for the entrance to her pleasure tube, and boy did I want to pleasure myself in there, I let my finger enter for a moment. She was wet, very wet and her juices ran over my finger and on to my hand. She parted her legs slightly, an involuntary move I think but it afforded me a little more room and my finger found her other hole. I stroked my finger back and forth over her anus, and as I pushed a little she grabbed my shoulders with her hands to steady herself and as I looked up, her eyes were shut and she was biting her lip, to stifle her moans but she couldn’t, for I now had my thumb in her cunt and my finger in her anus. She bucked back and forth on my finger and thumb. I bent forward and as I flicked my tongue over her clit, she collapsed into orgasm, whimpering and moaning.

When the throws of orgasm subsided, I stood up, and turned her and pushed onto the bed, she was still under the influence of her orgasm and she lay arms to her sides and her legs parted slightly, enough for me to see her cunt lips parted, puffy and red, juices tricked out of her onto my bed, those magnificent tits still rising and falling under her breath.

“Well Paula, what are we going to do with you I wonder, that was a bit naughty of you, feeling me like that and pleasuring yourself wasn’t it?” She nodded slightly.

For the first time I realised my cock was longer and thicker than I’d ever seen ti before, it felt like it would burst, I could actually feel the blood pumping in it.

Paula saw it too, she looked at it, then me

“You like the look of my cock do you?” she nodded.

“would you like it up you?” she nodded again.

“sorry, I didn’t hear you”

“yes” she answered in a quiet croaky voice”

“ever had a cock as big as this up you before?”

“No” she whispered

“you don’t seem very sure that you want it up you, fucking you till you can’t take any more, perhaps you don’t really want it”

“I do” she croaked again

“nope I don’t think you do, tell me you do, beg for this cock to fuck you till you can’t take any more”

“please” she said, “put your cock in me, fuck me with it, fill me with it, please”

“with a condom” I asked “or do you want to feel my spunk hitting the back of your womb?”

“no, not with a condom, I’m on the pill, just fuck me and fill me with your spunk” she said.

I didn’t fuck her straight off, I buried my face between her legs, flicked my tongue over her clit, it stood up like a little cock, I sucked on it and she thrashed about on the bed, holding my head to her. I went deeper and my tongue found her love hole and I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could, lashing it in and out, tongue fucking her so she nearly came again.

By now my cock was bursting and so I raised myself up , positioned the head just inside her, she was so wet I just pushed straight into her in one long thrust, causing her to gasp, but as soon as I was up her, she trembled as her next orgasm flooded over her. Fuck, I’ve never felt a woman so good on my cock as Paula. There was no finesse now, all I wanted to do was fuck her and empty my balls into her.

Man I tell you, I didn’t last long, I started fuck like mad and soon I felt that lovely feeling as the end of my cock swelled, tingles danced over the end and up inside it and suddenly, my spunk bust out of me filling her. Our bodies were covered in sweat, her hair was all messed up but I looked down on her and still with my cock buried deep in her, held her head and kissed her deeply, my tongue finding hers.

I don’t think I lost my hard-on as I lay inside her and as soon as I got my breath back, I began slowly fucking in and out of her again, kissing her mouth sucking on her tongue and tits alternately.

At one point I did something I’ve never done while fucking someone. I reached beneath her and fingered her anus and did she go for it, orgasm after orgasm sweeping over her. Again I filled her with cum and this time I rolled off her, she was exhausted as was I myself.

After resting an hour, I got off the bed and told her to sit on the edge and finish off what she’d started that morning, and I found out she could use her mouth nearly as good as her pussy feels, and for the third time that day, I felt that familiar swelling at the end of my cock, and so grabbing her head, held it and fucked her mouth till I sent a couple of spurts of spunk into her.

I asked her if she wanted to be fucked again and she nodded. I told her to wait and I went and found a vibrator that belonged to an ex girlfriend, yes, the batteries still worked

“stand up and bend over” I told her, she did and I pushed my cock into her, she steadied herself on the bed and I began to fuck her. In and out withdrawing the full length of my cock, then slowly pushing it back in her, holding her hips and watching myself slip in and out of that wonderful body.I now switched on the vibrator and reaching forward, rubbed it in her slit, finding her clit and teasing it, on and off her, she went wild grunting like an animal and thrusting herself back on me, she was now in control, her bottom thrusting back to get every inch of me inside her, then she groaned and screamed all at the same time, it sounded like some wounded animal, her body shuddered and she fell forward onto the bed. My cock fell out of her, I hurriedly turned her on to her back and buried my cock into her again, thrusting into her for all I was worth till I gave he my fourth delivery of spunk that day.

I’d completely forgotten about my ankle and did it hurt like hell now.

Everyday Paula came to clean, we fucked instead, like cats in heat, pure lust for each other’s bodies. The dust built up but what the hell, she can get back to cleaning when I went back to work, till then, I tried to fuck her till she couldn’t take any more, but I haven’t managed yet, she’s insatiable