Written by insuranceboy

28 Oct 2011

I recently joined an insurance company selling life cover and due to the strict guidelines I needed to go through various paperwork and training procedures. I'm 35, 6ft 2in, and play rugby at the weekends, so keep myself very fir.

I was sent to the headquarters in London for a two day training. On the course were 4 advisers, 3 men and an mature lady. Katy is 45, 5ft 4, brunette ,size 14 but enormous 36d tits. I was grouped with her during the two days on various role plays. She dressed very smart, but with her V neck tops and short skirts, her tits and firm legs were on show all the time. I couldn't help myself and enjoyed seeing the outline of her breasts. She caught me many times , but just carried out with a smile on her face. We really got on and during the break, we enjoyed the company. In the afternoon we had to prepare a presentation and we were taken to a small room for privacy.

She started to flirt a little more and we became to bit touchy with each other. When she was bending over to write on the pads, i caught more of her tits. This time she looked up and 'said lets complete this and then you can play with that later'. I was instantly aroused and got a hard on. She saw that and just put her hand on my cock and said 'patience', but gave it a nice rub.

I pushed her nearer and kissed her.My hands in her top and i was feeling her beautiful tits. We heard someone entering and quickly stopped.We both were on heat all afternoon and she gave me a nice wank for 5 mins or so.

That evening , i went up to her room and as soon as i entered , she turned into a wild sex crazed woman. She ripped my clothes off, she was only wearing a rope, which i pushed off. She grabbed me on the bed , jumped on top and started to snog me deep while stroking her long nails on my chest and scratching. Both of my hands were massaging her nipples and breasts. She moved downwards, kissing my neck, chest and biting my nipples. Her tongue moved towards my throbbing 8 inches and very expertly started to suck me deep . I layed back, eyes closed enjoying her tongue all over my cock. She was sucking and wanking me the same time. I asked her to stop not wanting to cum in her mouth but in her pussy.

We swapped positions and I started working on her big erected nipples, sucking, licking and biting them. She was moaning louder and louder. Her pussy was nicely shaven and I moved down to her thigh and eventually on her clit. She was soaking wet, My tonque was in and out like crazy while I started to finger her.

At this her screams became louder, i felt her legs tense up and soon tasted her cum into my mouth. She wanted me to fuck her.

So I put my condom on and entered her from the top. She was so wet, it slipped in so easily.However she soon tighten her pussy and I started to fuck he deep, she raised her legs for deeper entry. She was loving every stride and for 5 mins it was non stop . I was soon feeling my precum and my speed increased until i shot my load in her , but i continued until i fucked her to orgasm.

We clasped exhausted, but it wasn't long before i was licking her breasts again and she wanked me hard. This time she positioned herself on top and rode me while i was massaging her tits. She was an expert rider, we both came again, but this the ride was longer.

That night we fucked again this time i took the lead from behind, while she bent over like a bridge. She explained' it was nearly 2 weeks ago, the last time she was fucked '...

Needless to say, I fucked her again in the morning before breakfast and our last day. During the day i managed to finger her to orgasm and she wanked me off during our role play practice.

We have kept in touch, face timed each other while wanking ourselves to cum. She is planning to meet me in Manchester this weekend.

Lovely lady