Written by susan

21 Apr 2008

To respond to the feedback, I want to tell all SH people that this is absolute fact, that I am a woman not a strange kind of guy (although my hubby is reading everything I am writing so he is behind it too. We are truly having a lovely time and it is as much our fantasy come true as anyone else's. I am sorry if some people dont think this is erotic enough (although I dont understand that) because it is quite tough actually to write some things down when they make you hot sand wet just to think about it. Well the latest is this morning when our daughter Amy dressed only in her bra and pants confronted me in the kitchen after Mary and Gary had gone off and asked me if her dad (gary) is "doing Mary". I tried to change the subject and said how sexy Mary seems always to be. Amy's response was to say that they had always had wild times together with guys because they liked the same things. She said Mary had told her! Amy didnt want to talk more about it (thank god) but went on to talk about how it was up to Mary if she wanted to "shag the landlord". Before leaving Amy told me she realised she had inherited her high sex drive and taste for "wild stuff' from her parents so how could she be surprised to hear about Mary. And yes she had been awake when Mary came to our bedroom in the middle of the other night for a session with Gary. Mary texted me later to check I was not mad with her then said she is coming round tonight and expects a special 3 some - now Amy has gone back to uni. Mary is bringing her strap on dildo with her...I called her for a dirty phone call during her break. Now I need it soo much