Written by Dirty Lynn

8 Aug 2007


One day last week after I had a great big bust up with my husband, I decided to go out with my best pal Jess into town to the local bar. The night passed by and after we downed as much tequillas and vodkas we then decided to go for a walk in the park just a couple of feet away from the bar. We heard stories that there was lots of goings on and couples having sex and Jess mentioned her b.f said he saw couples doggin there one night.

Anyway we walked right into the park it was very dark and there was a couple of cars parked with headlights on. As a dare we thought we walk up close to the cars and see if there were any horny men around as both wanted some no strings sex in the park. Well what did you know there was two men looking at us in each car. By now we were gigling and my mate jess was laughing and she flashed her tits at them and just laughed. We then carried on walking right into the park there was no one around pitch black. Anyway we then heard footsteps and it was one of the blokes that was in the car from b4.

I laffed at jess and she told me to go behind the bushes and wait. Well wot did u know he was there within seconds! He was a big, muscley lad about 28 and he had a lovely bulging package.yum yum we thought. Anyway we unzipped his cock fuck it was huge jess and me sucked it and we couldnt get enuff. He was calling us dity slappers and we giggled and I told him we wanted a good fuck offa him. I said my fanny was soaking and he didnt believe me so i said feel it for yourself. He said ok and did. He pushed his lovely big fingers inside my wet cunt oh fucking hell i thought.

I took my skirt off and undies and lay on the floor, jess said to him that she wanted to see her best mate get fucked. He said ok and got on top of me fuck he was good. he was banging my fanny hard oh fuck me hard hard he was such a fit blokemmmm. I love young fit men they can go on for ages and there cocks are always hard!

Another two men came over god they hard lovely cocks. One about 40 with lovely juicy cock pulls down his jeans and fucks my face. God I love bein spitroasted. The 3rd guy an older man began to fuck my mate jess. He's fucking jess doggy style up the ass.mmmm.

My fanny is well and truly oiled and my young stud turns me over and i am on my knees and hands. Oh he fucks me from behind and the the other guy is still fucking my mouth and grabbing my head, my hair such a mess. Both was caling me a dirty hore i said cum on fuck me harder big boy and cant feel it deep inside me yet. He was grabbing my tits dead hard and i was yelling out to him to fuck me harder n harder. suddenly he shouted and shot his spunk inside my fanny wow there was loads i luv fit young men better shagg then my husband maybe i shud trade him in hehe. Also the other guy started to rubb his wet cock all over my face and i must have looked a mess and then he grabbed me hard and got ontop of me and began fuckking me as well. Oh god here we go again hehe. He was moaning and groaning hard and i squeezed my fanny hard and he to spunked a nice load inside me mmmm.

jess was now being fucked by a group of 5 men all taking turns wow horny. anyway i didnt wanna get out done by here haha so luckily there was a big crowd of about 7 men all wankin and waiting to get sucked of and fuck and spunk up my dirty cunt. Mmm after a good hr in the park we both had every hole filled with spunk. i even got to swallow at least 8 cocks and was fucked by more than 12 men some a 2nd time! I even got fucked up the ass by a lovely young lad mmmm.

Anyway we both felt very satisfied and our undies were soakin in cum offa horny men. We hope go drinkin one night a week now . Haha