Written by Happy Hubby

25 Sep 2008

On saturday my wife Kate and i went up our local pub as we normally do, we sat with our usual group of friends, getting merry and chatting the night away, come closing time we were all pretty pissed and Tia suggested we go back and have drinks at theirs, a few of the crowd werent up for it, but as they lived quite close to us we said we\'d go along, so we set of with Tia and her husband Mike,and Tias dad Dave.

When we got in we sat in the lounge watching footy highlights, drinking and chatting, after about an hour Tia went and had a cigarette outside as she came in she said she felt rough she turned and threw up all over the patio. Mike grabbed her and asked if she was ok, she said she needed to lie down, so he took her up to bed. he came down and said shes well out of it.

Kate said well thats great, i cant sit here talking football with you lot, im gonna put someting else on, she got the sky remote and started going through the channels, we left her to it, and after a minute she said, hello whats this, shed put the porn channel on, and Mike was obviously subscribed. he just sort of shrugged it off and said oh they must\'ve put it on by mistake. the room went silent and we all started to watch the porno, with edgy nervous laughs every now and again.

After about 5 minutes Kate said this is a load of crap, you dont get to see any of the action, how can you get off to this, i\'ll show you the real deal, and she started to get up, i pulled her back down and shook my head, she shrugged me off and said dont worry im fine, I knew she was really pissed, if i\'d have tried to stop her again there would have been an almighty row, Mike and Dave looked at me. I just shrugged.

Kate put her wine on the side, and kicked her shoes off, and started dancing like a stripper, shes 25 and shes a fitness instructor, so shes really fit, she undid her top and threw it across the room, then started to massage her tits through her bra, then she turned around and bent down, her skirt rode right up and we could all see the cheeks of her arse, and the gusset of her little black g string, she stood up and undid her skirt and it fell to the floor, just standing there in her bra and panties, who wants to see more she said, i was shaking my head, but Mike and Dave were saying yeah keep going take it all off. Only if you show me how turned on you are, get your cocks out.

They both stood up and dropped their jeans around there knees, their dicks sprang out, iwas shocked at Daves it was about 9 inches long and really thick, considering he\'s about 60, they sat down and started playing with them, Kate turned to me, and you, she said, i shook my head, ok have it your way, she started dancing again and went to Mike, can you undo my bra, she sat on his lap and he undid it, She felt back and grabbed his cock, hmmm Tia said you was a big boy. she got up and let her bra fall to the floor, her little pert tits were exposed for all to see, she started to tweak the nipples, oh fuck this turns me on she said, the room smells of cock. She walked over to Dave, is it your cock i can smell, she bent down grabbed it an dtook a good sniff of it, mmm it smells fucking horny, then she got up and went ot Mike what about yours, she took a good sniff of his bell end, oh fuck i\'m in heaven, she got up and turned around, then she hooked her thumbs in her g-stirngs and began to wriggle them off, she stood up with them in her hands.

She turned around, Mike and Dave were wanking like mad when they saw her neat little blonde fanny, she threw the g-string at Mike, here you go sniff them she said, then she went to Dave, she put her leg on the chair arm, you can sniff this she said, he leant forward and took a long sniff, right at her snatch, its nice is\'nt it she said, why dont you lick it, he didnt need asking twice, he grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her onto his tongue, Kate gasped, fuck you know how to pleasure a girl, she moved back and lay down on the floor, he got down and carried on licking her fanny, she called Mike over with her finger, he took his jeans off and went to her, she grabbed his cock and pulled it towards her mouth, then she started sucking him off, i couldnt believe what i was seeing, it was like she was posessed, she was furiously wanking him into her mouth, i expected her to stop at any minute cos she doesnt like the taste of spunk, but when Mike started bucking his hips, she carried on harder, he started groaning, he\'d emptied his wad into my wifes mouth, Kate gulped and swallowed it, fuck that was nice, now i need you to fuck me Dave, Dave moved up and slid his cock inch by inch into her, oh yes thats good she said, he began thrusting into her, thats it Dave give it me hard, she was saying, he kept going, harder and harder, she started writhing, im coming Dave, I want you to come in me, he started ramming at her snatch, then started to groan, kate was whimpering, and he collapsed onto her.

As Dave got up, his cock flopped out of kates fanny, a dribble of spunk rolled down her arse crack, Kate lay there and began fingering the spunk around her fanny, she turned to me, why dont you come and add your ingredients, no thanks i said, she got herself up and knelt infront of me, she undid my flies and my cock sprang out, I knew you was turned on she said, she took it in her mouth and wanked me as hard as she had Mike, Mike got up, he was rock hard again, he knelt behind her and started fucking her, this tipped me over the edge and i shot my load into her mouth, she swallowed it down, straight away, Mike was behind her ramming away and he started groaning again, he shot his load in kate, and flopped back onto the chair, Kate stood up, thick dribbles of come were flooding down her inner thighs, She Got her g-string and put it on, followed by the rest of her clothes, Mike and Dave got dressed and i put my cock away,

Thanks for that, kate said, we\'ve got to be getting off now, We\'ll see you normal time next week eh? as she walked down the path i could see the spunk still dribbling down her legs. I\'m now wondering where things are going to go next, I\'ll keep you posted