Written by jigglenut

4 Jul 2012

I have lived next door to a chinese family now for the last 12 years and watched as their kids have grown up and to be honest never really took much notice of the daughter who is now 25 years old. To be honest she is not an oil painting but neither is she ugly but has the most fantastic body. As in a lot of Chinese homes the kids just grow up and work in the family business and stay at home and this being the case with Kiki. lately I have been doing work on the home and garden and often get asked to do the same next door regarding a few jobs for them as the parents are practically useless when it comes to this. Recently they asked if I would decorate the main bedroom for them and once they had got the materials I went round and made a start. Kiki was the only one in the house and asked the usual of "would I like a cuppa" etc to which I said yes and made a start on the room. About and hour into working I heard a noise from the bathroom and noticed Kiki was in there and began to run the shower. I thought nothing of this until I looked again about 5 mins later and in the mirror on the bathroom wall I could see Kiki undressing. She slowly peeled off her top and skirt to leave her in lacy underwear before removing her bra and panties to leave her stark naked. She had a fantastic body with firm breasts not too big or small and a nice trimmed bush and she looked into the mirror and smiled. She knew I was looking and to be honest it was hard not to and the bulge in my trousers must have given me away because Kiki gave me a wink and beckoned me to join her. I almost ran across the landing to the bathroom and then entered for Kiki to turn and say "I hope it's what you were expecting" and my reply was just a nod of the head. We came together and kissed and I was feeling her lovely breasts before she broke away and told me that she had never done anything like this before and it was her first time. I told her that I would treat her gently and guide her through everything she needed to do and more. I started by holding her head and gently pushed her to her knees so that her head was in line with my cock and told her to open her mouth which she did and I pushed my hard cock into it. She was sucking and licking it like a pro and it was hard to think she had never done this before. I was close to shooting my load and told her that I would understand if she didn't want to taste it but she just clamped her mouth around my cock and I shot a stream of cum to the back of her throat.

I pushed her to the floor and stripped my working clothes off so that I too was naked and lay on top of her and guided my now hard again cock to her virgin pussy. I pushed about an inch into her and it was really tight but I continued and had about 5 inches into her when I said "fuck you are so tight" to which she replied "please just fuck me but be gentle". I was trying to take my time but I was so anxious to fuck her that I just pushed hard and finally my 7 inches were inside her up to my ball sack. She let out a cry but after a few seconds I was slowly fucking her and she was getting wetter and wetter as we did so. We continued like this for a few minutes then I told her that I needed to cum and I was going to fuck her hard and fast. I began my rythm and soon was up to speed and was holding onto her body and fucking like a crazy man pumping in and out of her pussy. She was moaning now and seemed to be enjoying the experience when I let out a groan and shot another load of cum into her hot cunt.

We lay there for a few minutes before both of us got dressed and arranged to do the same again and as they have asked me to do more jobs I can see my little chinese take away for more of the same.