Written by Hilary.

22 Apr 2010

I know I was a great disappointment to my father, an ex army officer and successful businessman. I was not only a skinny little blonde kid; I had a rare medical condition. I am also very skinny and only five foot five inches tall, with big blue eyes.

The embarrassing nature of that condition did not become full apparent to me until I went to boarding school. It was obvious how different I was and many boys thought it all very funny. I won’t go into the cruelty that I endured. From what I learned in sex education, it seemed that I would never have a sex life.

It was not until I got to Cambridge University that I discovered that there were other ways to enjoy sex. I had always been entranced by women and wondered what it was like for them going with normal men, not men like me.

I suffer from the rare condition of micro penis. Fully erect, I am only about three-quarters of an inch. Though my balls are also quite small, my tiny penis makes them look very prominent and much bigger. I had several medical examinations from childhood until teens. It was humiliating. They said testosterone injections might help, but that it really depended on my genetics and could do more harm than good.

Being so exposed, my balls are very sensitive. As a student, I used to wear tight blue jeans and cheese cloth shirts. One day sitting in the back of a cinema watching ‘Confessions of a nymphomaniac’ an elderly man sat next to me. By this time I had let my curly blonde hair grow to my shoulders. I was very skinny with no Adam’s apple. Men often mistook me for a girl. My sensitive sex felt very sexy inside ladies satin briefs. That day I was wearing yellow ones.

I could smell he had been drinking as he laid a hand on my thigh, running it up and into the valley between, forcing my skinny thighs apart. He was breathing hard when he reached my zipper. Then a man in front turned around and another approached from the other side of me, sandwiching me in. I glanced sheepishly at all three of them. They looked rough, seedy and old. As the first old man pulled my zipper down, I sat impassively, closing my eyes and sighing.

The man’s hands were very rough when he found my sex. The other two men, one with strong glasses, stared as my yellow satin briefs came into view, the first man squeezing my prominent balls and feeling my little erection. The man on the other side of me turned my head toward him, kissing me on my girlish putting lips. This and the other man’s painful pressure on my vulnerable little balls was bringing me close to orgasm.

‘Come on yer little slut’ commanded the first old man. ‘We wan' yer in the toilet.’ Meekly I got up and followed the first man to the aisle leading down to the toilets; the other two men following close behind.

I thought it was my imagination, but when I got into the toilet, two other seedy looking blokes had joined the other two. ‘Get in their bitch’ the first man ordered, indicating a cubicle.’ It was dirty and smelly. Very roughly, he pulled my jeans down and started fondling my satin and lace covered little bottom. ‘Nice arse slut’ he said with a sneer and then gave me three very painful slaps on my buttocks. My little penis was fit to bursts when he leant forward and crushed it in his big palm. I could hear the other men talking about giving me a good fucking, as the first old man pulled my panties down. His rough hand squeezed my bald sex, playing with my micro penis and squashing my balls. I wanted to cum, in spite of the pain. Then I heard him fumbling with his zip, spitting on his hands and felt his massive penis touching my bottom. I could feel it jiggling as he lathered his spit on his penis, ready to take my virgin bottom.

It hurt very badly as he forced it in; His had a hand inside my shirt, big fingers pulling on my nipples, calling me a cock teasing little whore. I whimpered, but did not protest. I felt this was my due, as his huge organ threatened to split me apart. But ins spite of my agony, my micro penis went stiffer than I had ever known it and started spasming in a powerful orgasm, shooting its milk onto the dirty floor and loo seat, while the disgusting old man called me more names and pumped his load into me. I could hear the other men talking and laughing at the sound of me moaning as I came.

Afterwards I felt humiliated by what I had allowed to happen. I wanted to run away, but there were five more of them ready to take me. In spite of how awful it was, the experience led me to be a cross dresser for the rest of my university days and to crave pain and humiliation. I am now in the final stages of sex change treatment and continue to let rough nasty men do what they like to me.